CM Punk Does an Elbow Drop from 13,000 Feet

CM Punk and other WWE Superstars did multiple trips and took tours with different Army Divisions as part of the Tribute to the Troops. They visited with the Golden Knights Army Skydiving division, who prepared a lot of material.

Have you ever been skydiving before? Well let me tell you, when you’re wearing a flight suit or harness, being told what your altimeter does and when to pull that big cord attached to your ribs… it’s hard to fake laugh at really bad jokes regardless of who is delivering them. I couldn’t count the amount of times that my jump instructor pretended “to be asleep” during the ascent to jump height. You’ll notice while they are doing their silly bit of putting the wrestler in a headlock, Punk is huffing and puffing because he’s realizing it’s really hard to breath when the air is rapidly shooting past your face.

Alberto Del Rio also went up, to then subsequently come right back down. Video of ADR and never before released shots of Bob Shark after the cut. 

I feel that you should know this: both Punk and ADR went to their ass for the landing. I stuck it perfectly coming down on my feet like damned Peter Parker. Yes; me.

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