10 thoughts about Raw from Dukes 12/5/11

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1) I thought the reaction to John Cena this week was mostly positive.  Every woman and child in the building still loves the guy and a good contingency of the men too.  It’s a weird place the WWE finds themselves.  They acknowledged the boos finally, but they aren’t that  loud in arenas outside New York and Chicago.  It will be interesting to see how this pans out.  If I had to guess, the angle will just fade away like many before it have.  If anyone finds out what happened to the Nexus let me know. = )

2) It’s time for Dolph Ziggler to shed Vickie Guerrero.  He cuts a wicked promo.  He doesn’t need a mouthpiece. There are plenty of wrestlers that could benefit from Vickie’s heat and from her giant dumper, Ziggler no longer being one of them.  He is ready.  Give him the shot.

3) Goddamn.  Randy Orton just doesn’t win matches anymore. Ok, so he beat David Otunga on Smackdown.  Over the past few weeks, he’s jobbed to Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett and now The Miz.  While his openness to put over other wrestlers is commendable, you have to wonder how much this is effecting his credibility as a main eventer.  I would expect Orton to return to Monday nights at the next draft and contend for the title as a reward for this recent turn of events. Much like Madden Football, maybe there is a WWE ’12 cover jinx?

4) The WWE Network video promo was pretty damn impressive.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what they can do with an entire network at their disposal.

5) Nash has merch! Nash has Merch! Nash has Merch! Nash has Merch! Nash also has a match against HHH involving a sledgehammer.  It’s a damn fine night for Big Sexy fans and I happen to be one.  TLC is shaping up to be a quality PPV.

6) “Why do you let your personal opinion cloud what you say out here?” – Jerry Lawler to Michael Cole.  The question of the century.  Never before has a heel commentator inserted himself into matches and feuds as much as Cole.  I’m sure he is being told to do so.  It doesn’t matter.  It needs to stop.  It takes the focus away from the people actually competing.  It’s gone way past “over the top” at this point.

7) So they took their online viral video campaign and broke into a divas video promo.  I like that the WWE is mixing things up.  Trying new stuff.  I just wonder what the significance of the girl in the videos is.  Could The Undertaker be returning WITH his wife, Michelle McCool?  Her gimmick would certainly have to be updated.  I don’t think it would fit, either way.  Quite frankly, I think it needs to end up being more than just The Undertaker.  After all the speculation involving Sting last year, I think the WWE owes us a better payoff.

8 ) Not much of a reaction for Zack Ryder tonight, per usual.  This is what CM Punk talked about.  The net nerds and smarks don’t go out to shows.  They sit on their fat asses and bitch online.  If you want your voice heard, go to the shows. Support the product.  Zack’s contest with Cena was unexpected and enjoyable.  No chance Ryder should have gone over John at this point.  Good booking.

9) So we ARE getting the masked Kane back now?  Nice.  Hope it stays that way.  Evil, masked Kane should immediately be in the title picture on Smackdown.  I wonder if they have more grandiose plans for him?  Like a re-match against his brother at Wrestlemania?  Both are plausible.  Can’t wait to see The Big Red Machine back in original form.

10) Cena’s FU on Mark Henry was really impressive. I know he’s given his finisher to to larger opponents, but he didn’t even strain or hesitate when hoisting Henry up. Incredible strength.  Cena’s support of Ryder is getting a little weird at this point though.  Who gives up titles shots?

11) Kevin Nash is in the best shape of his life.  Sure, a squash match against Santino doesn’t show you much.  If you are over the age of 25, how can you not be excited to see him in action against HHH at Tables, Ladders and Chairs?  There is so much history between those two.  If Nash is booked the proper way, he can provide a very interesting and credible match up for anyone on the Raw roster for months to come.  Crossing my David Finchers.

12) I think Zack Ryder was on Raw tonight more than any wrestler in history.  Unreal.  Direct result of the WWE’s new obsession with twitter, I’d wager.

13) I’m so hungry. BTW, where is Brodus Clay?

