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Want to win? Leave a comment.  The topic is simple:  who is the most underrated wrestler in the WWE today?  Your choice, not ours.  Give us a little rationale.  Entertain us with a compelling argument.  We’ll pick one post we like at random and award the game to that person. Good Luck!  Thanks again to Operation Sports for providing us with this sick prize. Flying Elbows Before Hos!

Update: Contest has ended, and the official winners have been announced. However feel free to keep the discussion going, and weigh in on the merit of winning opinions and analysis!

107 Comments on "Win a copy of WWE ’12. Right here. Right now."

  1. w_balbs says:

    Dolph Ziggler… and it’s not even close. His ability to sell moves and put people over is on another level from everyone else in WWE. He goes so hard lays it out every night- not to mention back to back double duty PPV’s! Not to mention, he is also great on the mic and will, no doubt, be in run for the World titles, in my opinion, after Wrestlemania XXVIII. Great, great talent.

    • LIAM N says:


    • 83jjr03 says:

      in my opinion there isn’t a underrated wrestler more like a underrated division. The Diva’s division is atrocious. You get these 5 minute matches that really have no interest to anyone. WWE has made the divas divison just like the tag division meaningless. All the top female wrestler have either left or been let go.

  2. Kontakt says:

    Dolph Ziggler. No real reason other than he reminds me of Lundgren. Thought they were gonna push him to superstar status, but they play with my emotions.

  3. George says:

    I would have to choose Wade Barrett. Granted, it seems like the WWE might possibly be about to do something with him. This is a guy who could be put into a feud with anyone and it would produce entertaining matches, great promos, the works. Without Barrett, the Nexus may been as tough as the Spirit Squad. He could enter into a program with any face or heel, he could get over with the fans however the WWE wants him to. If he were to be facing off with CM Punk, no one would really know what to expect. If they squared him off with Mark Henry, people could get behind Barrett taking down the monster – and if Barrett wanted to get back to having full heel heat after the fact, he could do it easily.

    The list of possibilities is as long as the WWE roster. He’s versatile, entertaining, and should be on the same rise as Dolph Ziggler. #BarrettBarrage indeed.

  4. Nolan says:

    Going to go with Jack Swagger. Ziggler does get a close nod, but I don’t think he’s as low on the ladder as Swagger is in terms of what the WWE gives him. Swagger jobs nearly every week, when he and Dolph should definitely be a top tag-team in terms of their workrate, Vickie’s backing (and backside, but I digress), and Ziggler’s heel persona. This should be a tag-team of ages…yet they are constantly split apart so Ziggler can lose, yet make everyone look good. And Swagger gets stuck doing segments with Muppets and losing to Santino Marella. WWE has a history of screwing these All-American amateur wrestlers over (Haas and Benjamin, anyone?) and Swagger seems to be just in that trend as Ziggler is trying to break it. For someone with that great of work and athleticism, this makes Swagger underrated and underappreciated.

  5. Alex T says:

    John Cena. This guy gets crucified night in and night out, and has still been the top guy for the last 7 years without question. His in-ring work is vastly underrated (as he has shown a LOT recently), and he makes the 50/50 crowd split work. People either love him, or love to hate him. I’m not even a Cena fan and I’m glued to the TV whenever he has a mic in his hand. Sometimes his corniness is cringe-worthy, but at other times he’s almost Rock-like on the mic. He’s made movies, he’s been hurt, but he’s ALWAYS there. WWE wouldn’t have survived this PG era without him (sure he’s probably the reason why it exists, but thats beside the point). Cena works his ass off like no other.

  6. Anwar says:

    This is easy I can go with a number of people but I’ll go with Justin Gabriel. He has the international, high flying aspect down pat & has the looks girls/woman can get behind him. Yes he needs more mic work but he’s not awful. That can be improved over time. He could be a really good face wrestler. He just needs to be booked properly.

  7. Nick J says:

    Michael McGillicutty is easily the most underrated wrestler in the WWE today. He is a God damn Henning, yet they have him parading around the ring with the name Michael McGillcutty!?!? For the love of God, let me man assume the Henning name. Let him have a gimmick similar to that of his legendary father (Curt Henning). I think he is well deserving of a singles push and at least a run with the Intercontinental Title. His talent speaks for it self, however, he has not been given the right opportunity to showcase them inside of a WWE ring. He can only do so much in tag matches, and when he is in singles matches, they bury him.


    Does anyone agree with me?

  8. My most underrated wrestler is Cody Rhodes. Why underrated you ask? I feel like the kid can main event a WrestleMania right this year. When he first came up the ranks he seemed weak on the mic and even appeared to be beneath the likes of his running mate Ted Dibiase Jr. It felt odd as well that this up and coming WWE Superstar also chose the path to go without the knee pad look to perhaps pay amouage to the old time greats who created the industry. As time has gone on, I think he has taken on a tremendous role and has become an ultimate heel. The angle of him along with his henchman who come out with bags for the crowd is brilliant. I believe his mic skills have really improved and I think the kid can wrestle and put on a show no matter who the opponent. Not to mention he makes the average Joe like myself feel bad about himself with that physique. He has put in the work since he first started and It appears to me that Cody Rhodes even with legendary wrestling genes in his family, has the originality to become something even better in my opinion. Time will tell.


