The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show 2/3/16


If you had a dime for how many times the CDWS disappointed, you’d have ZERO DIMES.

This week, Chad Dukes is joined by Kevin Thorn to talk about his appearance this Saturday at Primal Conflict Wrestling and his time with the WWE and ECW.  Dukes also discusses the latest going on in the world of wrestling, including the New Day, Stephanie McMahon, and the track record of NXT call-ups with Thom and Goat.

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The Morning Roundup 2/4/16


Michael Cole’s Job Evaluation with the New Day – You Tube

They’re just the best, nothing more needs to be said. C-minus with a smiley face next to it, Cole. And please, lead with the Booty. Sensual.

Ryback Sporting New Look? – Instagram

In a move that if it makes television won’t have rubes still making Goldberg comparisons, Ryback posted a photo to his Instagram wearing the simple black boots, black trunks, black gloves look that Goldberg (and Austin minus the gloves) made famous during the Attitude Era.

Lucha Underground, WWE, & TNA – Lords of Pain

Lucha Underground is the belle of the ball with two of the major promotions seemingly courting them. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE and Lucha Underground officials met in December but nothing came of the meeting and TNA pitched a joint show in Dallas on WrestleMania weekend and were turned down.

The Morning Roundup 2/2/15


Bret Hart Announces Prostate Cancer Diagnosis – Instagram

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart announced on his instagram he has been diagnosed with Prostate cancer. Hart will have surgery later this week so keep the Hitman in your thoughts.

Blackjack Mulligan Hospitalized – Cageside Seats

Bo Dallas & Bray Wyatt’s absence from Raw last night was due to their grandfather, Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan was hospitalized and is in serious condition. Our thoughts are with the entire Windham/Rotunda family for a full recovery.

AJ Styles Arrives at Raw – Youtube

Here goes WWE “burying” AJ Styles again. /sarcasm

In a video, AJ Styles is shown being greeted by fans outside the arena before last night’s Raw.  Now it could be a staged deal, but when was the last time they made a big deal about a guy just arriving to a normal Raw?

Monday Night Raw Preview 2/1/16

Welcome to February! WWE is on the fast lane to Fast Lane and with less than three weeks until the next live special, business is picking up in a big way. As Birmingham, Alabama prepares itself for tonight’s carnage, check out the pre-show notes:

  • The Beast of Marketing: Brock Lesnar will be in the arena tonight, presumably to have Paul E. Dangerously talk a little trash to his Fast Lane opponents. With the wrestling world still buzzing from Dean Ambrose’s interview with Michael Cole on last week, expect the tension between Lesnar and Ambrose to boil over, with the Wyatt Family running interference.
  • Era of Kalisto: With Alberto del Rio possibly on the shelf for a time, it looks like Kalisto will get to hang onto his U.S. title a bit longer than his previous run as champion. Already granting Neville a title shot last week on SmackDown, Kalisto is picking up right where John Cena left off, as a fighting champion.
  • Styles Clash: With Dam Ambrose currently involved in the main event picture, it looks like AJ Styles will have to deal with Kevin Owens in his first full program in WWE. Pants. Off.

Enjoy the show, marks! Be sure to come back for the Day After report!

The Morning Roundup 2/1/16


Shinsuke Nakamura Farewell – YouTube

Shinsuke Nakamura bid farewell to New Japan at its Saturday event in Koruken Hall.  The video above shows his post match speech and press conference as he heads to NXT.

Kong Sent Home from TNA UK Tour – Pro Wrestling Sheet

TNA confirmed a PWInsider report that Awesome Kong was sent home from the TNA UK tapings after an incident with Reby Sky, Matt Hardy’s wife.  The report said that Kong tossed Reby’s bag into the hallway and blocked her from coming inside to retrieve items for her baby.

Richard Sherman attempts an RKO – With Spandex

And since everyone’s going to send this to us anyway. Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks jokingly attempted an RKO on Green Bay’s Clay Matthews during last night’s Pro Bowl.


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