Chris Jericho speaks after his attack on CM Punk

It’s been quite a roller coaster ride for Chris Jericho during his latest return to the WWE.  From weeks of viral videos appearing mysteriously on Raw, to not uttering a word week after subsequent week, Y2J’s objectives have been puzzling to say the least.  Speculation abounded.  Once Jericho did not win the Royal Rumble, a challenge to the Undertaker for a match at Wrestlemania seemed logical. It would explain the spooky video promos and give “The Man of 1004 Holds” a match worthy of his return to sports entertainment.  That did not happen either.

What DID happen was Chris Jericho attacked both champions last night on Raw and cost CM Punk a match against Daniel Bryan.  After Raw’s conclusion, Jericho took to twitter to offer up a cryptic explanation for his actions.  Hit the jump to see the former unified champion’s response from his official twitter:

During Raw, CM Punk went out of his way to refer to himself as the “best wrestler in the world” several times.  The logical prediction here is to assume Jericho will take exception to Punk isnstance that he is best in the business.  I can envision a promo including something to the effect of “…you were the best in the business while I was gone.  Now that I am back…” You can fill in the rest.

While we should all relish a feud between these two, it seems thrown together.  It doesn’t fit the “It Begins” promos, it doesn’t fit Jericho’s actions over the past few weeks and it doesn’t explain the way the Royal Rumble ended.  However, if nothing is going to make sense about Y2J’s current role in the company, we should all just be grateful we get to see him compete against another wrestling maverick.  Ultimately, the WWE needs to do a better job concluding these large story arcs.  We have spoken about this ad nauseum on this site.  Punk vs Jericho will not change that.  What it WILL give us a heck of a few months and some really entertaining matches.  That can be enough for now.

4 Comments on "Chris Jericho speaks after his attack on CM Punk"

  1. Kenny says:

    What’s with the IWC’s logic that his new gimmick has to match the It Begins promos? You want him to dress up like a creepy school girl? He didn’t act like he was in the Matrix the last time he came back to the code videos. Maybe his gimmick is that he gives you suspenseful cryptic videos when he comes to WWE, videos that have nothing at all to do with his personality.

    And what is it that everyone expected to happen at the Royal Rumble that somehow didn’t live up to expectations? Just because he said it’s the end of the world, are people pissed off that he didn’t actually kick-start Armageddon?

  2. Jeff Wright says:

    It actually perfectly well fits into the promos. The videos showed someone’s work being copied and mimicked. The little girl (punk) wanted to steal Jericho’s hard work and take it for her own. Jericho is sick and tired of seeing someone else called the best in the world and will finally take back what is rightfully his.

  3. Sean says:

    We’re still jumping the gun big time here. It makes perfect sense and they still have all the time in the world to make the videos make sense. “She” was a huge part of the videos, Jericho STILL isn’t saying much other than what the videos said, and if it’s not yet obvious that Stephanie McMahon has a vendetta against CM Punk, and is using Jericho to get her revenge, you’re a little too blind.

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