VIDEO: Kevin Steen NXT Teaser; Set to Debut at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution

“I will fight anyone and everyone. Bet against me if you want but it’s my turn now. I am the future.”

Like Hideo Itami before him, former Ring of Honor World Champion Kevin Steen looks set to make his NXT debut at the next NXT TakeOver special. In a teaser video which aired during last night’s NXT, a shadowed Steen was introduced to the WWE Universe with no name given, just the date: 12/11/14. As we’ve reported in the past Steen’s NXT name is expected to be Kevin Owens, a tribute to both his son Owen and his favorite wrestler Owen Hart.

For those unfamiliar with Steen here’s a quick primer:

  • Trained by former WWE Star Jacques Rougeau
  • One of the most athletic big men in wrestling
  • Former ROH World Champion & 3-time PWG World Champion
  • Former ROH Tag Team Champion with Sami Zayn’s pal El Generico
  • Zoo Enthusiast
  • Twitter pal of the Rock

Stone Cold Steve Austin has also endorsed Steen’s work during Steen’s appearance on his podcast.

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The Morning Roundup 11/21/14

Morning News Roundup 3

Today’s roundup might as well be called the Twitter Injury Roundup, because we’ve got a Twitter story, an Injury story, and a Twitter Injury Story.  Let’s do it.

Sheamus Injury was Legit – Twitter

Turns out Sheamus was written out of the Survivor Series match for a legitimate injury, fella. He posted a photo to his Twitter yesterday before going into an unspecified surgery. Best of luck to the Great White in his recovery.

Zach Ryder Injury Update – You Tube

Bobby Shark and Samoa Beau’s favorite broski gave an injury update on his torn rotator cuff on YouTube. The Long Island Iced Z is getting stem cells injected into his injured shoulder in hopes to avoid surgery. Heal up ZR.

TNA Producer teases “new everything” on Destination America – Lords of Pain

TNA Producer Bryan Edwards teased “new everything” when TNA moves to Destination America in 2015 while answering a fan’s question about a new logo and new graphics. He also posted a picture on his twitter feed that indicates shooting for Impact on Destination was taking place yesterday. My guess is elements for the show open.

NXT Preview 11/20/14


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Earlier today we talked about the big question on NXT: Where does Sami Zayn go from here?  After a crushing defeat at the hands of an opportunistic NXT Champion Adrian Neville last week, it appears Sami Zayn is at his lowest point in his NXT career, falling short of the NXT Championship yet again.  Which brings us to tonight, Zayn and Neville will have words on tonight’s NXT about last week’s controversial finish. Will Zayn call Neville out for his trickery? Will Zayn point the finger at himself? Will Neville offer Sami a rematch? Find out tonight on the WWE Network.

Also on tonight’s show, Becky Lynch takes on Bayley; Tyson Kidd meets CJ Parker; The Vaudevillians, Enzo & Cass, Baron Corbin, and Bull Dempsey will all be in action as well.

NXT airs at 4PM & 9PM ET on the WWE Network as well as in the On Demand  of the Network and is followed by WWE Superstars featuring Sin Cara vs. Curtis Axel and Paige vs. Alicia Fox.

Will Not Winning the Big One Break Sami Zayn?


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Daniel Bryan spent six months between 2013 and 2014 as the lovable underdog of the WWE.  Since his injury, Dolph Ziggler has seemingly taken his place.  Both are guys that the WWE Universe has gotten behind one hundred percent, even as the Authority insists on “holding them back.”

If you’ve been keeping up with NXT (if not, shame on you), then you’re familiar with the plight of Sami Zayn.  Once independent circuit darling “El Generico,” the insanely popular Zayn has seemingly met the glass ceiling.  At first glance, this is very reminiscent of the troubles that Bryan and Ziggler experienced on Raw and Smackdown.  However, while the main roster guys can blame management for their woes, Sami Zayn need only look in the mirror to find his biggest detractor.

“Sami Zayn Can’t Win the Big One” has been a recurring story through most of 2013 and 2014.  Last May, he took an initial win over Cesaro in a series of highly praised matches before losing three straight (including a potential 2014 MOTY, Zayn-Cesaro 4 at ArRival).  Later in 2013, Zayn bamboozled then-champ Bo Dallas to get an NXT Title shot, but couldn’t ultimately get the job done.  At the first NXT Takeover in May 2014, Zayn had an opportunity to get another title shot in a match against Tyler Breeze, but again came up short.  After failing to earn a tag team title shot in a short-lived alliance with Adam Rose, Zayn has lost two-straight high-profile NXT Title matches.  Let’s take a closer look at those.

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The Morning Roundup 11/20/14


Two New Champions Crowned on Last Original Impact on Spike – Lords of Pain

Taryn Terrell won a three-way Knockouts Championship match last night on Impact, defeating Havok and Gail Kim. Low-Ki also captured the vacant X-Division Championship in a four-way match. So with Impact returning to TV on Destination America in 2015,  your reigning champions be Bobby Roode (World Champion), James Storm & Abyss (Tag Champions), Low-Ki (X-Division), and Taryn Terrell (Knockouts).

John Cena’s Week of Greatness Foot Locker Spot – YouTube

John Cena is a part of Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness campaign this year, from November 22nd to November 29th, in which new sneakers are released each day. Perhaps they can hook him up with some red and yellow kicks so his gear doesn’t constantly mismatch. I’m OCD, sorry. But seriously, it’s a pretty funny take on the whole “wrestling’s fake” bit.

New WWE Home Video Partnership – WWE

Warner Brothers and WWE announced a new deal for US distribution rights for WWE content in physical (DVD & Blu-Ray) and digital formats (streaming services). Basically, Warner Brothers will handle distribution for any new documentaries, compilation DVDs, and pay-per-view DVDs. WWE and Warner Brothers worked together on the Scooby Doo project, it’s sequel, and the upcoming Flintstones tie-in.I’m personally hoping for a Batman or Justice League/WWE Animated project. Superman vs. Cena? It writes itself.

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