1/2/2012 – Who’s it going to be?!

Three weeks in a row, we’ve watched and chronicled One, Two, and Three viral eerie videos the WWE has snuck into it’s programming hyping a “return/second coming” situation for the January 2nd 2012 edition of RAW from Memphis, Tennessee.

The internet wrestling community is now fragmenting with all sites taking a passive stance saying anything can happen. Many are convinced we are witnessing the setup for another return of the Dead-Man; the Undertaker. Others believe the numbers and other clues are too similar to the “second coming” of Y2J, Chris Jericho. Then finally there is a small segment of annoying third party dissenters who are convinced it could be Sting (it’s not), Skip Sheffield, or any other random person.

So here it is; below in the comments section call your shot and let us be the first to actually be decisive. Stake your claim for who you believe to be returning, and throw in some reasoning. This way if you’re right, you can proudly display that chip on your shoulder and mush it in the face of everyone who chose poorly. If you’re wrong, we’ll come up with some sort of punishment, forcing you to apologize to those of us who are wise and educated.

After the cut, we’ll keep a running tally for the poll to get a consensus, and CDWS staff will begin to wager their own guesses as well.


Dan Swagger: Undertaker is obvious so I won’t even discuss him any further. Lots of people are speculating that it’s Jericho, which I would like to see, but it’s just too dark and ominous for him. A new character would be interesting, but I looked at the FCW roster page, and nobody really looks ominous enough. I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s someone returning, either a repackaged Skip Sheffield or Ezekiel Jackson.

Adam Vingan: There is no doubt in my mind that the cryptic videos that the WWE is splicing into its telecasts recently are hyping the return of Kane, albeit in a mask. The apocalyptic vibe screams Kane; many think it might be Chris Jericho, but his two debuts (his original debut and his “Second Coming”) had a countdown vibe. This is too serious for Jericho, even with his serious turn late in his career.
If there is any remaining doubt, take a look at this video<http://vids.wwe.com/14183/raw-what-dark-surprise-does-kane> on WWE.com and read the title. It has the burning mask that has made appearances in recent weeks. Sometimes, the WWE gives things away. This is no exception.

18 Comments on "1/2/2012 – Who’s it going to be?!"

  1. Cloe says:

    I got Jericho!!!!

    Break the wall DOWN!

  2. Steven says:

    I also think that it will be Jericho, mainly because reports are saying that Taker wont return til after the royal rumble. Jericho is the most likely to return Jan 2nd. RAW IS JERICHO!!!!

  3. Joshua Scott says:

    I believe it will be the Deadman. I believe that the WWE is gonna steal the idea from TNA where Kane will come back first talking about the date and then Taker will return and the 2 will become a tag team till ‘Mania.

  4. Joshua Scott says:

    Kinda of like what Abyss did when Immortal formed.

  5. Stearman says:

    As much as I wish it could be a certain someone who is joining the CDWS this week, my money is on Taker. Although it seems way earlier than normal, it gives them time to work him back into the rotation and possibly kick off another epic feud with his brother, Kane, who is slated to return very soon as well, and this time in the demonic, masked incarnation. Jericho would be great as well, but the videos point to something more ominous and creepy. At least they are doing a better job of keeping everyone guessing, unlike last year when they all but gave away who the “mystery character” was almost 2 weeks ahead of the reveal. Bravo, WWE.


  6. Jesse says:

    My guess is Taker but I am hoping it is Jericho. I would have put Jericho ahead of Taker till it started mentioned destruction which seems to be more Taker territory. Hope I am wrong though.

  7. busseyinc says:

    My guess is the undertaker but I wish it was Chris Jechico

  8. Dave says:

    My guess is Hogan as the new GM. Don’t know why just a weird feeling. He needs the money bad and its obvious that Lorinitus isn’t long term.

  9. Brett says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is thinking Jericho. The videos are way too dark for Jericho. And if it was Kane they wouldn’t have the other promos too. I think the smartest option is Undertaker IMO. But we all could be wrong and it could be someone that none of us have though of. I just think its too early for Taker but is definitely a dark and ominous person and he is the only one that it fits.

  10. Quazi says:

    Tyler Black to be the worker in the latest Undertaker storyline. It’s a take off the 12/21/2012 buzz. He will be the harbinger of the end of the world (return of taker). The kid is the best in ring worker mixed with unmatched charisma since HBK threw Marty through the barber shop window. Just look at Dusty Rhodes Twitter time line to see what he thinks of Black. It’s no secret that the Taker can’t handle even a part time wrestling schedule. Black (under a new name) will be the worker who lays waste to the WWE as he preaches the return of the deadman and the end of the WWE Universe. Then when taker comes back more regularly you can use him in spot duty to tag with Black (and others who will join the dark side) to protect himself and his legacy.

  11. Anthony Peers says:

    I’m hoping for an Undertaker return. If Vince wants to increase ratings then thats the angle to go for. The Rock v Cena match is already going to bring in crowds. It’s certainly got me back into WWE for the time being as The Rock is one of my favourite characters (plus a mate and me have always debated who’d win between them). Therefore how else can you bring in for viewers. Kane is now back so we know the virals are not for him. I agree that they are too dark for Y2J (was never a big fan of his anyway). Therefore letting Kane run rapant for a month, then bring back the Undertaker and have an ongoing story build up for 3 months. Afterwards having a streak ending match seems fitting. The virals point that way.

    – A past superstar (so that can put to bed the rumours of an new guy)
    – Prophecy and apocalyptic are Taker territory
    – We’ve seen them use cryptic videos before for him (I loved the lead up to WMXX)

    If the Undertaker is to come back one last time, then it needs to be before WM and at least this gives 3 more months before then. Plus we haven’t seen the Undertaker’s old persona and masked Kane since before 2000. Kane was already unmasked when the classic Undertaker came back (personally I didn’t like the American Bad Ass). Plus Kane is the one superstar that should be the one to end it.

  12. klc2hbk says:

    I was leaning toward Jericho, but now have two other thoughts. One is Shane and Stephanie, but not too likely due to Shane’s other ventures. My other idea is if the Edge retirement was a swerve, it could be him and Lita again. Edge never lost the World title and although that title is on Smackdown, his return to active wrestling would be big enough to do it on Raw. Another idea just came to mind. It may very well be Taker, but with Michelle McCool. Just a few ideas that I have. Only time will tell.

  13. klc2hbk says:

    One more thing to add regarding Jericho. Raw had a promo on 12/5/11 saying something about a new challenger for CM Punk. In that promo there was a countdown from 10 then a quick clip of Jericho at the top of the ramp posing. Seeing how there are no reports of Jericho being under contract yet, I’m still leaning toward him. Why would they have him in a promo otherwise? Plus, he is the best in the world at what he does.

  14. fouad says:

    I think it’s Shane O’mac with Stephanie Mcmahon but i hope it’s jericho

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