Paul Heyman Interviews Brock Lesnar

Brock sat down with his former manager/mentor Paul Heyman to discuss primarily his involvement in the WWE 12 video game, as well as his upcoming return to the Octagon at UFC 141 against Alistair Overeem.

Both Lesnar and Heyman know how to generate heat. And within the first 90 seconds of the interview, Brock is once more calling out Steve Austin.

Yeah I went through a lot of guys. I went through Ric Flair. I went through Hulk Hogan. I went through Undertaker. But there’s a guy that I didn’t get to go through. There’s a Hall of Famer, there’s a Legend that I didn’t get to go through. And there’s a guy that felt threatened by me at the time. And there was a guy that felt I had everything given to me… And that guy is Stone Cold Steve Austin. 

My first gut reaction to this was to drop my jaw, but then I remembered who was sitting off camera. Paul Heyman is a master of working an interview and presenting it as a shoot. He may have invented it. Remember what Paul Heyman JUST had to say about Steve Austin? Remember when Brock had his last return fight against Shane Carwin? Jim Ross, Steve Austin, Bill Goldberg, and the Rock were in attendance and were not shy in making their presence known. Then when Brock lost to Cain Velasquez, there was that small dust-up with the Deadman everyone talked about.

Heyman set up Brock to talk about his return from finally recovering from Diverticulitis. He harped on the Bigger, Badder, Better tagline attached to the WWE 12 game.

For two years I had to lie to myself, and lie to all of my fans. I had to get up every morning and say ‘you feel good today.’ And I didn’t. I had the surgery, it’s out of my life, and I’m back. And that’s a damn good feeling for me. And that’s bad for everybody else. 

Brock is a wrecking machine. If he is healthy, and back to being the Brock Lesnar that ran over Randy Couture, Heath Herring; that is a dangerous man to stand across the Octagon from. On the other hand, he never stopped being the Brock Lesnar that told Frank Mir he had a horse shoe up his ass when Mir submitted him during their first fight.

Check out the whole interview HERE on Heyman’s website,

Brock Lesnar was not paid by Bud Light for this interview.

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