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Chris Jericho responds to questions about the way the Royal Rumble ended

Last night’s Royal Rumble Pay Per View was a lot of fun. Portions of it seemed heavily scripted, but it was all well executed. The Kofi Kingston hand stand spot, The Road Dogg’s enormous pop, Cactus Jack’s return to the ring, Ricadro Rodriguez KILLING it in his Rumble debut, and tons more. That match had it all.

To be fair, there were a couple of puzzling events that took place. None more head scratching than the decision to have Sheamus go over Chris Jericho to win the Rumble and advance to the Main Event of Wrestlemania. It seems like we have another long, drawn out angle that will ultimately end with no payoff whatsoever. The “It Begins 2012” video promo series will now fall into the same nefarious category as the Anonymous Raw General Manager, The Nexus, Fake Kane and all the rest.

It looks like Chris Jericho has been getting peppered with questions and criticism on twitter since last night. Hit the jump to see how Y2J responded to all the controversy with a brief statement: Continue reading →

The Morning Roundup 1/30/12

By now everyone knows the results of the Royal Rumble, so I won’t bother with that.  And if you haven’t, I’m not quite sure what to tell you.

Breaking News: Mike Tyson to WWE HOF – Wrestling, Inc.

TMZ is reporting that the announcement will be made tonight on RAW.  Hell, they should just throw Tyson in to ‘Legends House’, if he’s good enough to be a Hall of Famer, he can be on the Newtork’s biggest show.

The Great Khali’s WWE Return, Cena/Kane Future Plans – Wrestling, Inc.

Plans to push Khali through WrestleMania are now in the works.  Not sure how you feel about that, but I’m sure a Khali-Big Show feud or maybe Funkosaurus could be on the horizon.  As for Kane-Cena this feud now has plans for Elimination Chamber after last night’s double count-out.

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Frog vs Shark: Royal Rumble 2012 Edition

The road to WrestleMania 28 starts in St Louis tonight. The Rumble PPV definitely one of the most exciting we get all year, possibly only second to the Grand-Daddy of them all. We are back to a 30 man format, over 2011’s first and only 40 man match.

Surprise entrants, new feuds developed, crazy tricks and gimmicks, someone hidden under the ring, hearts broken and favorites made. I love the Rumble and so do you.

The pre-ordained matches for tonight are:

  • John Cena vs Kane
  • WHC Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark Henry (Triple Threat/Steel Cage)
  • WWE Champion CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler (Special Guest Referee, John Laurinitis)
  • 30 Man Royal Rumble Feature

We will be tweeting during the PPV event over on @dukeswrestling, give us a follow if you haven’t already and come hang with all your CDWS favorites (card subject to change).

Therefore it’s time once again for possibly the most exciting and anticipated posts on this site aside from Dan Swagger’s weekly Superstars rundown, FROG vs SHARK!

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The Final Card for tonight’s Royal Rumble

Image Source:

Several wrestling sites are reporting that this is the final card for tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. It seems a little light, but CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler could go 45 minutes and none of us would blink an eye.  A quality over quantity situation would be great for all parties concerned.  Here is the final card as of this moment:

WWE Championship:
CM Punk(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler John Laurinaitis serving as special referee

World Heavyweight Championship: (Triple Threat Steel Cage Match)
Daniel Bryan(c) vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

John Cena vs. Kane

30-man battle royal

With Henry’s injury, that match is a real question mark.  It will be interesting to see two wrestlers with the size differential that Bryan and Big Show have compete in a PPV quality match. Kane vs John Cena has the potential to steal the show if the WWE continues to have their poster boy “embrace the hate.”  When last we saw Cena, he had knocked a microphone out of Justin Roberts hands and left us fuming after Zack Ryder’s beat down.  I can’t imagine we will see an actual heel turn for the 10 time WWE Champion, but that possibility is there.

The Rumble match itself is always my favorite match of the year.  This one should not disappoint.  The Miz entering at number 1, Chris Jericho’s mysterious proclamation, Mick Foley’s participation and so many other things could make this a night to remember. Let’s hope the potential of this card is realized.

The Coolest Pic you’ll see all day

There are several things going on here, and we admit to them all.

First off, claiming this is the coolest pic you will see all day the morning of the Royal Rumble is lofty. Reed Richards thinks it is a bit of a stretch.

Second, the similarities between the CDWS and are not so subtle. Quite striking, actually. We too have been compared at length to Kurt Hennig, and are currently being grossly ignored by by not featuring our merchandise. This is absurd, appalling, acrimonious… it’s downright atrocious.

Ok I think I got a little lost there in tooting our own horn. Our backs are indeed sore from the amounts of patting we have been doing. Fact is, all the rags are covering Dolph’s day of interviews from earlier this week in regards to the Rumble, but the #HEEL chose to acknowledge only one amid the scores of boring troglodytes.

We’re here to show the world just how damn good Ziggles and CDWS are. #FlyingElbowsBeforeHos

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