  9. joey riot says:

    Dolph Ziggler. He has a great look and is an outstanding athlete. He sells moves like nobodies business and *gasp* showcases credible ring psychology in today’s high spot to high spot wrestling world. He has a strong moveset(love that standing drop kick) and a good finisher. He routinely competes in the best match on each weeks episode of Raw and makes everybody look good. Also, he is a true heel. Not a tweener, not an anti-hero and not a “cool” heel. Just a guy audiences love to boo due to his arrogant persona. His one weakness is obviously his promo work. That will improve with time and experience. Bonus points for having the coolest hoodie in all of wrestling. Bottom line, he’s one of Raws top 3 performers that’s mired in the lower midcard.

  10. Josh says:

    Cena. Stop putting him in movies. Focus on wrestling

  11. Dennis says:

    Ted DiBiase. The guy I feel has great talent and a lot of upside. I’m a bit disappointed he has a feud with a jobber like Jinder Mahal. He should be able to work in matches that last longer than a few minutes. Should be advancing past the mid-card level soon.

  12. Kevin says:

    While I tend to agree that it’s Dolph, for the purpose of throwing out a different name on the board I’ll say R-Truth. The dude is an absolute 10/10 on the mic in an age where we are dying for more people to deliver those classic lines. He has morphed himself from the days of K-Kwik into a strong wrestler with a great character. We have too many RIley’s and Morrison’s coming out with their name only and no real gimmick. Truth is genuinely funny (“The new John Cena movie, I want my son back!”) and a strong in ring competitor. Obviously his 30 day suspension is a step backwards, but he’s shown he can be highly successful as a stand alone or in a tag format as well with Miz. Truth has room to grow his character even more without getting stale, unlike face Cena, and build on an already impressive set of skills when he returns.

  13. Bryan says:

    Not to go with the field here, but agree with Dolph Ziggler. If you want any proof, look at the past two weeks of RAW to see the matches he’s put on. Have they been with tremendously talented individuals in their own right? Sure, but Ziggler could sell oregano to a Mexican drug cartel. Has all the attributes of a main eventer.

  14. Zach says:

    Cena. The WWE creative team devalues him more then the fans. John Cena could become the best heel in the past 10 years since Hogan formed the nWo. If only Cena formed his own squad in a similar fashion we can get back to the ratings in the attitude era. Cena’s energy, and determination would make him a better heel then a face. BOOK IT!

  15. Stan Grubb says:

    The most underrated wrestler in WWE? That’s easy, Daniel Bryan. Here we have a perfect example of wrestling excellence and natural charisma. He has the old school, aw shucks attitude that reminds me a little of Bob Backlund. His in ring skill is so good he made a cage match with Mark Henry look good. Seriously, can you name a BAD Daniel Bryan match? This guy is a complete performer that is dying for the top spot. Since winning the Money in the Bank case, he’s lost to more people than the Brooklyn Brawler. And why? Lack of appreciation for talent. WWE clearly doesn’t recognize wrestling skill. Charisma goes a long way, but it falls way short if you can’t tell the story with actions in the ring.

  16. Michael Rhodes says:

    Kane. He has been revolutionizing what a big man can do in the ring for years, yet the WWE only gives him short and sporadic runs as a top guy before having him revert to being a mid-card guy that helps springboard someone that isn’t ready for the spotlight.

  17. Sam says:

    Tyson Kidd. The guy has been with the company for several years, trained with the best in the business, held the tag belts for half a year (albeit in a crappy tag division), and STILL jobs to guys who have less talent than him. Sure his size is a factor, and he probably needs more work on the mike, but the matches he had against Sin Cara were pretty damn good. He would be a great IC champ once Cody Rhodes moves on to bigger and better things.

  18. Shark_LOE says:

    I’ve been a card carrying member of the Dolph Ziggler fan club for a while now. Ziggler is the total package in my opinion. The guy’s got a great look, great ability in the ring, and now he’s showing us that he’s got the mic ability too. He’s had to deal with some tough issues in the past, a failed drug test, Mysterio’s politics, and being shoved to the background, but when he had his chance to get WWE to take notice of him, he took it and he hasn’t looked back since. I think Ziggler’s real strength is his ability to work with ANYONE and produce a quality match. It doesn’t matter if his opponent is an opening match guy, a mid carder, or a main eventer, Dolph is going to be able to put in a damn good match. I was worried that if he were to separate from Vickie, he’d quickly flounder, but he’s shown over the past few months that he can and WILL survive on his own. Dolph Ziggler is WWE’s future and he will win a World title next year. BANK on it!

  19. Andrew says:

    Talk to me about this topic a year ago, I would have said Cody Rhodes. Talk to me two years ago, I would have said Dolph Ziggler. Right here, right now. The most underrated wrestler in the WWE today is Hunico. The whole feud with Sin Cara and generic Latino gangster gimmick might have people looking the other way when they see Hunico, but watch this guy work in the ring. He is phenomenal. If you need an example, just watch his match with Kofi Kingston two weeks ago on Smackdown. Sadly the character of Hunico needs a lot of work before regular fans will ever take notice. Usually forgotten, only remember as Sin Cara’s evil doppelganger. If you can stop the urge to flip the channel once you see this generic-looking gangster, you will be in store for some great wrestling.

