Does a Masked Kane Fit in today’s WWE Universe?

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The market on “monsters” in the WWE went from non-existent to booming as of late.  Mark Henry was repackaged, and became a juggernaut that was responsible for destroying the all the big men before him.

Big Show returned after his hiatus, and began a “Monster Face” vs “Monster Heel” program with Henry. Brodus Clay has been getting vignettes and mentioned over and over by John Laurinitis teasing a RAW debut.

Yet there remains more. We now know Kane is being “resurrected.” He is getting televised (regular, not viral) promo’s hyping his return once more as a Masked-Maniacal-Menace-of-Mayhem (not bad, huh?).

Herein lies the question, is there room in the WWE Universe for yet another unbeatable character, and even more so, another character working a gimmick requiring a lot of suspended disbelief?

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Lets look at the Monster angle. When Kane gets back on WWE television, I expect it to be in similar fashion to all of his other return/debut spots. Towards the end of a random unrelated match Kane’s pyro will go off, music will hit, crowd will pop, and he’ll traipse down to the ramp like Jason Vorhees and unleash his own brand of hell on whomever the unlucky combatants are in the ring.  It’s fun, and he’s done it before. I do love a good run-in/clean house situation. However here’s the rub: we already have quite a few Monster characters.

The Big Show and Mark Henry more or less cannot be beaten by normal means. Show can win 3 on 1 handicap matches against local jobbers. Mark Henry has the hall of pain, whether it be his incarnation or not. Brodus Clay will debut seemingly any week now, and all signs point towards indestructible.

On top of these names, add in John Cena, Randy Orton, and Sheamus. These guys may lose a match or two or regularly weekly television. But they can’t be beat on WWE PPV’s. Cena is viewed as the strongest man alive by kids (s0 says Dave Batista). Orton has been doing a lot to put people over as of late, but he still hears those voices. Sheamus is a hot head that can only lose to Hornswoggle. These guys are on a tear recently that has so many names falling by the wayside in the wake of their wrath (that’s two).

Kane has always shared the same spooky phenom based character story gimmick as his “brother” the Undertaker. The fact that he is returning, and in such a way that he is going right back into his older role firmly makes me believe that not only is he gearing up for another huge push, that this will either culminate in some sort of title-run, or Wrestlemania hyped match. He’ll have to work hard to get over as a heel as the crowd after so long has a genuine effinity for him. I see this as too coincidental with the 1/2/2012 viral promos being equally as dark. We’re getting one last run at Undertaker, with Kane possibly either at his side as Brothers of Destruction once more, or this will be the duo we see at ‘Mania with the Streak on the line.

In a mask, I don’t see any other route for Kane. To book him with a regular guy with abs and two names simply doesn’ make sense. Kane will surely smash Santino Marella, crush Zack Ryder, and probably bury Kofi Kingston in a guard rail or three. Eliminate a few ultra-babyfaces and that will do the trick. He may kill Evan Bourne. Someone should warn him, he’s fresh off vacation and all.

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  1. Tommy P. says:

    Its either going to be Kane or Brodus “1 Man Horde” Clay going to the Mania Streak Match. I would love to see Kane come out, sans hair plus mask, and annihilate the big guys Mason Ryan, Zeke, Nash, Sheamus, one after another without saying a damned word. No promos, just violence.

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