14) They are piling on John Morrison, aren’t they?  I mean, a video on the website wasn’t enough? He had to be future endeavored on Monday Night Raw?  When was the last time that happened? I’m guessing at some point Morrison will regret leaving the WWE over a women… A WOMAN! I would love to hear what he did to deserve such a pile on, though.  It seems like he rubbed the wrong people the wrong way.

15) I didn’t mind the ending of the show tonight, even though there was no match.  A bulldog through a table isn’t something you see everyday. The main event for TLC is much more interesting with The Miz involved.  There are two weeks left till the PPV.  I’m sure Cena will figure out a way to involve himself.  Either way, I think Punk retains.  That is what makes the most sense.

16)  Very interesting show.  Kevin Nash gets in ring action, Cena vs Ryder and a triple threat match for the WWE title is booked.  A little too much woo-woo-woo’ing for me, but I expect that to dissipate in the near future.  Let me know what you thought in the comment section, little jimmys.

Flying Elbows Before Hos.

24 Comments on "10 thoughts about Raw from Dukes 12/5/11"

  1. Carl says:

    It’s looking more and more like the whole Morrison exit is a work. They never mention a guy if he’s really left.

  2. Craig says:

    I feel like with this Cena angle its not headed to a turn, they’re pandering and trying to get that internet fanbase to swing over to Cena. He’s making shooty inside references to Dolph, he’s giving up title shots for Ryder. Disappointing to say the least.

    On the plus side Nash looked to be in great shape, even if he can’t move as well, he looks credible as a threat which is what’s important.

    Ziggler has to be the guy to win the Rumble and Challenge for the belt at this point. Its the next logical step.

    • Scott McKinney says:

      Like the thinking Craig, but I think the Barrett Barrage wins at the rumble, and it’s an NXT reunion at WrestleMania.

    • Craig says:

      Yeah that’s another option. I certainly wouldn’t be upset if the Barrett Barrage won the Rumble instead of Ziggles.

  3. Travis says:

    Who do you think the 1/2/12 promo is for???And,I am really excited for the WWE Network,what’s your opinion on that???

  4. U says:

    I think I have some inside skinny on TLC. Up here in Pittsburgh, they showed a promo for the Raw Holiday Tour post-TLC and it had a screen shot of ADR with the title belt. I don’t know if that necessarily means he will win or a drastic oversight with the promoting with WWE.

    • Al says:

      In DC there was an ad for the Dec 29 live event pitting Punk, Del Rio, and Cena in a triple threat match. I believe the image had Punk with the belt. Not sure how much any of this means (you could take it to say that Miz won’t win at TLC, but who knows?)

  5. Scott McKinney says:

    Ziggler doesn’t get the double booking for the third ppv in a row? Little disappointed in that. Ziggler would take that match from great to phenomenal. Love having Miz in the match, not too psyched about Del Rio.

    I’m also thinking that the Morrison “future endeavored” thing is a work. No way that they are giving this much heat to a guy who couldn’t buy a mention on television unless he was losing without him re-signing…

  6. trockets says:

    Kevin Nash is in the best shape of his life? Really Chad? Really? Best shap of his life? Really? HARDLY. The guy could barely get Santino off the ground for the side-slam. Looked winded and in pain after a 3 minute match. Slow and boring…like chess. Sorry Chad, I disagree with you on this one. He doenst even get much of a pop either way..

    • Rob says:

      Bingo. Nash is washed up. Anyone over the age of 25 who’s followed wrestling for any amount of time cannot be excited he is back. His promos are terrible, his wrestling is terrible. He’s in better shape than Hogan, but that doesn’t mean either belong on my screen or in a ring.

  7. Bobby Shark says:

    First off, point #6 is a big deal to me. I would love it if every down moment on TV didn’t end up as a desperate attempt for building announcer heat. I get why they do it. They’re trying to get someone back in the Ventura/Brain/Lawler heel spot. A guy you can always count on to be a devils advocate. However absolutely eclipsing all other action and story lines as a sacrifice for that is just silly.