  20. Aaron says:

    I think Ziggler and Rhodes are obvious choices, but with them having midcard belts and seemingly being elevated to the top at any moment, I want to go a bit different. Bryan could be another good choice, but he’s main eventing on Smackdown with the MITB briefcase in hand.

    Out of three former World Champs that seem underutilized right now (Christian, Swagger and Sheamus), I want to go with Sheamus. I never thought he could pull off a face turn, but he’s done it really well and showed some more character and personality. He is solid in the ring and on the mic and will only get better at both of those. Sheamus is set to be a huge star for the next decade.

  21. Greg S says:

    John Morrison of course completely underrated in my opinion he comes out last week after a while of Bull Shitting and not having a match and gets his ass kicked by The Miz WTF it wasn’t really a match they hyped up The Miz and made John Morrison look like a bitch look at all of his past matches he does crazy shit in the ring flying all over the place and jumping out of the ring the snooki match at Wrestle Mania doesn’t count fuck her John Morrison is awesome

  22. Marc Stampfli says:

    Alex Riley. I think he can be a face version of the Miz. I know he’s been hurt but can get a big push when he comes back and royal rumble could be a good time to get him over.

  23. Julian says:

    While there are quite a few people saying Dolph Ziggler I would have to agree with them. If there is one guy that I had to sit back and think who could be the next big name to carry the company on his back it would be this guy. Night in and night out whether it be coming in and making a Mason Ryan look good, or giving Zack Ryder a win over a credible champion without complaining Dolph Ziggler is the man. For a guy who held the World Heavyweight Championship for 11 minutes and 23 seconds, you don’t see him sitting around sulking and complaining. He goes out there very night and steals the show.

  24. Daniel Cross says:

    Drew McIntyre

  25. Randall Haltom says:

    Dolph Ziggler for sure you hear alot about Mr. Perfect and how amazing he was I truly believe Dolph has pick up were Perfect left off. I believe that is what the WWE was going for with the Ziggler character but I think he has really ran with it. Dolph is a pretty rare wrestler and I really hope they use him right as it does seem as if they are starting to give him a slight push. Long story short you take Mr. Perfect and mix in a little Shawn Michaels and you have Dolph Ziggler.

  26. Chad Messer says:

    I’m going with William Regal. He could be built up to a midcard level where his experience and style could help out the younger Smackdown talent. Just having him on the show next to someone like Johnny Curtis or Kurt Hawkins would elevate them. He could easily be used to bridge the young guys from Superstars to the main shows, and I’m sure he’d be a heck of a teacher.

  27. Jazmine Penn says:

    I would say Zach Ryder because, recently he has been ignored by the interm GM even though he has been better in his matches in the last few weeks. I believe He keeps the crowd excited and more anxious to watch not only his match but the next match after. I am one of many fans that think he should get a shot at Dolph Ziggler again but, without anyone at ringside to mess it up for him. I personally think he doesn’t get a shot because, the GM doesn’t like him and that if he does give him a another shot and he does win he’ll look stupid for waiting so long to give it to him. I think that Zach has what it takes to be a great U.S. Champion and that he can go far in the WWE if people like the GM and Board of Directors give him a fighting chance. I know He’s the Internet Champion but, I think its about time he becomes the U.S. Champion as well.

  28. Daniel Cross says:

    In my eyes it’s Drew McIntyre. He was given a nice push at the beginning of his career. But since he hasn’t done “didley squat.”He has the talent and charisma he just isn’t used correct. He needs a chance

  29. CJ Audi says:

    The Billion Dollar Boy, Ted Dibiase. His father was a decent wrestler while he has well surpassed his skills. BUT, he stays in his shadow and on the mid-card of WWE Superstars. Turning him face and giving him a mustache is a good start but throw the kid a bone here and give him an IC title run or something?! Did I mention he has a MUSTACHE!?!?!

  30. Philip Hoppe says:

    The most unrated star is surely swagger
    He has the victory lap and moves like jagger.
    He was a sooner born and is sooner bred
    Why is the screaming eagle dead?

    He overcame the lisp in title run one
    All american, american, JR’s favorite son
    He is ready to go for title run two
    Better than the one who fist pumps woo.

    If you like this little rhyme I have penned tonight
    A copy of WWE12 would be so right.
    360 or Wii, I can play either way.
    Just no PS3 on the fancy blu-ray

    Okay I am out, my time here is done.
    I am trying to win for my 9 year old son
    Why read anymore, who has put in the time?
    My answer is the best, all filled with rhyme.

  31. Charles says:

    Tyson Kidd. As the final trainee out of the infamous Hart dungeon he has all the wrestling skills required. He is young and unbelievably talented. He is going to be a huge star one day. Unbelievable gifted

  32. Philip Hoppe says:

    Forgot one word…please use this one.

    The most unrated star is surely swagger
    He has the victory lap and moves like jagger.
    He was a sooner born and is sooner bred
    Why is the screaming eagle dead?

    He overcame the lisp in title run one
    All american, american, JR’s favorite son
    He is ready to go for title run two
    Better than the one who fist pumps woo.

    If you like this little rhyme I have penned tonight
    A copy of WWE12 would be so right.
    360 or Wii, I can play either way.
    Just no PS3 on the fancy blu-ray

    Okay I am out, my time here is done.
    I am trying to win for my 9 year old son
    Why read anymore, who has put in the time?
    My answer is best, all filled with quick rhyme.

