An Update on The Undertaker’s Return and Opponent at Wrestlemania

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The Undertaker.  He’s perhaps the biggest name in Wrestlemania history. That is somewhat ironic because the last time we saw him was last friggen year at Wrestlemania.  While I have as much nostolgia wrapped up in The Deadman as any 33 year old wrestling fan, if you can only compete once a year?  I mean, what’s the point?

We saw evidence of that last year when Triple H was more over than ‘Taker himself.  The long periods of time on the shelf are starting to catch up with The Phenom.  That said, it doesn’t look like this is going to be the year that Mean Mark stops trying to extend “The Streak.” In that vein, Marc Middleton over at LOP has a newsworthy tidbit:

As noted before, The Undertaker vs. Triple H is indeed one of the matches on the books for WrestleMania 28. The talk is that Taker will return in early 2012 to pick back up on the feud with Triple H.

Hm. To coin a must see phrase: “Really?”  I was underwhelmed by last year’s match between these two.  While Shawn Michaels most definitely earned a second crack at the ‘Takers streak by putting on the match of the decade, does Hunter?  I can think of three other people I’d rather see face The Last Outlaw at ‘Mania.  Starting with CM Punk and ending with Chris Jericho.  I’d even prefer this re-masked and nefarious looking Kane take on his brother one more time.

The question to answer for any wrestling fan is simple.  Who is worthy of the honor of jobbing to The Undertaker one last time?  We have to assume that match 20 is where “The Streak” ends.  The Deadman is going over in Miami come hell or high-water.  Is HHH the one that should be there when it all comes to an end?

Leave your answer in the comment’s section.  Hope there are some provocative suggestions!

26 Comments on "An Update on The Undertaker’s Return and Opponent at Wrestlemania"

  1. busseyinc says:

    I say sheamus, Wade Barrett or The Miz. O don’t wanna see The undertaker & Triple H going at it again. It won’t be entertaining for me or a must see. no Buystate to me

  2. Droopy says:

    Triple H beat the crap out of Taker at WrestleMania28. I’ve never seen Taker dominated as much as HHH did. But that being said, 3 Triple H/Taker wrestlemania matches are a bit much. Its been said the only person Taker would lose to at WM is Kane, but I’d like i be someone new, ala Wade Rret. Only time will tl..

  3. Marcus L. says:

    I too wasn’t wild about HHH vs. Undertaker part 2. As fir my choice, as much as I don’t like him, and I realize it would mean him going over at WM28, how about Cena at WM29? I detest the guy, but I don’t see anyone else booked strong enough over a 12-month period to appear as a viable threat. They already gave away Henry at 22, who knows how long Jericho will be back for, and I doubt we’ll ever see Sting in a WWE ring.

  4. steven says:

    when i first read about this i was taken back, because this would be the 3rd match between HHH and the Deadman at WM. I love both wrestlers, but I just cant see HHH facing Taker for his final match. No one has brought this up yet, but what about Kevin Nash vs The Undertaker, again. Either that or Chris Jericho. Obviously John Cena will be facing The Rock, and the other guys who i could see possibly facing Taker is Randy Orton(again), Sheamus, or CM Punk(if he loses the wwe title before WM).

  5. Matthew says:

    I respect what Triple H has done for WWF/WWE, but he needs to remove himself from such important bookings. Say what you want about John Cena, but how can they possibly have a PPV where he isn’t booked, but Kevin Nash and Triple H are? I don’t think he should get to end the streak because he has had two chances before and came up short. I don’t know how much more Taker and Triple H can bring to a match that we haven’t already seen.

    Somehow, some way, Triple H will likely be removed from the WM28 match with Undertaker, the spot will be given to Kane and it will end with a a Buried Alive match.

    I think Triple H will somehow be embroiled in whoever is being brought back with the ‘itbegins’ promos. The rumor behind that involves Chris Jericho guided by Stephanie McMahon in an effort to knock Triple H out of the ‘son to Vince McMahon’ role that he has come to occupy.

  6. Craigerson says:

    The more he stays away for a year at a time, the guy who faces Taker needs to be a threat to end the streak and credible enough to go head to head with the Last Outlaw.

