Most Underrated Wrestler/Performer? – CDWS Contest Winners, Responses, And More!!

A sincere thanks from all of us here at CDWS to all of our readers on the overwhelming response to our first ever contest thread.

It’s impossible to gauge a winner simply based on the name picked. There are a ton of guys in the business that look to be under valued and misused? And yeah, it is possible to be a bigger name, but to still not have their character executed in the best possible way on TV. Success and sustainability in Pro-Wrestling is all about creating your base and consistently evolving, pushing to the next level.

Wouldn’t you know, aside from giving away a copy of WWE ’12. we also have DVD copys of 2011 Vengeance AND Hell in a Cell to give away to TWO runners up! Oh hell, why not an honorable mention too!! So let’s get at it…

Some very legit arguments were made for guys (and one diva) ranging from the top to the bottom of the cards… 

With that in mind, CDWS reader and BIG WINNER Ryan D had this to say in response to our question:

I’m going to go with Christian. He’s been a in WWE for 13 years now (yes he did have a run in TNA a few years in there)

He started out as half of one of the great tag teams of all time along with Edge. The two of them redefined the tag team division along with the Hardys and the Dudleys. The tag team division hasn’t been the same since.

Christian could have easily gone the way of Marty Jannetty as Edge was on the track to being the Shawn Michaels of the duo, but Christian transformed himself to become a legitimate singles competitor in his own right with the “Captain Charisma” gimmick.

“Captain Charisma” is one of the best heels in the company. He puts over everyone like Sheamus and Mark Henry. He’s where Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes are. They will go higher, and that’s ok, because Christian will be there, mid to upper card…just putting over the next Randy Orton. When ever he finally leaves wrestling for good, I’m afraid he won’t get the credit he deserves, but just no that all the guys that are still there selling T-Shirts or having 3-disc DVD sets made probably got over on Christian, and he make them look good while doing it.

Let me start off by saying I think Christian is a HUGE talent. He isn’t the biggest guy in the locker room, nor does he have that flat out menacing look to make the fans fear him. However what he does have is that exact same thing people say about Dolph Ziggler, anyone who steps in the ring with him is instantly elevated. His recent program with Randy Orton showed that. These series of matches they had together showed the desperation that Christian had to best Orton for what they both coveted most, the World Heavyweight Title.

When back from injury I personally have a vision for Christian of how he could be booked, and would love to hear back from the CDWS readers.

As Cody Rhodes embraces his push further into stardom and the main event picture, he should do it through a program with Christian. When he returns, they should work together, where eventually Christian wins the IC title, and settles into that role. Rhodes moves on to win the Money In The Bank match for whichever brand chosen, and becomes an instant threat in the World Title scene.

Christian then becomes what he has always been, an amazing fighting champ. I credible name much like he has would elevate the status of the Intercontinental title all the way back to where it was when Mr Perfect, and Bret Hart, and the Macho Man defended it. Christian was an amazing ECW champ, and he is one of the few names that were responsible for any success the rebranding of that organization had under the WWE umbrella.

Thank you for your entry Ryan, you’ll hear from us very soon!

For Runners Up Prizes!!

Ricardo A. insists the Uso’s are not getting enough attention.

In my humble opinion, these guys should be dominating the tag team division as nasty Samoan heels.  If WWE Creative would get serious about the tag division, these guys should be going up against Air Boom (horrible name) and kicking their roody poo, candy asses all over the ring.  The USOs can use creative aerial moves while also fighting dirty by tapping into their Samoan heritage to channel all the great Samoan tag teams of the past.  I’d like to see them totally decimate a few teams and get a push soon.

I agree Ricardo, these guys could really get a great feud going if a lot more depth was given to their characters, and they went from colorful and silly to down right devastating. Huge emphasis on “bulldozer.”

CDWS avid reader Craig see’s more in another man from Long Island not working goofy:

For me if they’re underrated they have to be someone not getting much play at all on WWE Television.

I’m gonna go with Curt Hawkins. When I’ve seen him talk he’s decent on a mic, he’s got a good look (Reminds me a little of James Storm), and a good moveset (Good elbow from the top, And just like another guy he tagged with he loves the business. Unfortunately he didn’t strike gold with a corny catchphrase and a cartoon character.

I think Hawkins could be part of the Tag Team division getting back to its former glory. He’s an ex-Tag champ, and has the in ring ability to explain why. Many possible roads to go with Hawkins, but I see him as part of a very big picture. Take the Uso’s, the still unnamed Latin stable, Mcyintre and Regal, and rebuild with great workers and guys who look and act the damn part. Hawkins could work with many guys and get the job done. But maybe reunite him with Ryder after they finish with Ryder/Ziggler. Ryder is over with the fans, and can be that name to attract attention and sell the drama of chasing Tag-Team gold.

Honorable mention: Ryan

Thats easy Kurt Shembeckler. He’s washed up, old, worthless, and he runs out on all his friends. He’s better than you and he’ll always remind you of that. He single handledy destroyed the Mainstreet Mafia. Have fun south of the Mason Dixon line Jerkass!

Well played sir! You may have started something here…

Thank you so much to all our readers! Expect more contests just like this, and we hope to see many of you in attendance at TLC in Baltimore repping CDWS! #FlyingElbowsBeforeHos

3 Comments on "Most Underrated Wrestler/Performer? – CDWS Contest Winners, Responses, And More!!"

  1. George says:

    Can’t argue with the Christian argument at all. Congrats guys.

  2. Ryan D says:

    Wow!!! Very happy to have won. Thanks for choosing my entry. I must apologize for my grammar. I’m reading it back now, and it’s just awful. I posted at 5a Saturday morning at the tail end of a 12 hour shift at work. Thanks again.

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