  33. Scott McKinney says:

    If I was able to book any match to watch two guys go wire-to-wire, it would have to be Tyson Kidd and Trent Barretta. Dolph takes the best bumps in the business by far; seriously, the man has made a guy like Mason Ryan into a monster, but he is obviously over with the true hardcore fans. His drop kick and desire to be “the next big thing” show are over the top, but everyone knows about him.

    I’m pretty sure I’m one of 8 people in the United States that watches NXT and Superstars. There is no way anyone who watches a Kidd/Barretta match that is given time on Superstars can argue that the Cruiserweight title should not be brought back. You sit on the edge of your seat as one hits a moonsault leg drop, followed by a FLYING ELBOW, then a sliced bread #2, into a sharpshooter, into a tornado ddt, and finishing with an old school brainbuster. Ridiculous workrate, and both care about how the other one looks when they get back to the locker room.They both bring “it” to the ring every time they are allowed to, but because they don’t pump 100cc of pure anabolic bliss (looking at you Ryan), neither are given more than a three minute match on TV. Both need work on the mic, but you asked who the underrated wrestlers were, not entertainers.

  34. JOSE QUIROZ says:


  35. Sinahi says:

    I’d have to say Ted DiBiase. He has so much talent and yet he only gets 3-5 minute matches. The WWE could have him in a main storyline, but they put him in one against a rookie (Jinder Mahal). He has gotten to wrestle with some of the greatest wrestlers (i.e. Randy Orton) and he deserves a push. I liked the storyline the WWE was making him do against Cody Rhodes and they decided to drop it. In my opinion, that was a bad move. Ted DiBiase is the most underrated WWE wrestler! Basically, what I’m saying is that with his talent he deserves better!

  36. Scott Murphy says:

    Easily Dolph Ziggler. He guy who can work with anyone and make both himself and his opponent look good. Plus he embraces the heel role and plays it perfectly. I can see him as a World Champ in the next year.

  37. Aaron P says:

    Cannot believe after reading these comments that Sheanus wasn’t mentioned. The guy has tremendous talent and athleticism. I didn’t like that they took him out of the title hunt with Mark Henry and I feel they really don’t push him as much as they should anymore. He was a dominate force coming into the WWE and now he’s playing childish antics with hornswoggle? I think they need to utilize his heel persona again or at least get him over to the title picture again, he’s kinda floating around creative purgatory right now. PUSH HIM CREATIVE!

  38. Julian says:

    Goldust. He had a great debut, and some good feuds, but never got a chance to be champion. He’s been a jobber for a very long time and his gimmick never reached it’s full potential. Probably the last unique character to grace the WWE.

  39. Jay says:

    I gotta say what a bunch already have. Cody Rhodes is the dude that needs a shot next. He’s great in and out of the ring.

  40. Gambit215 says:

    The most underrated Superstar in the WWE is R-Truth, he is over like rover, has been WWE bred since working in Memphis,
    He connects with the fans, he can actually WORK, WWE dropped the ball with him since The Wrestler when they completely ignored he wasin The DAMN MOVIE!!!! Now after this wellness suspension he’s just gonna be Mizanian’s little Maryse in a dead end feud… My 2 pesos

  41. Jason says:

    Dolph Ziggler. Constantly the best and most enjoyable wrestler in wwe. Definitely most improved. Reason I still watch.

  42. Ryan says:

    Thats easy Kurt Shembeckler. He’s washed up, old, worthless, and he runs out on all his friends. He’s better than you and he’ll always remind you of that. He single handledy destroyed the Mainstreet Mafia. Have fun south of the Mason Dixon line Jerkass!

  43. Sam says:

    To me the most underrated wrestler is R Truth! This guy was a world champion at his former wrestling stop and he has shown that he can draw heat whether heel or face! It seem like they would begin a push then quickly short circuit it mid_stream. He has the in ring ability and the mic skills yet it seems as tho the would rather give The Miz another push when his rain as world champ was a snore fest! (Wrestlemania anyone?) The whole conspiracy thing was working well then the came up with “Awesome Truth” it seems as a way to let The Miz bask in the heat Truth generated! The Truth needs a strap World. WWE, or even US he is too talented a performer to just be stepping stone for lesser performers! “And That’s The Whole Truth!”

  44. Brian N says:

    Most under rated wrestler today is Christian. Captain Charisma doesn’t have a bad match with anybody, hes great on the stick, plays a great heel or face, and deserves a world title run that doesn’t last him 3-4 weeks. Can’t wait for him to heal up and come back again. Smackdown needs him.

  45. Brandon Nieves says:

    Hornswoggle is terribly underrated because of his size, but he deserves some attention for recently beating Sheamus to win the Battle Royal in this week’s Smackdown. When you look at his WWE career, it is amazing how much he has accomplished. He was Cruiserweight Champion in 2007 making him the first little person to win a belt in WWE history. He is going on 5 years in the WWE, which shows that he has staying power in a business that can make or break you. And he kissed AJ, arguably the hottest diva, on the LIPS. In a society that holds tall people in high regard, the WWE looks at a man that is 4 feet 6 inches tall and sees a Superstar.

