The Morning Roundup – 2/7/12

Not such a good morning if you watched Raw last night.  Oh well, on to the links.

Backstage Heat On The Miz After R-Truth Takes A Dangerous Fall On Raw – Lords of Pain

A lot of the blame is going on The Miz, and it’s deserved, but if you watch the replay you can see The Miz is standing up when R-Truth is getting set to launch, he could have adjusted the spot he jumped from to fit where The Miz landed.  It’s unfortunate that it happened, and obviously the Miz will take the brunt of the blame, but at least he is okay.

Video of R-Truth’s Injury – SEScoops

Conveniently enough, here’s the video, what’s your take?

WWE’s Board of Directors Makes a Decision on the Future of John Laurinaitis – Lords of Pain

So Laurinaitis is retained on his interim basis.  I guess the grandiose gesture of joining Hunter’s Kiss My Ass Club was enough to save his job for now, eh?  I’m sure we’ll have more on this today.

Update on Evan Bourne Rehab Rumors, Madusa/Phoenix, More – Wrestling, Inc.

So it turns out that Evan Bourne isn’t in rehab, despite being popped twice for Wellness Program violations in three months, his second earning him a 60-day suspension.  I’m not going to speculate on this, just hoping Bourne can help himself in this situation.

That’s all for today guys, keep checking back throughout the day for more updates from the CDWS staff.

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