Kane To Return With A Mask?

It’s been debated for months and last night’s vignette did nothing but add to the speculation regarding Kane’s return.  Things got even more interesting, when minutes after the it aired, the WWE sent out a tweet that “Masked Kane” was trending on twitter worldwide:

To bring some perspective to this, you may remember his last promo before he was injured at the hands of Mark Henry.  He used phrases like “I haunted the nightmares of everyone who has ever faced me” and “Lately, I’ve been the one who is haunted; haunted by my own humanity.”  Kane went on to say that he “feels less like a monster and more like a human.” Kane finished by saying he will purge the humanity out of him by destroying Randy Orton.

The full video here:

Haunted by his own humanity? Not feeling like a monster?  Given that, last night’s promo video and the vignette with the Mask, one should assume that Kane will return with the mask on.  Correct?

The other question I have, and as Frogman Le Blanc pointed out, could the “it begins” video refer to the return of Kane as well?  It’s interesting that both were dropped on the same night, and would lead me to believe they are connected.  That was clearly Kane’s mask in the video, but why was it on fire? Does this mean a new mask for Kane?  Or does it mean no mask at all?  We’d love to hear what you think, leave a comment below.

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  1. Jakob says:

    I’ve loved Kane since I was a kid and I’ve loved the pushes he has had. His mask coming off was a great string of events and featured Kane vs Shane, some great matches. If they can put the mask back on and it’ll make sense I guess I wouldn’t be opposed, but anything to put Kane in a spotlight.

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