  46. *Here to show the World Intro Hit and Dolph has an impromptu interview in the back*

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Who is the most underrated superstar in the WWE? Is that even a question. It has to be non other than ME, the Zig Zag man himself, Dolph Ziggler!! Yes I am YOUR United States Champion but I am still under rated by far.

    I am the Best Wrestler in the WORLD (sorry CM Punk and Jericho) Each night I go to the ring and no matter if I’m wrestling the young monster Mason Ryan, who is greener than the dollars I make Vince, or the WOO WOO WOO Kid, I STEAL the show. Not only that, I do it in style. Some say I’m a “Show Off”, but I say its not showing off if you can back it up!

    I’m the FUTURE and PRESENT of Sports Entertainment. I have the skills, the look, the style, the flash, the charisma. Simply put, I AM PERFECTION and I’m HERE TO SHOW THE WORLD that I am the best. (Oh and Zack, You still wont EVER get another US Title Shot) *Looks Left and then Faces the Camera* #………………………………..HEEL

  47. Patrick says:

    CM Punk. Though the “hero heel” angle is working for him, his talent both in the ring and on the mic are highly underrated and in a lot of instances misused. I think he is capable of a lot more than WWE gives him credit for, and hopefully soon they will be able to see that.

  48. Eric W. says:

    Jerry “The King” Lawler is definitely the most underrated! While he doesn’t wrestle much, the young superstars of today have NO IDEA what his piledriver is capable of… That’s why they aren’t allowed to use it! And the 2nd rope Fist Drop? Don’t get me started on that… He’d hit you with two of those before you ever got to the top for some fancy moonsault.

  49. Ryan D says:

    I’m going to go with Christian. He’s been a in WWE for 13 years now (yes he did have a run in TNA a few years in there)

    He started out as half of one of the great tag teams of all time along with Edge. The two of them redefined the tag team division along with the Hardys and the Dudleys. The tag team division hasn’t been the same since.

    Christian could have easily gone the way of Marty Jannetty as Edge was on the track to being the Shawn Michaels of the duo, but Christian transformed himself to become a legitimate singles competitor in his own right with the “Captain Charisma” gimmick.

    “Captain Charisma” is one of the best heels in the company. He puts over everyone like Sheamus and Mark Henry. He’s where Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes are. They will go higher, and that’s ok, because Christian will be there, mid to upper card…just putting over the next Randy Orton. When ever he finally leaves wrestling for good, I’m afraid he won’t get the credit he deserves, but just no that all the guys that are still there selling T-Shirts or having 3-disc DVD sets made probably got over on Christian, and he make them look good while doing it.

  50. Jon says:

    Kane, dude is finally coming back as the unstoppable monster he used to be booked as. Giant jobber no longer!

  51. Duane says:

    I think the most underrated wrestlers are Daniel Bryan and Drew Mcintyre. They both have the wrestling skills and mike skills to become not only superstars and world champs but also hall of famers. WWE keeps complaining they do not have any new stars but they keep the ones they have back until they get frustrated and leave. I see Bryan in the same character as Chris Benoit. A silent no nonsense killer wrestler. Every Bryan match I watch makes the people he’s wrestling have their best matches( like Dolph Ziggler). What does WWE do to him but after giving him a bone of the MITB win have him lose week after week.

  52. Sikdar says:

    Kofi Kingston. Death on the stick and probably cant be a credible heel, but amazingly innovative in the ring, sells like a champ, and did well when pushed to the top of the card, more then holding his own in a feud with Orton. KIngston should be a top of the card solo face. Versatile in the ring, makes everyone around him look better.

  53. Chad schweighart says:

    Most under rated…. Daniel Bryan. He has it, and the fact he is getting a semi-push right now is encouraging, but i fear the WWE will figure out a way to screw him out of the MIB case.

  54. Dominic R. says:

    Drew McIntyre is so underrated. All he needs is a good push. He was dubbed the future of WWE as Mr. McMahon’s chosen one but they never really went anywhere with it. He has the tools to be a top star not just the look but the in ring talent as well. Never could understand why he’s been overlooked. Now that Sheamus is face WWE should consider reigniting their rivalry. Those two would put on great matches together.

  55. Thomas C. says:

    Oh my god are you kidding? This is a rhetorical question at best.

    Everyone that isn’t a complete imbecile should know that Hornswoggle is the current Jesus of wrestler-dom, and he should be given his due respect. Undefeated one-on-one since 2008, the former champion (who’s belt was retired, i might add), owns victories over several top-tier superstars, including Dolph Ziggler, Chavo Guerrero, Darren Young, Matt Sriker, Sheamus, Jack Swagger(‘s eagle), and even 29 other superstars a battle royal. The ability the best pound-for-pound wrestler in modern WWE history despite being at least 3 feet shorter and 300 pounds lighter than many other superstars should make him an easy first-ballot vote for the WWE Hall of Fame.

    I’d like a PS3 copy, please.

  56. Keith Ritchie says:

    The most underrated wrestler is Christian. He’s been in the business a good 15 years and has only had a few shots at the title. 2 of which he won, but the guy deserves to have held the title a lot more. He also deserves another shot once he gets back from his injury. He is a great wrestler. He is very good at what he does and is very charismatic. But really, I mean only a few title shots after being there 15 years, as much as he has done for the business. Really is pathetic. He is very underrated.

