ECW Original New Jack Knocks Out Former WWF Tag Champion Brian Knobbs

credit: ImageShack

ECW original New Jack is a bad ass with a bad ass reputation both in and out of the ring. It’s also a reputation that is well deserved. A man with four justifiable homicides under his belt is not somebody that ordinarily gets mouthed off to. Then again, the words “ordinary” and “Brian Knobbs” aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence. The former WWF tag team wrestler was booked on the same Florida-based FUW independent show as New Jack on Tuesday night.

Knobbs began shooting off his mouth about workers in the locker room not “getting the business” according to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson. Knobbs made it a point to include New Jack in that group. The man who carries himself not a great distance from his in-ring persona took exception. The two fought until New Jack kicked him in the face, knocking him unconscious.

The incident occurred in plain view of the entire locker room and was well documented by onlookers who were quick to confirm reports of the brawl and knock out.

One Comment on "ECW Original New Jack Knocks Out Former WWF Tag Champion Brian Knobbs"

  1. RyanD @Bottleknockers says:

    I’m starting to believe in a general rule that anyone outside of Vince McMahon that uses the phrases “this business” or “the business” or “our business” should automatically be kicked in the face. Maybe New Jack can automatically get notified of it somehow, and he just magically show up around the country giving #bootstofaces

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