Roddy Piper in a Shoot Interview?

Roddy Piper just recovered from neck surgery. How does he rehab? He goes on Monday Night Raw, puts 5 across the eyes of John Cena, and stirs us all up once more.

ScoreTV (an “all things sports” news outlet based out of Canada) has conducted multiple interviews in the past with Hot Rod, and much like any interview he has ever done; Piper immediately lets loose and it all flows out.

I’ve been fired five times, and i’m going for six.

Things change by staying the same huh? Don’t you love this guy? Piper is referring to his often spoke about and rocky relationship with Vince McMahon and WWE executives. Being a legend of the business and a colorful character, other news outlets often look to interview the Hot Rod. His anything goes, shoot straight type of style has often gotten him in trouble with his employers.

When I go back there now they’re so kind… but when I get ’em in the ring and we start talking? They get nervous. They never know when I’m gonna take a left turn. Slappin’ Cena, that’s not something everybody does. So when I come on they get a chance to stuff that they… can’t do with each other. 

They can try new things, there’s no rules for me. 

So the Piper’s pit grants amnesty to it’s participants. Or at least according to Piper it does. Piper’s health hasn’t the best in the last  five years. 2006 piper was diagnosed with cancer, on top of career related injuries he had a tough road to recover. Visually, he did not look his best. Chris Jericho explained this to the Hot Rod. Or maybe when Piper was working with TNA and he told a live crowd Vince Russo was responsible for Owen Hart’s death.

Piper on his first match being called to the WWF in New York City:

Back in those days I would say ‘Ladies and Gentlemen I want you to be quite for the Scottish National Anthem.’ Well in those days Madison Square Garden is 24,000 Puerto Ricans with knives, and they’re not gonna be quiet for the Scottish National Anthem!

… Freddie Blase put six feet of toilet paper up my bagpipes so they wouldn’t work; because I was too good! And they came and told me That’s about the part of my career I got real mean.

I can barely breathe i’m laughing so hard. Crowds love this man. Kids may not understand, hell he pre-dates me as he was wrestling before I was born. He’s a maniac, and a legend.

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