  57. Rod says:

    I have to go with R-Truth. The guy has crazy athleticism and ring skills and he is always 100% pure entertainment on the mic. His new gimmick is ALOT better than his old “Whats up! Whats up!” BS…

  58. Adam Neaves says:

    For mr it has to be zack ryder

    vince mcmahon has really got to give the ball to ryder and see what he can do it. alot of superstars have said what a talent he is but he is not getting the push he deserves


  59. David Johnson says:

    I don’t think I saw Daniel Bryan on the posts above. I’m going with him as being one of the most underrated wrestlers. I think he has a huge upside in the industry and should be a household name at some point. Right now, he is Mr. Underrated. This isn’t entirely from a fan standpoint either as he was pretty popular in ROH. WWE needs to allow him to do some main eventing…

  60. nala310 says:

    Not an easy choice, as I can list three right of the top of my head. Tyler Reks, Ted DiBiase and Drew McIntyre for starters. Tyler Reks has everything WWE loves, so I don’t know why they’re not pushing him hard. He’s big, can cut a promo, has a unique look and a devastating finisher. Ted DiBiase was getting pushed, demoted to Superstars and is now in a feud with another underraterd star, Jindar Mahal. Why they’re not using Ted is beyond me, yes his promo ability is lacking, but bring in his dad to help him. Bring his brother up from FCW and team team up, with Dad as manager/voicebox of the team. Drew is a sad case, as he was pushed to the moon upon his arrival, and is now just another face in the crowd. He has a terrific, recognizable theme song, a great finisher and he’s a big man. Sadly after all the garbage involving his wife, Tiffany, he’s been demoted and rarely gets to win. These are just three of the most underrated guys, I can mention many others. Curt Hawkins, Yoshi Tatsu, Trent Barretta, Tyson Kidd, and Michael McGillicutty among others. Hope I win, been watching WWE/WWF since 1977, and never miss a show. Thanks for reading.
    Check out my recaps at:

  61. Adrian says:

    While arguments could be made for guys like Ziggler, Morrison and Bryan, the answer is simple. Wade Barrett is the real deal. The total package. This guy was a start from the first moment we saw him on NXT. He’s got the size, the strength, and can work the mic with ease. After only a few months in the big time, the man was at the forefront one of the biggest angles in WWE history. Not to mention his opposition in this angle was the face of the company, and a guy who had been carrying the WWE for years in John Cena.

    Barrett has everything Vince goes for. And although he’s already had a world title reign, there’s no reason why Barrett shouldn’t be consistantly challenging in titles and in the main event picture. Not sure how he’d work as a face, but he can very easily become the best heel of this generation.

  62. Lance says:

    Santino Marella – this guy can truly wrestle. If not for the corny gimmick and lack of wrestling time he could be a huge star. His in ring abilities are right up there with the elite wrestlers. A former intercontinental champ and tagteam champ and still hardly gets on raw. WWE make him a wrestler not just some stupid gimmick people don’t respect.

  63. Butch Bordonaro says:

    I have to say Ted dibiase he needs to be given the chance to be the main event, he will be great just like his father The real million dollar man. As for the game i think it would make a great gift for toy for tots.

  64. Fiddy says:

    Are you serious bro? It has to be Ted Dibiase, because everybody has a price. If he would have been used correctly at first with Maryse, they would sit a top the WWE!!

    Bah, just seen the bud above me say Ted as well!! boo lol..

    WWE 12 is for big and small Broskis everywhere, WWWYKI!!

  65. Chris Holland says:

    John Cena. He gets way too much hate for what he brings to the table.

  66. Eddy says:

    Love a lot of the names i’ve seen here but i Gotta go with Christian, The man has been around, puts on all sorts of great matches,,, he’s one of the better wrestlers on the mick too. As a face he’s got the crowd behind him, and as a heel very few can match his heat. so yeah my vote would be christian or daniel byran.

  67. Matthew says:

    John Morrison and I’ll tell you why. The guy has the “it” factor. He looks the part, he speaks well, and he’s extremely competent in the ring. Not only can he get his offense over with amazing athleticism, but he can also sell his opponent’s offense with credibility. When he was given the ball in ECW he took it and ran with it when none of the other younger guys could distinguish themselves. He had some great promos and then he backed it up in the ring. I really feel like WWE missed the boat with Morrison.

  68. Edward Estrada says:

    He’s not technically a wrestler, but I think he should still count.

    Ricardo Rodriguez.

    He is easily the best part of the Del Rio gimmick. He also is a very good wrestler in his own right. His FCW work is fun, he spent time on the indy’s under a mask as Chimera and can work.

    Most importantly, he GETS what a manager is supposed to do, get his man over, not himself.

    I just wish his twitter was better, I want to DDT him when he says Poo Butts.

  69. Corey says:

    John Cena is the most underrated superstar of all time. As a heel his rapper gimmick was golden and for some odd reason WWE turns him into a fruity pebble Hulkamania knock off.

    Like Piper said, If Cena turned heel today, he would easily go down as one of the greatest. Cena would get so much heat. PG Cena is boring and come off corny and if he stays that way, he will never be in the same sentence as SCSA, HBK, HHH, Hogan, Rock even non main enters like Ted Dibiase…

    WWE is underrating his value.

