NXT Redemption – 12/7/11

Last week NXT ended with Derrick Bateman angry and confused in the middle of the ring after he found out Maxine had left the arena with Johnny Curtis.   Looks like we are kicking things off this week with a Haka though, the Usos are in the ring and welcome us to NXT but don’t get too far as Bateman is here. He apologizes for interrupting and tells us that he hasn’t talked to Maxine in a week.  So the chick he is marrying  runs off with another man and he doesn’t follow up with a call or text???  Seems the Usos have some info though, JTG and Tamina were lying because the Usos saw Maxine leave alone. Bateman says thanks and rolls out and here comes Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins.

The Usos vs Reks & Hawkins

Hawkins and Jimmy to start and they lock up, Hawkins off the rope and hits a shoulder block but Jimmy is up and goes for a side kick but Hawkins gets out of the way.  Reks tags in, Jimmy gets a boot and knee to the gut but Jimmy fights back and tags in Jay.  Reks misses forearm and Jay nails him and tags in Jimmy.  Little double team and quick pin but Reks kicks out.  Chin lock applied to Reks but he fights it off and he’s on his feet.  Off the roped but Jimmy trips him and hits a standing splash, Reks kicks out of another pin. Jay tagged back in and they drop double elbows on him.  Another cover gets nothing.  Both men are up and Reks goes for a whip into the corner but Jay jumps out of the way and he starts popping and locking which seems to mesmerize Reks as he is just standing there.  He rushes for a clothesline and gets backdropped.  Hawkins comes in and so does Jimmy and Reks and Hawkins are sent to the outside and the Usos celebrate. Jay throws Reks back in and when the refs back is turned, Hawkins grabs Jay’s foot which allows Reks to boot him in the head.  Reks unloads knees, boots, and fists to the downed Jay.  Jay is thrown into the corner and Reks pounds him with forearms.  Hawkins tagged in and applies a chin lock.  Jay fights off and Hawkins tries for a side suplex but botches it and Jay ends up on top of him.  Jay is knocked to the outside and we get a commercial break for the Slammy’s.  Back from the break, Reks is in control and tags Hawkins back in and delivers some boots and fists to Jay and Reks is tagged back in.  Jay thrown into the ropes but puts on the breaks and kicks Reks in the face.  Hawkins tagged back in and he hits him with more boots and first and goes back to a chin lock  (Hawkins loves chin locks).  Jay fights it off, whips Hawkins into the corner and delivers a spinning forearm.  Jimmy is finally tagged in and he’s a house of fire and delivers clotheslines to Reks and Hawkin.  Reks goes for a big boot on Jimmy but ends up hitting Hawkins and Jimmy gets him with a Samoan drop that gets two.  Both men up and Reks is whipped into the corner but sidesteps Jimmy and sends his head into the middle turnbuckle with a front leg sweep.  Reks goes for a slam but Jimmy somehow reverses into a roll-up.  Reks hits him with a clothesline and picks him up for a torture rack but Jimmy reverses into a bulldog and goes for a pin but Hawkins is in to break it up.  Jay is back in too and just about side kicks Jimmy, but he catches the foot and throws it into Hawkins and Reks eats a superkick.  Jay goes up top and flys off like Superfly and gets the pin and the win.

Backstage Bateman is looking for Maxine and runs into her mother.  She is flirting and whispering in his ear who and should walk up but Johnny Curtis.  She slaps him and storms off.  Curtis swears he did not leave with Maxine and Bateman walks awy.  Curtis gets the last word though and tells him “I was with your mother.”  Bateman attacks but is held back by Gabriel and another wrestler.  Tyson Kidd comes to check and make sure Curtis is ok.  Later tonight in the main event Bateman will face Curtis.

Titus O’Neil & Percy Watson vs Darren Young and JTG w/Tamina

Titus and Percy really need a tag team name if they are going to to be together.  JTG and Percy start and they go back and forth.  They run the ropes and Percy ends it with a knee then hits a double underhook suplex, which Josh Matthews just calls a great move.  Matt Striker was a wrestler, could he maybe actually call some moves by their names, Jesus!   That gets two, Percy is in control and sends JTG into the corner but he fights back with an elbow.   Young goes to the top and tries to hit a double ax handle on a dazed Percy, but Percy responds with fist to his gut then continues to pepper him with fists.   Young rolls outside and Percy follows, but Young is quick and side suplexes him on the apron.  He pushes him back in the ring and tries a pin but only gets two.   JTG is tagged in and is concentrating his offense on Percy’s back.  Percy tries to fight back but JTG hits a nasty neck breaker and JTG keeps on the pressure by stretching him then slaps on a chin lock.  Percy fights it off and JTG tries for whip that Percy reverses but to no avail as JTG drops and hits an upper cut.  JTG goes up top but is met with a dropkick in the air and both men are down.  Both men crawl and make the tag, Titus is fired up and hits Young with a barrage of fists.  JTG tries to distract him but gets knocked to the floor, Young tries to sneak up on him but eats a boot.  He picks young up and hits a shoulder breaker and goes for the pin but JTG interrupts.  Percy and JTG are in the ring and fight to the outside.  Tamina distracts Titus and Young rolls him up for the win.

Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis

Bateman goes for a kick to the gut but Curtis blocks it and hits a clothes line then sends him into the ropes and hits a forearm.  Curtis sends him into the ropes again, but Bateman hits a flying press then starts delivering chops and backs Curtis into the corner.  He continues with forearms and first but Curtis fights off with a boot to the stomach.  Curtis whips him into the turnbuckle with authority and Bateman hits the mat.  Curtis takes his time though and Bateman leg kicks him they hits more chops and forearms and it’s time for Curtis to get whipped into the corner with authority.   Bateman attacks, climb the ropes and lands four punches but Curtis pushes him off and Bateman hits him with a dropkick.  Curtis is outside and Bateman follows, he goes for a drokick off the apron but Curtis side steps and Bateman crashes to the floor.  We go to a commercial and we we come back, both men are in the ring and Curtis is in control and concentrating on Batemans injured elbow.  Bateman tries to fight back but Curtis sends him elbow first into the turnbuckle.  Curtis takes too much time posing, he picks Bateman up and tries to whip him into the corner again but Bateman reverses then back drops Curtis.  Bateman hits him with a clothesline, then forearm, then neck breaker and goes for a pin but just gets two.  Bateman delivers a dropkick, he goes up top and hits a cross body but Curtis rolls through.  Both men are up and trading chops then run the ropes but they just run into each other.  Curtis is bent over and Bateman puts him in a bulldog position but then just drops Curtis on his head and gets a very anti-climactic win.  Of course this brings Maxine out and she’s making the duck face.  She is apparently upset that he was snooping to her mother.  She’s disgusted and says the engagement is off.  Maxine storms off, Curtis is smiling on the outside, and Bateman is humiliated in the center of the ring.  I think they were implying that Bateman was hitting on her mom, but a quick review of the tape would show otherwise.  Damned my logic


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  1. Sikdar says:

    I like Percy, and agree they need a team name to get further over. Watson is charismatic, has a great move set…I think he should have been one of the under-used talents from the post on here last weekend.

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