10 Thoughts About Raw From Chad Dukes 11/21

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1) I like that CM Punk emphasized the fact that he is a “wrestler” and not a “sports entertainer” during his segment at the top of Raw.  I also think that if you’re going to start the show off with a lengthy promo, make sure the guy on the stick can flap his gums with the best of them. Punk clearly fits the bill. The shoot on the term “WWE Universe” and on all the title hotshots was much needed as well.

2) The Laurinaitis angle? I just don’t get it. It’s just very difficult to understand the guy when he speaks. I’m sure it’s not his fault. That doesn’t change the fact that he sounds like he is in constant need of a bucket of Ludens.  How does that translate to the audience?

3 ) Zack Ryder. Warm the up motorcycle because he is going to need it to to jump that shark. His entire shtick was based on trying to get on Raw; now he is. What about him makes you think he can take the next step? His facial expressions, his gimmick, his promos, his catchphrases? Corny doesn’t even begin to describe it. Again, I will always respect his hustle. That’s where it begins and ends. He needs to drop this tired gimmick and move on with his career as soon as possible. Eventually, all the “smarks” are going to realize that he has more in common with John Cena than he does CM Punk.

4)  I think Jack Swagger is a hell of an athlete. That said, everytime I see him I am reminded of how much Kurt Angle is missed inside a WWE ring. It’s curious how much they have painstakingly mimicked Angle in Swagger’s entire image and demeanor. From his in-ring arsenal to his ring attire. All I think of is the Olympic Gold Medalist when I see the All American-American.

5) I assume Sheamus will receive a title run on Smackdown in the near future. I mean is there a limit on how many guys can they feed to this monster? He seems to be well established as a babyface at this point. How great would a Cody Rhodes/Sheamus program be for the World Heavyweight title? The future is bright on Friday Nights.

6) No reaction for Big Kev in the arena tonight? Shame on those fans. He slurred “Madison Square Garden” a couple times, but if you don’t like hearing Diesel wax philosophical about the Kliq, I’m not sure what to tell you.  I thought it was fairly edgy that Nash mentioned Hall and then referred to himself as the “Real Survivor.” Fairly brutal after we all saw that E:60 piece on Scott.  Looking forward to seeing how much history is brought up in this feud Nash is working with Triple H. I hope Waltman, Michaels or both show up at some point for this one.

7) Mr. Socko > Whatever that thing is Santino wears on his hand. I could watch Rhodes squash that cliche 7 nights a week. With Cody confronting Booker T at the announce table tonight, it appears they have officially started their rumored feud. I assume it ends with Booker putting Cody Rhodes over and catapulting him into the main event. At least, that’s what makes sense to me.

8 ) Little too much screaming in Dolph Ziggler’s new theme music.  Other than that, I have NO criticism of the man. A wonderful bout with CM Punk tonight. I wish the WWE would book those two in an Iron Man match at some point in the coming year. Does anyone on the roster sell like Ziggler? The man can bump on a Shawn Michaels level.  It must be a treat for Punk to work with a guy like Dolph and vice-versa. Not having to carry anyone through a match must me nice.

9) The flaming Kane mask vignette was curious. I always thought The Big Red Machine was underrated. The return of an evil, masked Kane would shake up the entire roster. I would look forward to the possibilities for such a return, including the old stand by:  a match with his long dormant “brother.”

10) The Cena hatred continues. The crowd showered boos down upon him.  I guess it’s just this portion of the country. I always feel like the crowd is generally 70-30 in favor John, but not the last two nights. Look. You may hate the guy’s gimmick. You may cringe at his corny lines. He may have terrible merch. That doesn’t change the fact that the dude does nothing but work. He eats, sleeps and breaths wrestling. I don’t like when he no-sells. I don’t like his “up with people” shtick on twitter. None of that changes the fact that he deserves your respect if you dig sports entertainment. If this trend continues, there will be no choice but to turn Cena heel. That might be the best thing for all parties involved. If it worked for Hogan, it can work for the Doctor of Thuganomics.  Sooner rather than later.

11) I think R-Truth and The Miz made a great team. After survivor series, their usefulness as a unit ran it’s course. I would like to see Truth keep his current “insane” gimmick. The Miz is already a credible, main event heel. After their almost certain, upcoming feud, it will be interesting to see how these two work back into the lineup as singles competitors.

12) Viral Marketing from the WWE??? OH HELL YEAH!  See for yourself HERE!

4 Comments on "10 Thoughts About Raw From Chad Dukes 11/21"

  1. jimmyhartsstollenbagels says:

    This was a decent Raw, I agree with your points.
    *I really hope that Kevin Nash gets more time and continued leeway to build his character to the fans who have no clue how big a deal he is.
    *I get that Vince is at the period of life in which others are needed to portray the evil boss character but Animals brother is not the guy, I never thought I would want for Shane O’Mac to return.
    *I am glad JR was not treated abused on Raw this week.

  2. Josh says:

    I was pretty disgusted by the crickets Big Sexy received when he came out. I think he slam dunked it tonight and the crowd had their thumbs up their asses.

    As for Cena turning heel? I think with the following he has built up, and being the biggest face of WWE right now, if they’re going to make him heel it’s going to have to be huge. Hogan joining nWo kind of huge. But can they pull it off?

  3. Ricardo says:

    I think Cena kind of teased his long-rumored heel turn when he expressed some frustration with the fact that the Rock got such a great reaction and he keeps getting booed. Who does he turn on though? My vote, have him totally backstab and destroy Zach Ryder in a tag match when Cena sees Ryder get a huge POP while he himself gets the usual mixed reaction. I agree with Chad though, props to Cena for “bringing it” night after night.

  4. Trenton says:

    very surprised Nash made the comment about being the real Survivor from that group. can’t wait for evil-Kane to return as well as Taker’s last run for a buildup at WrestleMania! last thing…wonder how many times Rock will bring his roody-poo candy ass back to WWE before WM next year?

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