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Triple H: All Quiet on the Undertaker Front

After making a surprise return last night to Raw, the Undertaker, weird wig and all, stalked to the ring to challenge Triple H, to a rematch at this year’s showcase of the immortals. has released a video today of Triple H backstage after walking out on the Undertaker’s challenge for WrestleMania 28.

So Triple H turns down the challenge and the Undertaker is none too happy about it. The COO refuses comment and just wants to run Raw. Where do we go from here? Let’s talk about it after the jump.

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Mick Foley Set To Appear on Celebrity Wife Swap, Tonight on ABC

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Continuing his recent trend of appearing on network television shows, Mick Foley will be swapping wives with Antonio Sabato Jr, former Calvin Klein model turned television actor who appeared in General Hospital, Charmed and even Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The premise of Celebrity Wife Swap is simple, two wives have their own sets of “House Rules,” the first week they try the rules of their counterpart and in the second week they flip and implement their rules. Usually “hilarity” ensues as each family tries to live up to the new standards or rebel against them. I think it’s a good opportunity for Mick Foley to keep getting his face out there, especially after a well received guest spot on 30 Rock last week and his recent appearance in the Royal Rumble.

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Big Site News: It just got even easier to listen to The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that is now even MORE convenient for you listen to our fine radio show.  You can still listen live, Friday night’s on 1067 The Fan.  You can still download the show for free on this site and on  Now, you can subscribe on iTunes, and we certainly invite you to do so.  While you are there, we would appreciate you leaving us as many stars as you can and maybe even write a nice review.  It’s the civil thing to do, really.

Thank you for your support of our little corner of the internet.  We must give copious thanks to our webmaster, Dirk over at Neue Interactive.  Yes it’s a terrible name for a company but he does great work at affordable prices.  Check him out for all of your website designing needs.  Flying Elbows Before Hos.

The Morning Roundup – 1/31/12

How about the return of Undertaker, eh?  Did anyone see that coming?  Dear lord, I was jumping around my living room like a 12-year old.

HBK Asked If He Would Do Legends House, Foley Comments on Taker, Tyson – Lords of Pain

I love LOP, but they put way too much info into some of these posts, this is one of them.  So to summarize: HBK will likely say ‘no’ to Legends House.  Foley isn’t in shape for a match of WrestleMania’s quality against Taker.  Tyson’s iPhone App will feature his WWE HOF induction.  Foley isn’t in shape for WrestleMania, but he’ll compete in the Rumble?  Smoke screen or truth?  What say you, the reader?

Elimination Chamber Theme, Report on Vince-Laurinaitis, Brodus, More – Lords of Pain

So Laurinaitis is mad at Vince McMahon for making him wear a sleeveless referee’s uniform?  Poor skinny arms.  Ha. As for Brodus Clay, the Funkosaurus will be available for DLC in WWE ’12 as early as today for free.

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The Barrett Barrage Has New Theme Music

When Wade Barrett entered The Royal Rumble on Sunday it was not to his familiar music he’s had since becoming a singles competitor on Smackdown. I thought it was an odd time to debut new music since half the fun of the Royal Rumble is instantly recognizing which star is about to enter when the clock strikes zero.

Wade had been tweeting about getting new music for weeks jokingly crediting a victory 2 years ago in NXT for the new music, “It seems my new entrance theme is universally loved. Thank God I won the ‘talk the talk’ challenge on NXT season 1 and got to pick it.” I’m not a huge fan of it, less “oomph” than his previous entrance music.

I’m going to give it a chance to grow on me though, as I didn’t care for Orton’s Voices song when it first debuted. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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