The WWE debuts a new cryptic promo

Hm. Look within? Maybe we will! What does it all mean?  Let us know what you think in the comments section.

8 Comments on "The WWE debuts a new cryptic promo"

  1. Quazi says:

    Undertaker coming back (Probably not since that will be a post RR angle) or the debut of Tyler Black as the Prophet (which might be the harbinger for the Undertaker return). The second would be a cool way to get over a new talent, protect the Undertaker until WM, and give fans maybe the best in ring talent since HBK. Either way Jan. 2nd should be a great RAW.

  2. Dan Swagger says:

    I’m still not sure what is going on, my first instinct is Undertaker. But I agree with what you said in 10 Thoughts, Undertaker would be a let down at this point after all the buildup last year. But who else could it be? Weird cryptic videos usually means Undertaker. Maybe Jericho but it seems too dark for him. Could they have repackaged someone, say Ezekiel Jackson? Ezekiel 25-17, Sam Jackson?????

  3. Geezie says:

    Yeah, I think Y2J is coming back, but repackaged. If it’s Y2J, it’s most likely targeting people like CM Punk. Y2J always states on twitter that CM Punk steals his stuff, so he’s going to come back to “claim what’s his.”

  4. Jakob says:

    I’d hate for it to be Undertaker. Y2J is plausible especially after his 2nd Coming Vignettes but if we saw somebody completely new, that’d be great.

  5. JJ says:

    Jericho and Undertaker are the obvious choices. I think there is an outside chance it could be Skip Sheffield. The reason is rumors have him repackaged as a “Terminator” type character.

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