WWE Network to carry PPV events?

As heard from Wrestleview.com, a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that many PPVs will be carried on the WWE Network after it’s debut.  The plan would be to continue to have the Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Survivor Series, and of course Wrestlemania as PPV-only events.  The others will be offered as a part of regular WWE Network programming to create a demand for the product.  If your carrier doesn’t offer WWE Network, you would still be able to purchase events on PPV.

These rumors have been floating about for some time.  Many wonder if it’s a sustainable model for carrying events such as TLC or Elimination Chamber.  Lots of expensive PPV buys lost.  However, as the WWE Network gains traction, alot more eyes will watch these events, leading to bigger payments from the sponsors of the events.  That would only be a part of this game plan though.

I would imagine that if the Network were to expand to most carriers due to demand, we could see Raw or Smackdown move there at some point.  Controlling all the ad dollars companies pay to run commercials on USA or SyFy would be a major windfall.  Of course, this has reached a point of pure speculation – much like speculating that a move for Raw or SD to the Network would lead us away from the PG Era that many don’t enjoy.  Chew on that one as you recover from your New Year’s Eve celebration.

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  1. Ryan D says:

    I’d be curious to know what the monthly rate on this will be. This is just more reason to get the channel.
    I’d easily get rid of one or more of the lower premium channels like TMC or Epix and get WWEN

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