    I agree with you on Punk and Jericho. But I think these two will be paired off with each other if Jericho returns or Punk will hopefully be tearing down the house with Ziggler for the title.

    Sheamus is a good choice but his face turn complicates him facing Taker. And he could be in the World Championship picture.

    The choices are slim taking Cena and these considerations off the table, what about Randy Orton?

  7. Ken W says:

    A couple that would possibly make it worth while, one being the Miz the other Alberto Del Rio, but the minds that be may try an off the wall match and make it against Brodus Clay.

  8. jay says:

    I can only guess that hhh will face taker at mania. hhh even mentioned last years match on this weeks raw. i do not want to see this. hbk 2 years in a row was fine as i knew he would give us an amazing show & new spots. but what can hhh give that we didnt see last year. i guess he could win & end the streak but its not like hhh then goes on to be the next great wwe champ(as his career is basically done). i love sheamus & barret but that wouldnt do it for me. To entertain It has to be a situation where you really dont know who will win AND you really care who wins and loses. But how can this be done. i guess they can do hhh vs taker career vs career, so we would say good bye to some1. but we would all just be waiting for the end of the match to see who is leaving forever rather then getting to enjoy a classic wrestling match. I just dont want the same thing and i dont want to know who will win. I want to be on the egde of my seat.

  9. T-Rockets says:

    My first thought was either punk or jericho would be the only ones able to deliver a match on the same level (if not higher) than a michaels/taker bout. Given more thought to it, if WWE creative staff played their cards right, I think they could draw intrest w/ The Miz.

    But if I were Vince. I would be asking myself, who could I throw in the ring w/ Taker that would bring in more viewers. Most wrestling fans will buy WM28 for the Cena/Rock bout. But imagine if the WWE could bring in a slightly different demo to add to the main event? I would be cutting deals w/ Brock Lesnar. Throw Brock & Taker in a cage and you are now pushing a double main event card. The money earned from this WM, would almost be impossible to top. Ever.

    I say the only ones who could draw massive interest would be: Brock, Miz, Austin, or dare I say Mick Foley seeking redemption from the legendary hell in a cell match?

  10. Joshua Scott says:

    To kind of go off of what the last guy said with career vs. career, what do you guys think of Taker vs. Foley?? Now this is something I see as a setup for Foley to get his HOF induction (which is why he is back) and to get that “one more match” out of him. I would be all in for these two legendary wrestlers going at it and put there careers on the line because neither man has that many more matches in the tank.

    • Bobby Shark says:

      I agree this is the way to go. I don’t want to see him with Jericho because I do believe Y2J would be better off with Orton or Punk. Kane is the only other choice, but Foley really would get the best match out of Undertaker. There is a lot of history there, and Mick needs something to do. If they do pair him up with Kane, send Foley in against Triple H. Boom-Bam.

  11. Jesse says:

    I would love for it to be Sting and have them BOTH retire at the same time. But I agree with most that he will never be in a WWE ring. Jericho would be great but who knows how long he will be around. Nash also would be good but I doubt his knees would let him have a balls to the wall match of Wrestlemania caliber.

    As far as people up and coming now, the only one that could pull off losing and not lose his momentum is Punk. Maybe Miz too.

  12. Edward Estrada says:

    Taker can put someone over and still win. If Ziggler isn’t in a title match, have him go twenty minutes with the deadman. Do some thing crazy like kick out of a few Tombstones. Roll Hells Gate into a very close 2 count. Taker finally puts him down and shakes his hand after the match. Worked out pretty good for Cena.

  13. George says:

    Some really good ideas here. However, I no longer worry about the WWE finding someone who is a “threat” to The Streak. The vast majority of the fan base know Taker’s opponent isn’t going over. This isn’t a knock on whomever mentioned that. At this point, we want something highly entertaining with a top of the line match. The Streak probably peaked with HBK. We need a top of the line heel who won’t be in the title picture come WM – they are hard to come by. Short of that, a face with a purpose.

    Kane can be just that in no time flat. Jericho could return tomorrow to a huge pop & be a huge heel before Raw the following week. CM Punk might be the best choice to get to the HBK-Taker level. If he loses the title at, say, Royal Rumble, he could go on a mission to end The Streak. Go on about all the goals he accomplished in 2011 & say it would be a bigger honor to go to WM and fight Taker than to fight for the title. Whatever. WWE creative folks get paid to write the story itself. I’m just putting in my two cents.

