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Jim Ross: Austin to Wrestle Again

“One More Round.”

At Wrestlemania 19 Steve Austin had his last match against the Rock. Austin as the face, put over the Rock and was pinned clean for three. That was eight years ago, and Steve’s health was not that great. Bad neck, bad knees; it wasn’t looking promising for the Rattlesnake making a return. Numerous times, most notably in his Hall of Fame acceptance speech, Austin has said he had accomplished everything he wished for out of his Wrestling career.

Then came twitter. Then came guest spots on RAW. Then came Tough Enough. As an educated and seasoned fan of Pro-Wrestling I can say with certainty that there is no such thing as “retirement.” Ask Terry Funk. Ask Ric Flair. Ask Sgt Slaughter… you get the deal.

As we often do, Jim Ross and I personally agree.

“I think he still has the itch to do one more match,” Ross said Wednesday during an appearance on 1560 The Game. “His health is better—there’s certain things he may not be able to do physically—but he’s in great shape.”

“A year ago, I would have said there would be no more Austin matches. I’ve loosened my stance on that a little bit now. I think somewhere down the road—I don’t think it’s WrestleMania 28 because those attractions are pretty well in place with Rock and Cena—it would not surprise me to see Austin back for a farewell, one-time off situation.” – source: LOP

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NXT Redemption Recap


Tyler Recks vs. Percy Watson

This week’s NXT starts out like many others, Tyler Recks and Curt Hawkins are making their way to the ring but there is no talking this week are we are getting straight to the action.  Percy Watson makes his way down to the ring, minus Titus O’Neil.  Hawkins sits on commentary and the match starts.  Lockup and knees and clubbing forearms from Recks but Watson answers with some of his own.  Recks sends Watson into the corner and Watson jumps out of the way but Recks catches him and delivers a front Russian leg sweep (think Jarretts Stroke) into the second turnbuckle.   Recks goes for the pin but only gets two.  Continue reading →

FINISH HIM: Ankle Lock

Welcome to another exciting edition of FINISH HIM, where we gush over one of our favorite finishing maneuvers. Today we focus one of the most devastating holds in the business today, the Ankle Lock. Others may have used it in the past, but I remember it first rising to finisher status with “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock. Since he had jumped from the fledgling sport of MMA it made sense for him to finish people off via submission. Executed by simply wrapping your weak arm around the calf of  your opponent, then twisting their ankle until it will no longer turn and they tap out. Ken Shamrock may have been the first to popularize it, but as Kurt Angle built his future hall of fame career he took full ownership of the crippling hold.

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Championship match confirmed for WWE TLC PPV

We are 3 weeks away from the WWE’s next pay per view and it looks like we finally have a match booked for the card.   Raj Giri over at Wrestling Inc has the details:

The first match for the WWE TLC PPV in less than three weeks is set. After defeating Daniel Bryan on last night’s episode of SmackDown, World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry will defend his title against The Big Show. No stipulations have been announced for the match, however a “Chairs” match is likely based on recent events.

As I have stated many times,  the feud between Henry and The Big Show has been much better this time around.  You can credit excellent booking which has enhanced Henry’s credibility for that.  Randy Orton also deserves a tip of the cap to  for establishing the World’s Strongest Man as the most dominant force on Smackdown.  The Big Show has gone outside his comfort zone as well, all the way up to the top rope. Continue reading →

The Morning Roundup 11/30/11

Good Morning all!  Hope you enjoyed Frogman’s live tweeting of last night’s holiday Smackdown.

The Latest on Kurt Angle to the Olympics –

Angle sent out this tweet over the weekend:

Angle is already qualified for the final trials in June, but will head to Iowa in April as a warm up. I can only hope everyone takes Angle seriously and he does come away with gold. Continue reading →

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