It continues…

Ok I know I was unnecessarily spooky there, but come on I want to get swept up into it too and play along.

CDWS die hard Craig was kind enough to run a few screen captures and isolate the video of the latest viral URL being displayed during the Diva’s match on tonight’s episode of RAW.

Lets get down to it, remain calm, and dissect this further; and sleep with the lights on and the door open tonight…


The power cometh is a thief in the night to claim what others have taken. Those who are unjust, destruction will come upon them and they shall not escape. The 2nd day of 2012 is coming and it shall be the end of the world as you know it.

I’m going to run down the obivious and not so obvious for what we just watched together. I say “we watched it together” because that was the last time I watch that video alone… Mom!

  • Same basic format as the first video. Same school, swings, kid at the desk.
  • He’s writing in the notebook and speaking in what seems to be verses.
  • I searched the text and checked around what everyone is reporting. There is no exact match to any scripture, but it vaguely matches some of the content here. The general concept seems to be the same: a Spirit of vengeance is set to return.
  • I observed something slightly unique. There are multiple over the shoulder shots through the video, and it appears the child is writing his little manifesto or whatever he is jabbering about. However at :14 there is a horizontal slightly upwards shot (it’s actually the same shot the video uses as the still preview). On the paper he is drawing some sort of figure, vastly different than the full page of text he previously had in the frame at :10.  Impossible to fully make out what it is, but come on…
  • In the end a second kid appears. Diversionary? Maybe. But it’s easy to apply multiple layers to the notion of “second.” We have the obvious outburst that it’s the Undertaker. We know we’re getting Kane too. Now you may speculate what SHE (it’s a girl, could possibly be Kharma returning from leave) signifies.
  • Oh just one more thing; the little girl talks. At the end of the video ramp your volume all the way up. This isn’t one of those annoying internet pranks, no screaming skulls. She mutters over the end of the video. It’s very hard to discern exactly what she is saying. “Two… Twos… Tombs… Tombstone?”

I’m gonna float this out there: I think it’s mostly smoke and mirrors, and it’s possibly simpler than we are giving credit for. Last year the WWE acknowledged they enjoyed all of the speculation on the internet over their similar vignettes over trying to sign Sting. They also admit that nerds on the internet ruin many a story line by consistently posting spoilers before they even make there way onto your TV. So strong chance they are just trying to rile us all up into a frenzy in order to actually execute a work without, well without us ruining it.

Let us know your guesses, your theories, and reactions to this now second installment on some great internet viral marketing.

6 Comments on "Second."

  1. Mike says:

    Maybe I am watching WAY to closely, at :27 – :30 something happens to the globe, maybe it’s the lighting from their camera. I have zoomed in and full screened as much as possible, WWE has got me again.

  2. Paul Dannemann says:

    Y. . .2. . .J

  3. Jakob says:

    I don’t think she’s saying anything, I think that’s just the echo effect they’re doing at the end.

  4. Trockets says:

    Jake Roberts used to talk like that all the time. In verses. But I highly doubt they would be bringing him back… considering his current condition…or lack thereof.

    Seems a little to dark for Jericho.. however…CM PUNK did steal his “best in the world” gimmick. The power cometh is a thief in the night to claim what others have taken.. like a tagline and a title.

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