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Will the Miz be on the WrestleMania Card?

One year after main eventing WrestleMania with John Cena, could the Miz be dangerously close to missing out on WrestleMania all together?

With no clear storyline opponent for Miz, uncertainty over the status of Money In The Bank at this year’s show, and seemingly no dog in the Long/Johnny Ace fight, there is an air of uncertainty as to how the former WWE Champion fit in to this year’s Showcase of the Immortals.

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TMZ Posts Clip of WWE Legends House Cast Members Participating in Zumba Fitness Class

Early this morning, TMZ posted the above clip of WWE Legends, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Roddy Piper, Pat Patterson, Tony Atlas, Jimmy Hart, Hillbilly Jim and Howard Finkel participating in a Zumba dance fitness class. Much like many other reality shows, this one will feature the legends hanging out together in the “Legends House” and presumably doing activities together such as dancing. While Legends House still doesn’t have a home on either SyFy or WWE’s Network, it remains to be seen when we’ll get to see this particular episode, but at least production of the series is still on schedule. I especially love Jimmy Hart’s fingerless gloves.


The Morning Roundup – 2/28/12

How about Raw last night? The beginning and end were phenomenal and what was in between wasn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, bad.  It truly is the Wrestlemania season.  The Rock’s promo will be featured at the bottom of the article.

What Happened After RAW, Big UFC Fighter At RAW & More – SEScoops

After the epic finish to RAW last night with The Rock and Cena confronting each other, Cena came back out for ANOTHER dark match against Kane.  Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment to finish Kane off and win the match.  Meanwhile, Chael Sonnen — a Portland, Oregon native — was at Raw and even texted JR to let him know how much fun he was having.

JR & Bret Hart Praise CM Punk & Chris Jericho, Rock’s Notes on His Wrist, More – Lords of Pain

All praise be to Punk and Jericho! Those two killed it last night.  I feel like I’m wasting space by saying the match is going to be incredible, we all know it’s going to be.  But I said it, and there’s nothing you can do about it now.  Man, when Cena referenced those notes it got uncomfortable.  You could tell The Rock was caught off guard by being called out by the notes.  Here’s a good picture, but I couldn’t make out what they said.  LOP readers seem to have figured it out though:

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WWE’s Worst Kept Secret From Raw Last Night Revealed, GMs to Swap Shows Next Week

In a move that should be surprising to no one, given the amount of “rumors” surrounding last night’s telecast, John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long will be given the opportunity to run each other’s shows next week. According to an article on, the WWE Board of Directors decided that since each General Manager claims he’s better than the other, they’re going to get the opportunity to prove it. Now, it should be interesting to see how they try to mix things up next week, considering the brand extension has been all but dead the last few months.

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10 thoughts on Monday Night Raw from Chad Dukes 2/27/12

1) Chris Jericho’s promo at the top of the show was spot on. Was it a slight face turn? I’m not sure.  How can you not love Jericho calling CM Punk “boy?”  I wish they would have done that segment at the midpoint of the show. The entire opening of the show was overshadowed by the promise of The Rock. Y2J and Punk worked seamlessly together on the mic, just like they’ll work seamlessly together inside the ring.  This should be the match of the year.

2) “I don’t need Chris Brown and you don’t need Mickey Rourke.” Great stuff.

3) What an opening to Monday Night Raw! That exchange between Jericho and Punk followed by the Champion vs Champion rematch from last Tuesday night?  AND Aj in a belly shirt?!  Good lord.  One of the best opening segments Raw has had in years.  Great timing for it as well.  You do NOT want Punk and Jericho to be overshadowed by anything.

4) Another great performance from both champions.  That said, there were TWO commercial breaks during it and I don’t think Michael Cole called the action once. It was all a painful back & forth between Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis.  Cole made himself the center of the entire exchange and it took away from the product in the ring.  It was distracting at best and disrespectful at worst.  There are guys putting their bodies on the line. Give them respect. Continue reading →

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