WWE planning Cruiserweight show for Network

The WWE is in the process of developing a cruiserweight specific show for the WWE Network.  A report over at Wrestlinginc.com states the WWE began compiling a list of potential talents months ago and has begun reaching out to independent talents in the last few weeks.

Given the WWE’s history of attempting light heavyweight and cruiserweight titles over the years, just to see them end up around the waist of someone Matt Hardy’s size and then eventually dumped altogether, this is an interesting development.  Let’s discuss it more after the jump.

Assuming this project actually makes it to the small screen, the WWE is keeping the Network on the front burner, despite the delayed launch.  They are expanding beyond what many expected to be a channel based around video catalog footage and recaps (read: advertisements) for it’s flagship shows.

They dispelled that somewhat with the original commercials touting Legend’s House.  Since then a very seemingly real rumored is being floated that the Network will also carry PPVs (aside from the top four).  Now we have the recent launch of the WWE’s YouTube channel, with a number of programs that could end up on the Network as well.

This is the first we’ve heard of an original program featuring new in ring action.  One would assume that this will be a Superstars or NXT style show featuring only cruiserweights.  Not only is it a fun idea, it will be a proving ground for a number of these guys to show the WWE what they can do.  It will open another door for previously overlook talent to make themselves known, showing they deserve a shot in the Tag Team division or even that they can hang in the same manner that Rey Mysterio can.  It’s an idea that even the most cynical WWE “fan” can get behind.

2 Comments on "WWE planning Cruiserweight show for Network"

  1. Goat says:

    This is excellent news. Honestly, outside of the potential relocation of the PPVs, this is one of the few things I’ve seen so far that’s made me want the network.

  2. Louis Tully says:

    There was also news a while back about an FCW pilot for the Network taped at the same building mentioned in the Wrestling Inc article. I wonder now if that had something to do with this show or if it was scrapped in favor of it.

    I’m all for it if they treat it like a serious deal, maybe with its own championship. The cruiserweight style is sorely lacking on today’s WWE TV.

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