Raw ratings trend continues

As reported here previously, it was theorized that the WWE was possibly going to bury the younger new era title holders (such as Zack Ryder and CM Punk), giving them less pivotal roles on Monday Night Raw to help counter sinking ratings.  Ultimately this would lead to short title reigns.

The trend has been that the first hour is rated higher than the second, meaning viewers are dropping out around 10 pm ET.  Raw did a 3.1 rating this past week, with a 3.2 in the first hour and a 3.02 in the second (thanks to PWInsider for the stats).

If the WWE was bothered by this trend before, I’m sure it’s even more troubling that they spent weeks building up the debut of a mystery man just to have tens of thousands (maybe more than 100,00u) either turn their TVs off or change the channel at 10 pm.  Add to that the fact that Raw was not opposed by Monday Night Football and one may ask will we see any true panic moves by the WWE?

It can be assumed, for one, that the PG programming is to blame.  Alot of kids that the WWE caters to have bed times.  Also, just because this happened on the night of Chris Jericho’s return as well won’t take the heat off people like CM Punk.  The perception that he’s a champ who doesn’t draw will continue to grow.  A program with Jericho would help.

With the speculation of returns by Brock Lesnar and Rob Van Dam (not to mention that, in a recent issue of WWE Magazine, it stated we probably haven’t seen the last of Batista), changes are probably coming this year.  The brakes may be pumped a little.

I’m personally pretty happy with the programming at the moment.  I enjoy seeing guys building their reputations each week.  My inner mark self wouldn’t mind seeing some big names return and occupy some higher slots on the card for a spell.  Wade Barrett, Rhodes, Ziggler, ET AL, are still real young.  I don’t doubt that their time is still coming.

3 Comments on "Raw ratings trend continues"

  1. Dennis says:

    I bet a lot of people were tuning into the fiesta bowl when word got out that the game was close and exciting. That could be a factor in the ratings.

    • George Steele says:

      Could very well be. That said, I’ve seen this drop off noted in reports for a few weeks, save for Raw two weeks ago. If it continues I’ll cobble together some numbers.

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