Brock Lesnar calls Pro Wrestling fake

I am a Brock Lesnar fan. I love when he is on the mic and so should the UFC. When he speaks, people listen.  What is even more valuable is that when Lesnar speaks people talk about what he had to say.  The video above is less than a minute long, but there are several notable quotes contained within.  Let’s discuss.

The most obvious starting point is Lesnar claiming wrestling “isn’t real.”  If it were anyone else, I’d have found that statement annoying.  Pro Wrestling is most assuredly real.  The catestropic injuries suffered by those that participate in the business speak for themselves.

Scripted.  The term that Lesnar SHOULD have used is scripted. If you don’t believe that, fast forward to 19:33 in the video below

With that said, Brock Lesnar’s in an odd situation; as is his employer, the UFC.  While the UFC would LOVE pro wrestling fans to fork over 60 dollars for their pay per view’s, they really don’t want to be assosciated on a regular basis with wrestling.  They don’t want viewers asking “…is this for real?”  which explains the “As Real as it Gets” slogan and many other things.  Brock Lesnar is a big draw because he is a “fake” wrestler doing it for real.  The UFC doesn’t want to hide from his history, but they also don’t want the legitimacy of their product questioned.

Then there are the questions that have been swirling about Brock Lesnar’s future in mixed martial arts.  Most people seem to have come to the conclusion that Lesnar will return to his previous profession once his UFC contract run is over.  There has been some evidence given supporting that theory.  There was the “You wanna do it?” incident with the Undertaker. There was the commercial Lesnar filmed to promote the release of WWE’ 12.  There was also the devastating defeat “The Next Big Thing” suffered at the hands of Cain Velasquez.

If you have watched any of Lesnar’s UFC fights, you can see for yourself that the man does not handle getting punched in the face very well.  While I am sympathetic, it’s a fairly important prerequisite that a professional cage fighter should be able to take punches.  What would happen if Brock suffered another brutal defeat at the hands of Alistair Overeem?  Overeem is a champion kickboxer in a pro wrestler’s body.  His striking is legendary.  If Lesnar is highlight reeled once again, will he stick around?

That brings us back to the video at the top of the page.  Within seconds, Brock Lesnar lets us all know that he is a “real fighter” and he doesn’t give a damn if you question him.  What he said NEEDED to be said.  The last night we saw the man, he was turtling up inside the cage with his opponent raining blows down upon him.  People questioned his heart, his desire and his ability to fight.  People were CONVINCED Lesnar was going to tuck his tail for the calmer waters of the WWE. In the video above? Within 30 seconds, he let us know that is far from the case.

I am torn.  I want Brock to do well in MMA and see him get another shot at the UFC heavyweight title.  Wrestling is my first passion though, and a Brock Lesnar return to the WWE would be epic.  Hopefully, we can have both in the next couple of years.  What we know for sure is that Lesnar speaks his mind and can still cut an effective promo.  That isn’t changing no matter what arena he is fighting in.

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  1. Bryan says:

    I’m certain we’ll see Brock back in the WWE someday. As you said, it’s up to him (and his performance in UFC) as to when that happens. Hopefully we’ll see him wrestle a match with Sheamus someday and he can show Lesnar some of his hilarious “fake” bits!

  2. Kevin says:

    Dukes you made some excellent points. I think Brock is in a tough situation. Brock left wrestling to go do football, where he failed miserably, and now has found some great success in UFC (although depending on the Alistair fight, it could be fairly short lived). Even though he said wrestling wasn’t real, he didn’t disparage it completely. I think he knows that soon enough he may have to go back to WWE again for his next challenge. He can’t burn those bridges, but he can’t be taken seriously as WWE Brock in UFC. It’s a situation in which he can’t really win.

    In a sidebar, just thinking to myself about Taker bashing him over the head with a chair in 2 years yelling “is that real enough for you Brock?!” Would love a Taker – Brock match if he returns.

  3. Chris says:

    I don’t follow MMA very much but I do watch when Lesner fights. I like seeing someone able to make the transition from pro wrestling to MMA. I think it looks good for pro wrestling when a guy who was a star in the WWE to be a star in the UFC but he kind of ruins that when he calls wrestling fake. Great article though Dukes, I stopped watching wrestling after Austin left awhile ago but your articles and show makes me want to watch again.

  4. Mike says:

    I almost forgot what a maniac Shane O’ Mac was. Great clip to show what these guys go through to make a great match.

  5. dgorman says:

    One of the most intriguing things I took from the article was “Hopefully, we can have both in the next couple of years”. Which invokes the thought of a possibility of somewhere in the future where MMA and Pro Wrestling can meld. I feel we are at it’s inception. Lesnar led the way, now Lashley and Batista are trying to make their way. Goldberg incorporated MMA type maneuvers into his matches. Undertaker has professed he’s been an MMA mark for a long time. It seems inevitable that somewhere down the road not too too far ahead, someone will find a way to bring it to a marketable duality.

  6. Bobby Shark says:

    I think this upcoming fight is incredibly important for both Lesnar and Overeem’s careers. If Lesnar wins, he’s a behemoth again – bested the disease again, and is back in title contention. If Overeem wins, he’s everything that has been hyped about him. Either way, Brock running his mouth only attracts attention and builds heat. I think Mr President is using a few more pieces of Brock’s Pro Wrestling background than they’d like to admit.

  7. Brandon McLeish says:

    Introducing first….Brock Hypocrite Lesnar.

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