    Interesting comments in regards to John Morrison. I’d say honestly it’s 50/50 at this point. If it is a work, Morrison is the perfect guy to do it with. Incredible and ballsy swerve. He’s instantly relevant if he returns immediately with an ax to grind. If it’s not a work, well… you’re all marks and I will claim I never believed it to be true. =)

  8. Dan Swagger says:

    Totally agree about Ziggler, he has come such a long way since he first debuted and all he did was introduce himself. He’s gold in the ring and on the mic. Vickie should stick with Swagger (Jack or me) and maybe another young guy. Can Brodus Clay talk? If not he could be the muscle for a little stable.

    Years ago Lawler was the heel commentator and got involved with Bret Hart and ran him down constantly, however Lawler had been wrestling for years and could pull it off perfectly. Cole is just a douchey announcer and doesn’t have the credibility of Ventura/Heenan/Lawler plus he’s inconsistent. Sometimes he is full blown heel and other times he is actually supportive of faces. How much better would JBL be on commentary?

  9. justopinion says:

    1. Can we please settle down with the “Give Ziggler a shot” chant? Dolph is getting the Cena/Edge/Austin type push in which he is being built up gradually to be a MEGA top tier star for years to come. Allow this build to simmer folks. He is actually bringing in some much needed credibility as US champ and has an interesting program with Ryder. Also, Vickie brings that extra heat, and also remember how the marks complain of lack of managers? Vickie has a good stable (aside from throwing away Swagger) and it makes sense for her to stay with Dolph.

    2. Big Nash fan. Face it, the guy doesn’t have it in the ring anymore. Brawler / enforcer role works fine. Looking old and tired against Santino doesn’t do it for me.

    3. Regarding Cena/ Henry. That is how you push Cena. No, not the BCS lobbying for netroots clown Ryder, but by showing these incredible feats of strength. Moments like that and the F5 attempt on Show and Edge bring more to the never give up, never quit attitude and helps Cena. Running through impossible situations is overkill and annoys the fans.

  10. Cj says:

    John Laurinatis is awful on the mic, can we get him off television as soon as possible?

  11. Al says:

    Cena’s in a tough spot. They’re trying to rebuild his status with fans by booking him to give up his title shot for Ryder, but if history is any indicator, he’ll be reinserted into the title match at TLC. That will just make people more posse that the guy is always being pushed to the top.

    That said, JR’s commentary (posted on this site) about there not being a need to turn Cena heel was spot on. The guy gets a reaction from everyone regardless whether it’s positive or negative, which sadly can be said for very few others on the roster right now. Why change that formula?

  12. Geezie says:

    1. I still think the weird promo for 1/2/2011 is for Y2J. Just makes sense.

    2. Nash “looked” great, but he still looks very rigid in the ring. I believe HHH will be carrying their match a great deal.

    3. Cena is DEFINITELY turning heel. Cena is such a huge face, that it is going to take a long, drawn out heel turn to make it credible. You can see it building every week. My guess is that Cena will turn on Zach Ryder. He’ll resent that he had to give up his World Title shot, and just destroy him. Just a hunch. 🙂

    • Al says:

      That would be quite a swerve if Cena’s appearance at TLC is to screw Ryder out of the belt.

    • George says:

      Agree on the Cena/Ryder bit. Or he’s simply all in on helping Ryder’s push. Could be hedging his bets – all in on help Ryder, giving him an easy way to turn heel.

      Then again, if I were in the arena & Cena hits Ryder with the AA, I would mark out.

      Agree about Nash – then again, I doubt he’d argue with you. I’m pretty sure he mentioned before how Punk would have to prove he’s the best by dragging him around the ring for 15 minutes. I think the point is we enjoy seeing him back. We’ll see.

    • Ray says:

      Promo is too eerie/creepy for it to be for Jericho, has to be Undertaker.

  13. Dave says:

    I’ve heard that the promos are for Jericho, but if they can’t work out a deal they can claim they were for Undertaker. Someone said they might be for a repackaged Skip Sheffield, but I hope not. On a side note, I like seeing Nash, but he overdid the dye on the goatee.

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