  70. mike says:

    Brodus Clay because he’s completely different from the typical cookie cutter wwe look, has the chance to be a killer monster ala Umaga which we havent seen for years other than the start and stop Henry pushes if given an opportunity. Sure Zack Ryder has broken the mold and has all wrestlers imitating him but I think Brodus with the right chance can be upper echelon.

  71. Craig says:

    For me if they’re underrated they have to be someone not getting much play at all on WWE Television.

    I’m gonna go with Curt Hawkins. When I’ve seen him talk he’s decent on a mic, he’s got a good look (Reminds me a little of James Storm), and a good moveset (Good elbow from the top, And just like another guy he tagged with he loves the business. Unfortunately he didn’t strike gold with a corny catchphrase and a cartoon character.

    • Bobby Shark says:

      I agree Craig, it should be someone not getting much run on TV. Good argument too. I don’t get what they are doing with Hawkins on NXT. Love triangles and cookie cutter promos? Put him back in the Tag division and let him get work done.

  72. Jason says:

    TYSON KIDD: The most underutilized and underrated wrestler is easily Kidd. Mostly all of the responses here involve wrestlers who already have had a shot and are regularly on television. Tyson Kidd gets used as squash material. He is one of the best technical wrestlers in the ring for the WWE, yeah his mic skills need work, but why not utilize one of the best technical wrestlers and the mic skills will develop over time.

    Burying Kidd and putting over Barrett is asinine. When it comes to PPV’s the money is paid for IN-RING product, and hey WWE look at your struggling numbers and start pushing wrestlers with talent who are not just 6’5″ 280 LB’s.


  73. Mgoblue says:

    Tyson Kidd is amazing and hopefully will get the push he deserves

  74. Ricardo A. says:

    I’m going to do you one better, I’ll give you 2 guys who are underrated and totally misused in WWE… The USO Brothers. In my humble opinion, these guys should be dominating the tag team division as nasty Samoan heels. If WWE Creative would get serious about the tag division, these guys should be going up against Air Boom (horrible name) and kicking their roody poo, candy asses all over the ring. The USOs can use creative aerial moves while also fighting dirty by tapping into their Samoan heritage to channel all the great Samoan tag teams of the past. I’d like to see them totally decimate a few teams and get a push soon.

    Dolph, Cody and the others are either title holders or regulars on TV so I don’t believe they qualify as underrated.

    • Bobby Shark says:

      Pretty damn well put. They came out doing the Haka and lame crowds get behind it, but then they got buried. With a little polish these guys could be sold and branded as part of a Tag Division restructuring. They’ll sell merch, but I think WWE top brass only values singles guys. The nexus sold a ton of shirts and arm bands. However only Barrett is relevant. Otunga barely. The rest? Lucky to be on Superstars.

  75. Great-One says:

    I think Ezekiel Jackson is underrated. He has good mike skills, and did a very good job when they gave him his two short runs with William Regal and the Core. He can wrestle but for some reason when he takes a step forward he get pushed back two steps… Chad Dukes talks about Brutus Clay being the beast that WWE needs but Ezekiel would be as good if not better to be a perfect heel to feud with Kane when ever he comes back…
    Just my two-cents…

  76. Dan says:

    I second the USO brothers. They have the pedigree and if given a push, the Haka would be a big crowd pleaser. I”d be all in, expecially if they could create an off the rope move that would play off that, a la The Rock’s people elbow, or Cena’s five knuckle shuffle, And they could, in my opinion, if put over, completely revamp and revive the tag team division which has been relegated to less than Diva status as a legit division. Speaking of Divas, honarable mention goes to Beth Phoenix. She is one of the only females in the world that gives the Women’s diveision any validation as a real “wrestling” division. She has the strength to pull off moves others don’t and can also pull moves off the top. She is arguably second best on mic only to Vicky..

  77. C. J. Bradford says:

    A name I did not see mentioned once is Mark Henry. The dude has shown how to be a bad mother f*****. The reign he has been on recently has been absolutely fantastic. He is the greatest heel on the roster today, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Is promos are excellent, and he has been having damn good matches for a big guy. He is the example on how you book a monster heel. I can’t wait for more Henry/Danielson matches.

  78. Kris says:

    John Cena he’s been running strong for as long as I can remember and he’s still the face of wwe

  79. Alex Mascrier says:

    #HeelZiggler he’s been progressing from MidCard Star to a bonefide Main Event Talent. He’s worked hard and improved his promos and in ring psychology. His feud with Zack Ryder has been entertaining from the Promos, to those brilliant interruptions of the Long Island Iced Z. His look is that of a classic Heel and he’s doing the most with what he’s got. In the next few months, he’ll drop VIcky and win the WWE Title. He put on the match of the year against CM Punk a few weeks ago, he’s even made Jack Swagger relevant. He’s got the amateur background for credibility and he works his tail off to make his opponents look damn good. #Heel

  80. gator the tank says:

    Are we serious? Over 80 diffeerent posts and not one NOT ONE MIZ VOTE! Let’s look at this…2011 #1 rated wrestler according to wrestler observer…let’s ee the previous votes Cena-booed day in day out waiting to go heel…rhodes-finally c potential but mic still weak…ryder-cena of early 2000’s and will b booed like cena…reks yup that’s all I got to say…cmon people the most watched the most talked about the most AWESOME! The MIZ hands down owns RAW! He will be the next champ! Previous slammy winner previous tag team champ previous WORLD CHAMPION and winner of a WRESTLEMANIA main event! What else is there to say but AWWWWWWESOME!

