Dave Bautista Speaks on His Eventual Return to the ring

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Tonight at 11pm on 106.7 The Fan in Washington DC or streaming, The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show will be airing an interview with “The Demon” Dave Bautista. Earlier this week we brought you some of his comments regarding John Cena, so in honor of tonight’s episode hitting the airwaves here are some of his thoughts on his eventual return the WWE.

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Chad Dukes: What would have to happen for you to have your one off or have your few matches? Would there ever see a set of circumstances where you could see that happening?

Bautista: Yea, absolutely. Absolutely. I’ve always said that I wanted to go back and end my career in the right way, actually retire. I left the company on good terms. I gave them almost a year’s notice, I didn’t just walk out the door. Vince said the door was always open to me. He understood why I disagreed with the direction of the product. We talked about it a lot. What would bring me back would be, if he did give me a little creative freedom and also I’d need to have the right guys to work with. Because I’m not in a rush to go back and work with The Miz; The Miz doesn’t do it for me. This Cena thing has run its course. It was hard for me to work with Cena because we had that problem. Where I was the heel- I was playing the part of the heel-but they were still booing the hell out of Cena. I really had to go that extra step to be a heel against this guy. If I could go back and work with someone like Hunter or Undertaker, or The Rock…I fell in love with wrestling again when there was DX and The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. That attitude era. If I could work with someone like that, that had that attitude, that had that vibe with the attitude era, then that would bring me back.

While waxing nostalgic about the Attitude Era is all the rage these days, he does have a point. Batista going back to wrestle The Miz wouldn’t be the sort of thing that gets people buzzing. While he’s wrestled Triple H before it was always with Hunter as the heel, so seeing Dave playing the bad guy would be something refreshing. Also, since we only get The Undertaker once a year these days that match sells itself. Remember Trips returning to take out Taker in a no word promo? While he’s never had the opportunity to wrestle Rock (solo) or Austin either, they’re almost in that dream match realm where people would fork over $49.99 without any other matches on the card.

Clearly, like a lot of big name wrestlers, his main sticking point is the creative control. I don’t know about you, but to me, the Batista we got at the end of his run in WWE was the most entertaining he had been since his debut. Hopefully the higher ups in the WWE took notice as well and will allow him such freedom again. So, while I don’t think we’ll be seeing Batista anytime soon, I can’t wait until we do.

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