Can The WWE turn John Cena and Big Show Heel?

There’s been alot of talk as of late in regards to if and when the WWE should have John Cena and the Big Show turn heel.  Big Show was the latest victim of a Money in the Bank briefcase cash in, losing the title to his buddy Daniel Bryan.  Throughout the history of professional wrestling, this was cause for an automatic heel turn.  John Cena becoming the target of more and more boo’s each week is well documented.

Fans are clamoring for a Cena heel turn, claiming it’s needed to refresh interest in him.  With that said, is Show on the verge of knocking out Daniel Bryan with a W.M.D?

It’s no surprise  to hear that fans would like Cena to turn his back on the kids or see Big Show become a monster villain.  Bad guys are fun. They can do whatever the want and generally get away with it.  However, is there a real benefit for either yet?  Big Show does not need to turn heel just to get a WHC match with Daniel Bryan.  If nothing else, he can do alot more to put Daniel Bryan over with the fans as a face – and not just by losing to him in the ring.  If Big Show is willing to put over Bryan after losing to him, fans will react better to that rather than Show beating the hell out of him after a fluke win.

Aside from all that, the WWE already has a monster heel in Mark Henry, not to mention a returning Kane and a soon to return Brodus Clay.  We’ll always need a reliable Hero to topple these monsters when they get out of control.  I just don’t see Show turning heel anytime soon.

As for Cena, he’s already showing us how he can help put someone over with his interactions with Zach Ryder.  Just standing next to Cena instantly makes Ryder a popular character.  However, many of the same fans booing Cena now claim they’ll stand up and cheer if he were to turn against an Ultra-Babyface.  He would get massive heat if he turned.  Maybe – the other option is the kids boo him, yet the fans who wanted the turn suddenly become indifferent.  That’s quite a risk when considering the benefits of Cena the face.  He could stand to go the route Randy Orton has been on once Wrestlemania passes – taking some losses to put over the growing heels, followed by a little time off (kayfabe or not).

Daniel Bryan is a fine champion and I am a big fan of CM Punk.  However, Ziggler or Rhodes would gain infinitely by going over on Cena.  While it seems the WWE is testing the waters on a Cena heel turn, maybe just to keep the interest in Cena vs. Rock high, I think they’ll get to the precipice and decide against it.

In the end, it comes down to a balanced roster.  There are plenty of interesting heels at this point and not enough top faces for them to match up with. If both Cena and Show were to turn heel, it would be Orton, Punk, Sheamus, and Bryan versus the world (maybe R-Truth as well, if fans stop screaming “WHAT?” every time he is on the mic).  In the mean time, they have a pretty good thing going.

3 Comments on "Can The WWE turn John Cena and Big Show Heel?"

  1. RyanD says:

    I don’t care if Cena is face or heel, but this passive-aggressive middle ground thing he’s doing is quite annoying.

  2. @Joshacham says:

    If Cena turns heel now, after all the talk about him needing to turn heel, it would be the most ho hum turn ever. He’s had plenty of opportunities to do it. At this point I don’t see him turning because of the “Rise Above Hate” Be a Star campaign that’s going on. He’s showing he is being bullied, knocked around yakkity yak and still be above it.

    Big Show is entertaining as a face and as a heel. He’s got a great personality for either and is enjoyable to watch in the ring regardless of who he is.

    I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like Mark Henry as a main eventer. He’s horrible on the mic, his voice makes him sound like a gutless turd and his personality is not fear inducing at all. He should be relegated back to coming to the ring, smashing the hell out of his opponent and going back to the locker room. That’s all he’s good for.

    And R-Truth REALLY needs to drop the crazy shtick. The only time it was good was when he and Triple H were in the ring together and H was rolling with it. The only reason why people are screaming WHAT like mongoloids is because he gave them validation that it aggravated him when he was cutting a promo in the ring. I’ve noticed the yelling of WHAT is slowly dying off though. Can’t wait for that one to be dead and buried.

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