  81. Eversleyd says:

    Well I would like to see all the old wrestles vs these new blood Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior Macho Man Andre the Giant Lex Luger and a lot more back on WWE . I wish they made and Epic with all the wrestles from old to new. This would really be a great game But Hulk Hogan NWO is all tie hands down. The best All time John Cena ok Hulk Rules!!!!!

  82. RC says:

    I would have to go with Alicia Fox. She was on a losing streak for a bit, but now it looks like she’s finally getting some of the TV respect she deserves. She’s athletic, flexible and despite her small stature, I think she can put on great matches despite putting over some of the less-talented female wrestlers (not counting the Divas of Doom). Plus, she was the only one who stood up to Kharma/Awesome Kong while everyone else cowered in fear. I think she deserves a title reign.

  83. Vinny says:

    I’m gong to say Goldust on this one. I remember as a kid seeing his promo’s and while they were odd, you couldn’t help but be captivated by it all. I found myself glued to the T.V. I can remember feuds with Piper that gave way to one of the most memorable matches in Wrestlemania history in my humble opinion. I don’t think anyone couldn’t help but mention the Piper Nut-Claw, even in the face of HBK wining the title for the first time. I remember feuds with the ultimate warrior on his second try at the WWE, and the feuds with Brian Pillman. Since his return, he’s been given just really odd spots as far as story lines go, making him corny, not using his talent like they could. Right now he seems to be in the best shape I can ever remember, I think he could make a great mid card story line rather than have these pointless moments that the WWE writers seem to put him for a bit of comic relief, I do think his promo’s from the past speak for himself, and of course they arent for this PG era, striking a homophobic chord with people wont sit well with the younger fan base, which is a shame, if the WWE ever goes full on edgy again, I’d really like to see him put back to use.

  84. Jay Velez says:

    There is one wrestler that is truly underrated. Dolph, Wade and Drew are on the way up and will succeed. The most underrated wrestler in the WWE is……..Rey Mysterio. Here are the reasons:

    1. Hell of a wrestler. No one can argue that. With a bum knee, he made Cena look like a million dollars. Plug him in a rivalry with any of the young up and comers and tell me you would not be hooked.

    2. Marketing Machine. Makes serious coin in merchandise sales.

    3. Popularity. Kids love him. ALL the adults respect him. Different than Cena in that regard. Hell, Punk cant even touch that.

    4. He is the Mariano Rivera of the WWE. I hate the fact that the WWE puts him as the “little man who does big things” but the truth is that the WWE trusts Rey. Just as the Yankees hand the ball over to Mariano when they know he will deliver no matter what the situation is, the same applies to Rey with the WWE.

    5. He is showing his worth by being sidelined with injury. The WWE’s attempts in replacing him with “Sin Cara” has backfired.

  85. Crunkle says:

    Evan Bourne is pretty underrated

  86. Andrew Sison says:

    Daniel Bryan – he just showed it on Smackdown that he has the mic skills. I used to think he’s boring and dry, but even then just his energy against Michael Cole was amazing. He’s a great wrestler, I think we all know, but his character is starting to develop now. I’ve been a fan of Ziggler as an underrated guy no doubt, but Bryan has me intrigued.

  87. rachel says:

    Normally id say CM Punk, but hes been gettin his push. (though im afraid since his whole ‘ima quit with the belt’ thing was so great that they wont be able to outdo it!)
    So my second choice would definitely be WADE BARRETT. Recently hes been getting a bit of the push he deserves since the whole nexus bit, thank god. He really is champion material as his moves are pretty good and his mic skills are exceptional, he can really get peoples attention considering hes still a rookie. (on a side note i love that voice!) i think he has that whole love/hate factor too!
    I also wanna say Drew McIntyre, but hes so low on the totem poll i think its a lost cause for now at least. He had so much potential and they just killed him! i could’ve cried when i realized he was goin down fast.


  88. jeff "ezj" says:

    el primo may be one of the most underrated wrestlers and misused wrestlers in the WWE. Growing up in PR, i have seen him have some of the most outstanding matches not only against local talent in PR but against his brother Caribbean Cool Carlito and some WWE superstars that would once or twice a year come to PR for big events. He has some great finishing moves that are not seen in big time wrestling and at his size, he has the agility to hold up a match up against the likes of Rey Mysterio and Jushin Lyga, but the strength to match up against larger wrestlers like Abdullah the Butcher and Kamala.

  89. Ruseriousbro says:

    Evan Bourne of course! he has more talent than Dolphin zigzag sheamus kofi or kidd! i would like to see him with the u.s.a. title! all u guys who say cena…. WHAT R U ON! hes overrated. his wwe 12 points r 95. evan,s is only 80! i have the game on wii but i need it for my new X-BOX360. thx hope i win!

  90. josh hall says:

    John cena he used too be on top with the championship even without it he would shrive too win the wwe championship, i think he needs too get his head in the game and focus stop putting him in action movies too much for him too handle that’s all i have too say

  91. jake says:

    Ted Dibiasse. He is so good, but WWE isn’t using him right by only puting him in small matches against Hunico on smackDown.

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