Chris Jericho downplays rumors regarding a potential return to the WWE.

This past week on Monday Night Raw, a link to a cryptic video popped up on America’s TV screens.  It lead us to a YouTube account with a creepy video. We were one of the first blogs to report on this new form of viral marketing from the WWE. You can read about it and see the video HERE. Rumors immediately began to swirl around the internet on what this video could possible mean and whom it could refer to.  The Undertaker was an obvious candidate. What about Dave Bautista? It certainly couldn’t be Chris Jericho. Reports of a breakdown in negotiations between the former unified champion and the WWE had surfaced earlier in the week.

Wait, let’s pump those breaks. This is the NEW WWE. They are all about social media. Could this supposed “breakdown” have been a ruse to throw us off from their upcoming viral marketing campaign?  This all sounds very “Mulder and Scully,” but it certainly is possible. Several reports have surfaced suggesting that just might be the case:

Despite rumors to the contrary, the cryptic promos airing for January 2012 are meant for Chris Jericho as of this writing.

News came out last week that talks fell through between WWE and Jericho but they are still ongoing as of right now. Also, Jericho recently said he would never wrestle for WWE again and when asked what he would be doing in January, he responded “Working in Hawaii”. That’s likely a cover-up.

Word is that the deal between WWE and Jericho is not done yet but Vince McMahon wanted to begin the hype now. Obviously Vince McMahon is confident a deal will be made with him. WWE officials want Jericho back on RAW brand to help boost ratings in the new year.

Hm. Well, that is interesting. And if TRUE, then Y2J himself is certainly keeping up the kayfabe on his twitter:

Jericho continues to douse the flames that marks around the world continue to fan. If Y2J ends up being the subject of this viral marketing campaign, the WWE will deserve a tip of the cap. The internet is an incredibly powerful tool. We don’t realize it’s full potential. It seem that the WWE is breaking into new territory here. The net’s ability in advancing character development and exposure has already been demonstrated…look no further than Zack Ryder.

I don’t think I’m being over-dramatic by saying that if this current angle with Jericho lives up to it’s potential, it could alter the nature of sports entertainment. The lines between fiction and reality will have been blurred forever. It will lead to a more immersive and thoroughly enjoyable experience for wrestling fans. I can’t wait.

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  1. T ROCKETS says:

    So why does Jericho say he would never wrestle for WWE? I thought he just split to work on on album and tour w/ Fozzy. Did they part on bad terms?

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