Santino Marella Announced as Randy Orton’s Replacement in The Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match

According to WWE’s official website, Santino Marella has been announced as Randy Orton’s replacement in The Smackdown brand’s World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match, this Sunday on pay per view.

The Italian Stallion surpassed competitors from Raw, SmackDown and WWE NXT to win the right to replace Randy Orton – who is out of action with a concussion – in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber clash for the World Heavyweight Championship. In the bout’s final, tense moments, Santino sent Raw’s David Otunga tumbling over the top rope to get the victory.

Wow, a Battle Royale that came down to David Otunga and Santino Marella, how scintillating. One would hope this is just a set up for a bigger name to eventually step into the chamber, as  Smackdown’s version of this match was already so thin that The Great Khali was added to it. With Randy Orton on the shelf, it should make for an interesting final Smackdown before Sunday’s big world title bout.


3 Comments on "Santino Marella Announced as Randy Orton’s Replacement in The Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match"

  1. Dennis says:

    Really? Santino? He’s a funny guy, to me at least, but he’s not built for this. Why not push a guy like Hunico? Or even bring back a Mason Ryan to compete. Justin Gabriel, anyone? Or how about, Brodus Clay!? He seemed to be tagged as the next big thing, why not try to give him a push? Or Christian making a comeback for the title and using that angle. This has me confused…

  2. dogboy says:

    I agree with Dennis. While I enjoy Santino’s antics, he’s nothing more than comedic relief. I do think that “Tino” has talent, but a main eventer? Maybe this is the start of a push for him? I don’t know, but there are other wrestlers that would have fit better, in my opinion.

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