    Guys like Barrett, Del Rio, Miz, Ziggler – performers that any reader of this site would love to see in the match – probably aren’t going to be Taker’s last victim. A big name like Lesnar would be awesome. Does anyone see Dana White allowing Lesnar to show back up part time in the WWE and allow him to lose? Even though we know the difference between the two sports, it’s a weird blurring of the lines.

    Sure, I didn’t bring anything new to the table. Just the opinion of this dummy over here. I do agree with whomever mentioned Sheamus. Shame he wasn’t around 10 years ago, Taker-Sheamus would have been fantastic. Also, Taker might have taught Sheamus to not take such glee in hitting people as hard as he can.

    • Bobby Shark says:

      Dana has already said Brock will not wrestle for the WWE while under contract with the UFC. Appearing in the game is one thing, two jobs wasn’t OK with Mr President.

  14. George says:

    By the way, if we could dream up an opponent from any point in time? Vader. That would have been alot of fun.

  15. Zach W says:

    What about a Henry v taker? It would be great to keep the belt on Henry till WM28 then have him drop it to taker then have mr. money in the bank Daniel Bryant cash in and beat taker. It would be great cuz you could put Bryant over as a heel with plenty of heat and start his title run doing something no one else could. Then just line up the feuds with HHH, Orton, Big Show, and other members of the older guard trying to beat the undeserving champ. I’m not a DB fan but I could get behind a story like that.

  16. Sam says:

    I have to go with Sheamus. While he’s a babyface now, he’s so brutal in each of his matches that he can easily go back to being a heel. I say let him beat Mark Henry at the Rumble (since the WWE would rather have Sheamus’ abs than Mark Henry’s flab), turn, then start talking about how great he is and how unbeatable he is. Cue The Deadman’s chimes and the look of fear on Sheamus’ face. It would be an awesome match, and while Taker can’t move like he used to, Sheamus is a more methodical wrestler anyway. Plus Sheamus has so many finishing moves, you can get the Taker to kick out of all of them as he loves to do. Who knows, maybe Sheamus gets frustrated that he can’t pin the Taker and beats him into submission, giving the Taker win #20 by DQ. This would put Sheamus over in the biggest way and solidify him as THE heel for the company for probably the next decade. Just my opinion.

  17. Brandon McLeish says:

    Shawn Michaels? Been there. Triple H? Done that. Any of these newer guys like The Miz or Wade Barret aren’t really on the same level on as The Deadman. It’s hard to nail down who would be a good fit. Most of the Attitude Era guys are past their prime but can still work a match. The only guys I can see having a match with Undertaker and it still being a good are:
    Kane: but he’ll more than likely be in the world title hunt by Elimination Chamber.
    Chris Jericho: But He’s been out of the game longer than The Rock. At least Rocky has been training like a wrestler (Oh Sh!t. I mean “Superstar”) this whole time.
    Stone Cold Steve Austin: He has had some of the best matches of his career against Taker but like Taker, His knees are shot.
    Randy Orton: He’s on Taker’s level. He really knows his way around the ring and I don’t think he would mind jobbing for a legend.

  18. Marcus L. says:

    I’m saying keep Taker out of WM28. Cena vs. Rock alone will sell out Sun Life Stadium and bring in mega PPV numbers. Build WM29 around Taker vs. Cena, especially since he is the lone person in WWE you can see winning (being “SuperCena” and all, ugh…) Had HBK-Taker been the main event at WM25, I would have thought Taker’s streak was done. That leads me to my next point: match placement of the Deadman’s matches. If it isn’t the main even bout, I don’t feel that his streak is in danger.

  19. Robby says:

    What about this? If Brock loses tomorrow to Overeem and decides he isn’t going to fight in the UFC again, he could be the challenger. They could even set it up as a surprise-unnamed opponent.

  20. Anwar says:

    I thought Taker vs HHH was great and saved WM from totally sucking but to each is own. Do I want a rematch nope! I’d like to see him vs Punk, Jericho or Mankind. Even him vs Cena would interest me more. If they wanted to do a rematch why not him vs Randy Orton?

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