Raw Ratings Drop Like a Rock

As has been reported here previously, Raw ratings have been less than stellar in 2012.  Aside from a high in the 3.5 range a few weeks back, ratings have struggled to stay above the 3.0 line, despite a much hyped return for Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels returning occasionally leading up to Wrestlemania, not to mention a multitude of story lines building to Wrestlemania.

Last week’s strong Raw offering checked in with a rating of 3.25, which looks amazing next to the previous week’s 2.9.  However, with Undertaker finally returning & his match with Triple H building plus a Punk-Jericho WWE Title match finally set, there’s no doubt the WWE expects better.

This past Monday night we welcomed a…well prepared Rock back into our living rooms.  100% chance the rating jumps, right?

Hit the jump and find out!

Nope.  Even the Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment couldn’t provide a boost – Raw came in with a rating of 3.1 this week.  However, for the second time in approximately four months Pawns Stars and other assorted nonsense didn’t steal viewers and cause a drop off  from the first hour to the second, with the hourly rating rising to an amazing 3.16, up from the 3.11 in the first (no report on the overrun number yet).

I’ll admit, I was hanging with the entire final segment even when it looked like it could drag until 11:30 with Mr. Maivia  leading the crowd in a variety of chants.  Cena coming out and leaving him flustered was an amazing payoff to that segment, in my opinion.  Fantastic showing on Cena’s part – he beat The Miz, blew up the Rock’s spot about his crib notes, then went on to beat Kane in a dark match to send the crowd home happy.

It’s not like the rest of Raw was a pile of crap either – if you haven’t yet, check out some thoughts on Raw from this site’s namesake.  With that in mind, how is Vince going to react to this?  More Rocky?  Maybe we’ll have him open a show, with appearances at the 10 pm and 11 pm slots as well.

Many will contend – and possibly correctly – that the Daytona 500 had some effect on the rating.  However, even those viewers lost to the race would probably goose the ratings enough to reach the 3.25 of the previous week.  Is this what they expected from the returning People’s Champ?

It seems obvious ratings will climb some as we continue down the Road to Wrestlemania – HBK returns again this week and it’s not likely to be his last appearance.  We could see him, ‘Taker, and The Rock on the same night at least once prior to April 1st.

Last night’s rating might be a reflection of what the WWE should expect for the remainder of the year – if another long-awaited and much hyped return for Dwayne can’t cause even a one week boost, what will?

3 Comments on "Raw Ratings Drop Like a Rock"

  1. Goat says:

    Is there still a school of thought that something amazing happening is better gauged in the ratings for the next episode, rather than the one it happened in? While the Rock’s bump should be to the episode he’s featured in, things like the simmering Punk/Jericho confrontation and the slight direction-change for Cena would (hopefully) have their impact reflected in subsequent episodes.

    Or am I just talking out of my ass?

  2. George Steele says:

    You’re certainly not wrong. Surprise turns, developing angles, etc. should all fuel an increase in the following week’s ratings. The Rock’s return, which was much hyped, should have led to a solid bump. I think Twitter is changing the thinking somewhat, that the topics that actually trend should help that week as well. Time will tell I guess.

  3. Rick Rude says:

    I’ll be interested to hear the overrun number. I watched the entire show, but I think we all knew that the Rock wouldn’t be on before 10:50.

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