CDWS: Where Are They Now?

It’s always an odd transition when you see a guy prominently featured on RAW or SmackDown for an extended period of time, then blink your eyes twice and realize they silently haven’t appeared on Broadcast TV for months.

Drew McIntyre came up from FCW and immediately had success in the WWE. He worked programs with R-Truth and Matt Hardy, eventually maintaining a televised undefeated streak, as well as winning both the Tag Team and Intercontinental titles.

Here is the biggest accolade, September of 2009 Vince McMahon went on TV and introduced McIntyre as a “future world champion,” anointing him as and earning the moniker of the Chosen One

Fast forward to last night’s  Tribute to the Troops Drew McIntyre was served up to and dismantled by Sheamus. To be honest, it was a surprise to see him on a primetime show.

Alex Riley was third runner up on the second season of NXT. After which he began to appear as a “hired associate” of his former and continued mentor The Miz. Riley began to interfere and be a part of all of the Miz’s storylines, appearing in matches consistently on RAW with said opponents, most notably John Cena. Riley even was taken to Wrestlemania to appear with the Miz, and was viewed as a big part of his win against John Cena sharing in the celebration.

Ending his arrangement with Miz, Riley and his former mentor began a feud where Riley continually went over the Miz, on RAW and on PPV’s. In possibly the highlight of his career, he was granted an interview on the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show. Ok obviously I’m kidding about that last accolade, but Riley came off excellently and a real credit to the profession.

Both men are listed as Raw Superstars, but rarely now if ever appear on Raw aside from a few backstage vignettes that need bodies. So that begs the question, what the hell happened??

It was a hard pill to swallow to see Miz go from the Most Must-See Champion to jobbing to his ringside consigliere. He was pushed vigorously, but did not have much of a character built aside from being bitter with the Miz. McIntyre has a definite in-ring presence, some of the strongest walkout music in the company to accompany his villainous demeanor, aside from being foreign. And we know how much WWE fans hate those shifty foreigners.

Working in a company that has sent Chris Masters and now John Morrison into the hall of Future Endeavors, one must wonder if these men are being held off TV so that they may be repackaged in another light and put back on TV, or are they being forced into a creative limbo, given no work and material.

Dukes wrote an article based on Steve Austin’s thoughts on the Attitude Era. Every Superstar is expected to have an attitude, a definitive edge that makes them interesting and larger than life. If not, they become jobbers with a Titantron package.


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