Monday Night Raw Preview – 11/28/11

It’s confirmed, and once posted here on CDWS you know it’s damn well certain: tonight on the Supershow marks the return of “The Piper’s Pit” with esteemed host the Hot Rod; Rowdy Roddy Piper. Featured guest for the segment will be the “face” of the company, John Cena.

Also scheduled for tonight, CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio in a Survivor Series rematch for the WWE Championship. The Straight Edge Superstar will look to continue his dominance over the RAW locker room and most notably The Mexican Aristocrat.

A great question will be which one of these segments opens, and which closes the show? Let me just wager a guess: Piper leads us into the 9:00 hour. I however am curious to see if the South Carolina crowd will cheer for Piper, and boo Cena? Maybe a mix? Or will we see the standard split bass boo’s and treble cheers for John?

Punk will most likely head out before the transition into the 10:00 hour, shoot his mouth off a bit on possibly ADR, John Laurinitis, Cyber Monday, or whatever else lets him dance all over the fourth wall. Either way, I hope upon hope he continues the shtick with using Howard Finkel as his personal ring announcer.

Aside from miscellaneous Diva’s action, and three Zack Ryder bits; tonight is heavily regarded as John Morrison’s last night as a WWE SuperStar.

Tonight’s show is expected to be the final WWE appearance for John Morrison as he is leaving the company. There have been rumblings of Morrison facing Brodus Clay, who may finally make his return on tonight’s show. – source: LOP

If tonight is the final night we see the Shaman of Sexy, it will be interesting to see how he is booked, if at all.  Does he get squashed by a debuting Brodus Clay (strong chance)? Is he treated with class as an outgoing company man (unlikely)? Or does he simply not appear, wait out a 90 day non-compete and debut in TNA/ImpactWrestling? I personally hope he stays classy, works the indy’s and possibly Japan for a while similar to guys like MVP or Harry Smith (David Hart Smith). Hopefully he’ll make a return down the road and work as a much stronger character/performer.

Still no mention of the mysterious “It begins” hidden link from last week. I love it! Build the suspense! Ideally they will add to the mystery this week, or better yet; make us wait and release another video or possibly a completely different form of viral teaser elsewhere.

Tonight’s addition to the longest running weekly episodic show on TV airs at normal start time of 9pm EST.

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