SmackDown Preview – 11/25/11

I’m pretty damn excited for this weeks episode of SmackDown. So much happened on RAW that it has to spill over into the rest of the programming. Will Cody Rhodes come out and once again confront Booker T? We saw the eerie vignettes, and WWE has yet to even acknowledge the hidden twitter banner url, so it will be interesting to see how they will approach (if at all) the video we’re all speculating over.

The matches for this weeks episode will feature:

  • Sheamus and Zack Ryder vs. United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger 
  • Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel
  • A.J. and Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya
  • Heath Slater vs. Ted DiBiase

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Thoughts and predictions after the jump!

Heath Slater vs Ted Dibiase

As of late this match would normally be reserved for a Main Event slot on Superstars, which signals one thing to me; it’s time to see if Ted Dibiase can successfully pull a “Zack Ryder.” Slater hasn’t been around much since assault charges were alleged against him during the recent Australian tours, followed by a subsequent 30 wellness suspension. I am actually surprised to see the former Nexus alum back at all. I expect Slater to take a beating here as punishment actually, and hopefully do as intended and put Dibiase over. Predicition: Good Ol’ Fashioned PG heel vs face conflict, and Ted Jr. puts Slater down for 3 clean in the middle. 

A.J. & Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya

The Divas of Destruction vs Chickbusters; or at least that is how AJ has been referring to herself and the other fresh faced Divas. I think AJ is actually a good edition to this division. She sells the drama of the match instead of just selling herself (like every damn woman I ever knew). They got a lot of attention for Beth Phoenix’s Glam Slam off the top rope at Survivor Series last weekend, so expect to see another high spot just like it to continue the ferver. Predicition: Most of you will be busy getting a soda. Divas of Destruction pick up the W in some contested way and this conflict begins to grow legs and treat me poorly in public. 

Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel

This is another entry for “Former members of Nexus that have shown no direction and really need Wade Barrett.” Gabriel has a good look, can move around the ring, and off the ropes very well, and has zero affect on the crowd. I am not even sure if he is a heel or a face at this point, but for purposes of this match he’s clearly the face. Hunico needs smaller guys like this that can sell his unique luchador style as absolutely devastating to build some more heat. They’re trying to rely on Hunico alone and his catalog of maneuvers to build heat, but i’d rater they toss in Epico and Primo and really develop into a proper heel faction. Lie, Cheat, Steal… anybody? Prediction: Gabriel and Hunico try to one up one another with unique moves, however Hunico proves more cunning and clever, picking up a 3 count and the win.

Sheamus & Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger 

I’m stoked. Are you? You should be. All American Perfection versus Great White Broski’s. Regardless of the set-up, the execution of this match will be very entertaining. Vickie Guerrero will be ringside, screaming in fear as Swagger gets tied up in the ropes with Sheamus chopping wood on his chest. The preeminent #HEEL of the WWE has a budding conflict with Long Island Iced Z. Hopefully they really start a definitive program here together. I expect Ryder to take a lot of punishment while Swagger and Ziggler show some signs of improving as a unified team, whilst it may appear that Sheamus is actually attempting to cut Ziggler in half on television. I don’t expect a clear resolution here, especially if this is run as the main event of the evening. Ryder is going to get to hit with something dastardly and that will really help the angle persist. Prediction: Sheamus screams, and buries his foot across Zigglers jaw after the match is ruled a DQ in favor of the faces. 

This ought to be a great show to watch and see how the persist the ongoing conflicts that will drive us into the new year.

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