Jim Ross doesn’t want anything to do with the upcoming Chris Benoit film

The Frogman let us know there was a Chris Benoit film in the works.  While horrifying, it certainly would be an interesting thing to see, if handled correctly.  It seems that Jim Ross does not agree. Wrestling Inc with the nitty gritty:

Jim Ross says he has no interest in seeing the final days of Chris Benoit re-told in a new big screen ‘biographical thriller’, entitled Crossface.  When asked for comment on the upcoming movie, he tweeted, “No thoughts…no interest…too sad.”

He added, “I was asked my opinion re: potential Beniot movie. I gave my opinion, did ‘man’ up. Have no interest reliving the tragedy. I lost 3 friends.”

SRG Films announced Saturday formal plans to produce a film based on the life of the deceased former wrestler, which will be adapted from Matthew Randazzo’s book Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry.   Production is tentatively scheduled to begin next fall.

I don’t blame Ross.  I don’t blame anyone that knew The Crippler personally that isn’t looking forward to this project.  The insidious nature of Benoit’s actions don’t seem to reflect the man that inflicted them, from the people I’ve spoken to that knew him.  None the less, I think it’s an important film.  Unless we know our history, we are doomed to repeat it.  We have only recently learned some of the short and long term ramifications of performance enhancing drugs.

If this film leads to more introspection and evaluation amongst potential users of PE’s?  Than I would view it as a success.  So should the wrestling industry.

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