Impact Wrestling Preview 3/1/12

Tonight on Impact Wrestling we’ll get the fallout from the Insane Icon, Sting’s proclamation that he would take on Bobby Roode in a match at Victory Road. For weeks, Roode has been antagonizing the Stinger, has he finally pushed him over the edge? Sting appears to be out for vengeance and not Roode’s gold. How will Roode respond? Impact gives us a hint:

Rumors have it that Roode is reaching out to several Impact Wrestling superstars to see if they will join with him to ban together against Sting.

One man who’s sure to join that alliance is Bully Ray, Roode’s recent partner in crime. What will Bully have to say about being put through a table by Giants RB Brandon Jacobs last week? And how are those calves looking?

In addition, Kurt Angle will also have to answer for his attack on Jeff Hardy two weeks ago in his match with Bobby Roode, which cost Hardy the World Championship. What will YOUR Olympic hero have to say for himself?

The main event of the show looks to be a great six-man match between Cowboy James Storm & the Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe & Magnus facing off with Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, & Austin Aries.

Other matches being pimped for this week’s Impact: AJ Styles continues his feud with the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and Kazarian when he faces them in a gauntlet match;  the #1 Contender to the Knockouts title, Madison Rayne will take on Eric Young’s main squeeze ODB; and Zema Ion will take on Shannon Moore in X-Division action.

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