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Important Questions Surround a Pro Wrestling Return For Brock Lesnar

Given Brock’s surprise retirement from the UFC after his round one loss last night, there’s rampant speculation about a potential return to pro wrestling. As everyone learns in elementary school whenever you are outlining a story it’s best to stick to the five Ws and 1 H. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. So, that’s what I’ve attempted to do below. Here’s how I think Brock’s return to wrestling should go…

What: A pro wrestling match featuring Brock Lesnar. I think whatever Brock chooses to do it will be for a one-off match or brief program with a singular talent. If Brock hated one thing about the WWE it was the travel schedule. Doubt he’d go back to wrestling full-time if he wants to go back at all. It would also maximize the money to be made by having it be a “one night only” affair.

Where: He’d return to the WWE of course. Lesnar was one of the first mega-stars created after the collapse of the Monday Night Wars. He doesn’t have enough of an attachment to the business outside of his time in WWE to go anywhere else. Sure he was a champion in New Japan and has acquaintances in TNA, but going to either of those promotions would be a waste of the opportunity.

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Brock Lesnar’s walkout music from UFC 141

Not sure what type of music you listen to, but I listen to this type of music.  Brock Lesnar and I have similar things in our ipods and similar views on firearms.  Pretty stoked about that.  Of course, that’s about where the similarities end.  “Nickel Sized Hail” by Sunny Ledfurd.  Well, if you’re going to go out? Not a bad diddy to go out to.

A Very Rowdy New Year

It’s that time again for people to make their New Year’s resolutions so they’ll finally end some bad habit, or do something they’ve always wanted to do in the coming year.  I’m one to think that if you need the start of a year to prompt yourself to do something, you obviously don’t want really want to do it and will fail miserably, continuing to wallow in self doubt, pity, and shame.

With that said, if Roddy Piper is making New Year’s resolutions, I’m all ears.  The man’s the greatest legend to never carry the WWE title.

Happy New Year and be safe tonight.

Addendum: It is unknown whether or not Ric Flair has yet to see this video. 

What’s next for Brock Lesnar?

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If a worse gameplan exsisted for Brock Lesnar and his fight last night with kickboxing champion Alistair Overeem, I would be surprised.  It was almost as if Brock had it all planned out.  I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy and Lesnar has too much competitive drive to throw a fight.  Still, one has to wonder what “The Next Big Thing” was thinking.  If you are just crawling out from underneath that rock where you slumber, MMA Fighting with the rundown:

Alistair Overeem needed less than half of one round to win his first fight in the UFC, landing hard kicks and knees to Brock Lesnar’s body and winning a first-round technical knockout at UFC 141.

Overeem landed a kick to the liver that knocked Lesnar down, then swarmed on him and landed punches on the ground until referee Mario Yamasaki stepped in to stop the fight. The bout lasted only two minutes, 26 seconds.

Afterward Lesnar, who has been battling diverticulitis over the last two years, said he would no longer compete in the UFC.

It was very strange to watch unfold.  Several times during the brief contest I found myself yelling out “What are you doing, Brock!?” Why would a NCAA heavyweight wrestling championship with limited stand up skills try to stand and bang with a striker with Overeem’s resume?  Why wouldn’t Lesnar shoot and shoot again until he wrestled the “smaller” man to the ground and pound on his head?  Why not use the same game plan he implemented to demolish the much more experienced Frank Mir who was way more dangerous on the ground? Why, indeed.  One could make the argument that the only way rational to explain the way that fight went down last night is that Lesnar had had enough and he wanted out. Continue reading →

Chris Jericho has an definite opinion on Brock Lesnar’s Retirement from MMA


Brock is 5-3 in the UFC, and a former Heavyweight Champion. It is fair to say fighters like Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem were created specifically to dethrone the Next Big Thing. They were successful, but that’s not to say they had clean victories. Twice Brock had to recover and rebuild himself as a Mixed Martial Artist after life threatening bouts with Diverticulitis.

No one can be shocked by this. As a fighter, Brock has no where left to go. Two consecutive losses puts hims far out of title contention, and forces him to consider he never will be able to be at 100% again.

There is now Death Star sized speculation that this is leading to Brock returning to the WWE. Lesnar has talked about it, and kept within relative good graces with the WWE. The smartest thing the business entity of Brock Lesnar can do is continue to keep himself relevant and controversial. That alone sells tickets to any event.

Anything past this is pure conjecture. So, what now?!

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