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Chris Jericho speaks after his attack on CM Punk

It’s been quite a roller coaster ride for Chris Jericho during his latest return to the WWE.  From weeks of viral videos appearing mysteriously on Raw, to not uttering a word week after subsequent week, Y2J’s objectives have been puzzling to say the least.  Speculation abounded.  Once Jericho did not win the Royal Rumble, a challenge to the Undertaker for a match at Wrestlemania seemed logical. It would explain the spooky video promos and give “The Man of 1004 Holds” a match worthy of his return to sports entertainment.  That did not happen either.

What DID happen was Chris Jericho attacked both champions last night on Raw and cost CM Punk a match against Daniel Bryan.  After Raw’s conclusion, Jericho took to twitter to offer up a cryptic explanation for his actions.  Hit the jump to see the former unified champion’s response from his official twitter: Continue reading →

The debut of Ring Ka King

As reported previously on CDWS, TNA has branched off and created a new promotion in India called Ring Ka King.  Their debut show was broadcast last night on Colors TV in India.  We gave it a watch, and have a review for you after the jump.

Segment One

The show opens with an Indian singer named Mika Singh coming down the ramp with a gang of dancing women as he sings.  Crowd is really excited.  This guy is obviously a pretty big deal.  When he finishes, a woman named Kubraa Sait joins him in the ring.  Neither are speaking English; it seems as though she’s the host and is introducing us all to the show.

She introduces Harbhajan Singh as the Ring Ka King goodwill ambassador.  The crowd pops big time.  A little research reveals he’s kind of a big deal in cricket with the nickname “The Turbanator.”  He spends some time on the mic, bids farwell to Mika, and takes us to break. Continue reading →

WWE YouTube Re-Launch: Visions of WWE Network?

During last night’s Royal Rumble, a promo aired touting the relaunch of the WWE YouTube page on February 1st. In addition to the move of the Z! True Long Island Story to the WWE YouTube Channel, 8 new shows were announced:

WWE Presents, Santino’s Foreign Exchange, Backstage Fallout, Download, Outside the Ring, Are You Serious?, WWE Inbox, Superstar Toyz

No details have been announced as far as the content of the shows. This announcement makes the mind wonder: could this YouTube relaunch be a dress rehearsal for the delayed WWE Network?

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Mike Tyson is headed to the WWE Hall of Fame

As noted in The Morning Roundup today, Mike Tyson will be among the inductees to the WWE Hall of Fame, class of 2012.  He will be joining Edge, The Four Horsemen, and Mil Mascaras. also has coverage of this story  Hit the jump for the details.

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Monday Night Raw Preview – 1/30/12

That settles it, the Royal Rumble is the best match of the year. Nothing comes close to the energy that fills a room as you count down every two minutes and go bat-s insane. When Hacksaw Jim Duggan came charging out the room I was in exploded. Thumbs were being thrust into the air so vigorously you could hear shoulders being blown out of their sockets. Do you remember when the D-O-double-G Jesse James came out and hit the Shake-Rattle-and-Roll? Talk about nanners! Every single piece of offense that the Road Dogg hit, the maniac next to me was standing on the couch, screaming, and mimicking each blow wildly in the air. THAT is what the Royal Rumble is all about.

Even better yet, tonight is the RAW Supershow to wrap up all of the action. Marc Middleton with the rundown:

Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow will take place from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Tonight’s show will see Triple H return to evaluate John Laurinaitis and the fallout from the Royal Rumble. Matches advertised locally include Kane vs. John Cena and Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Champion CM Punk.

The Triple H/John Laurinitis, and I’m sure add in CM Punk, segment will go long. If you’re a #IWantWrestling guy, you may have to settle for last nights action, because tonight is all about advancing story lines and wrapping up old ones with a nice little bow (or pretending the never even happened).

There are a lot of questions at hand. Does the Punk and Ziggler program continue, or do we move on? Does Sheamus challenge for the WWE title or the WHC title? What is to be made of Kane and John Cena last night, where double-DQ ended in utter destruction?

Lots of questions indeed, let’s talk it out in the comments section below.

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