The Morning Roundup – 2/14/12

Good morning, guys.  Hope you enjoyed RAW last night.  Much better than the previous installment.

HBK Not Done With Triple H, News On Filming Of The Rock’s Next Movie – Wrestling, Inc.

Michaels had a great appearance last night on RAW.  It’s always enjoyable to see him, as he was one of my favorites growing up.  Like Dukes said, I would love to see him as a guest referee for Wrestlemania.  As for the Rock, he will begin filming Michael Bay’s “Pain and Gain” after Wrestlemania.  The movie is about two body builders caught up in an extortion ring.  So far, The Rock and Ed Harris are confirmed, with Mark Wahlberg as the rumored lead.

Undertaker’s Schedule, Smackdown Main Event, Sunny – SEScoops

As of yet, Taker has no more scheduled appearances, but is expected to make more in the final weeks leading up to Wrestlemania.  I think it’s a good thing, the guy is obviously not in a condition to be doing 3 shows a week, so save him for when it counts.  I’m perfectly fine with this.  Orton and Daniel Bryan have been scheduled for the main event of Smackdown this week, which films tonight.

WWE Star Announced for Sports HOF, Update on the Status of WWE NXT, Helms – Lords of Pain

Mark Henry will join the inaugural class of the International Sports Hall of Fame in Columbus, Ohio.  He will join Randy Couture and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  As for NXT, Seth Rollins was asked about it and said twice that NXT is no longer a season, but is a brand now; called it “never ending.”

What Happened After Raw, Foley Concerned For Ryder – SEScoops

Two dark matches last night, Kane vs. Cena and Punk vs. Ziggler.  Wait, a fight for the WWE Championship is a dark match? I get why dark matches exist, I don’t think a match with a title on the line should ever be one.  Foley is concerned that Ryder took a hard bump of the ramp, saying “There’s just way too much risk there. That fall off the ramp might not be something you can get through with fortitude and ice packs.”

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