Some more speculation for the 1/2/12 reveal

For weeks, we have all seen the eerie videos on Raw.  Here at CDWS, they’ve been posted and debated.  Jericho?  Undertaker?  Who is coming to claim what is his?

We know the arguments for each well.  Jericho could be returning to challenge CM Punk at Wrestlemania for the WWE title.  We all know Jericho saying he is done with wrestling on Twitter is one of the oldest swerve tricks in the book being practiced in a new medium.  Some say that Punk-Jericho should be saved for WM 29, because Rock-Cena are already the draw for this year’s show in Miami.

Let’s be honest, if the WWE announced nothing but Steve Lombardi vs. PJ Walker for the WM 29 card prior to tickets going on sale, the arena would sell out immediately.  The PPV buys will be there with even a modest card.  It’s Wrestlemania.

Removing the arguments against, does this make Jericho the #1 suspect?  Maybe not.

Undertaker seems like the most likely choice.  The videos have a dark, ominous tone. And we all know the Undertake trademarked dark and ominoous.  Sure, it may be a little early in the year for him to come back.  Could be that he is the planned fallback if contract talks with Jericho don’t pan out.  The WWE is nothing if not resourceful.  “The End Begins” could very well refer to the fact that we may be talking about ‘Taker’s final match.  However, it could also refer to someone seeking to end the streak. Jericho returning to end the streak? Far fetched, sure. Still amazing.

Brodus Clay is a debut that’s been hinted about and pushed back for weeks.  I would think that Johnny Ace mentioning his debut next week would rule him out – would be pretty anti-climatic to run all these videos & then spoil the big reveal at the start of a backstage segment.  Not that we haven’t been disappointed a time or two before.

Shane McMahon and Batista have been mentioned in IWC chatter that falls short of the rumor stage.  Both seem pretty unlikely.  I would think a Shane return would be best if he interrupted Vince on the mic.  However, Vince has been off TV awhile now – a long shot he’ll appear Monday.  The WWE would be wise to have the fury of the Animal direct at Cena upon his return & Cena is pretty occupied at the moment.

The big question for me is not who.  It’s if it will be exciting not only on Monday night but in the weeks to come.  Simply having Jericho or Taker show up would get anyone pretty excited.  A return for Taker akin to last year, when his return was immediately followed by HHH showing up and wordlessly declaring his intention to end the streak – that would be amazing (again, this is where Taker and Jericho would cause my head to explode).  As for anyone else, i.e. Brodus Clay, I’m pretty sure I’d be more excited about the return of Duane Gill.  

The WWE has built this to a point where I hope I can be genuinely surprised this Monday.

3 Comments on "Some more speculation for the 1/2/12 reveal"

  1. Mike says:

    I have to say both Taker and Y2J. The signals are mixed in the promos. Also, unless I’m am looking at the wrong videos, the promo with the eye that you posted is obviously Jericho. Hell it has Jericho’s name during the countdown, and the countdown is obviously Y2J. But the dark/ominous theme is very much Taker. I also read somewhere that someone made out “Chris” on the notebook? I didn’t catch that, but all I know is I will be GLUED to my set Monday night.

    Keep up the great ‘rasslin show gentlemen!

  2. Ray says:


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