Impact Wrestling Preview 4/24/2014


TNA Sacrifice, the second pay-per-view of calendar year 2014, is but days from now.  Let’s get to wrapping up some loose ends, shall we?  Here’s your spoiler-free preview of tonight’s broadcast.

Last week, World Champ Eric Young overcame the Monster.  The former champion Magnus is none to happy with the recent performance of his employee.  A few days before his World Title rematch at Sacrifice, Magnus will hit the ring to confront Abyss.  Good things may not come of this for the Modern Day Gladiator.

A grand tradition of professional wrestling is to take two single feuds and jam them together into a tag team match.  As a result, we’ll see the reunion of one of TNA’s most successful tag teams – Beer Money is getting the band back together, as James Storm and Bobby Roode team to face their individual feudees, Gunner and Bully Ray.  This is being billed as a one-night occurrence, but it would certainly be interesting to see if Storm and Roode stick together once these feuds wrap up.  The tag division isn’t exactly overflowing with tandems, and we can only see the Bromans cheat the Wolves so many times.

Also on the show – Kurt Angle is not a happy man.  Tonight’s his first match since suffering a knee injury at the hands of Ethan Carter III, which some feared was career-ending.  Unfortunately for EC3′s li’l buddy, Rockstar Spud just happens to be slated as the Gold Medalist’s first opponent.  The HOFer is likely to make short work of the British Bootcamp champion, though Mr. Carter and Willow should be in the mix as well.

And finally, in the main event, TNA Director of Wrestling Operations MVP (TNADOWOMVP) straps up his boots once again to settle things with Austin Aries, the ultimate tweener who still insists he’s being held back.  TNA is advertising this as a great “opportunity” for Aries, so it’ll be interesting to see which direction this takes.  It’s worth noting that Aries was recently reported to be in the doghouse for a recent TV taping blow-up, but it’s unknown whether that happened before or after the taping for this show.

NXT Preview 4/24/14


Huge news possibly breaking for the NXT Universe tonight on the WWE Network. The rumor mills are churning regarding the NXT Womens Championship, currently held by WWE Divas Champion, Paige. PW Insider has the spoiler regarding a segment involving the champ that is expected to air on tonight’s broadcast.   If you want to maintain the intrigue, avoid the link.

Also on tap tonight, two sets of tag team champions and a bitter NXT feud will collide in the main event of tonight’s show. Sami Zayn will enlist the Usos in his war with Corey Graves who partners with the NXT Tag Champions the Ascension. Zayn and Graves have traded wins in their rivalry, with Graves picking up a TKO victory 3 weeks ago at Full Sail.

Here’s the full list of matches taped for tonight’s show:

  • Sasha Banks & Charlotte vs. Emma & a Mystery Partner
  • Alexander Rusev vs. Travis Tyler
  • Tyson Kidd vs. Mason Ryan
  • Tyler Breeze vs. Angelo Dawkins
  • WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos & Sami Zayn defeated Corey Graves & NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension

NXT airs at 9PM ET tonight on the WWE Network. The head to head lineup with Impact Wrestling has changed a bit again this week, tonight NXT’s lead in is the premiere of Legend’s House 8PM ET  and will be followed by the Best of the Hall Fame at 10pm ET.

DDP talks Nancy Grace w/ O+A Post Show

*WARNING: The above video features some salty language and could be NSFW! Discretion is advised.*

Former WCW/WWE Superstar and fitness guru, Diamond Dallas Page appeared on the Opie & Anthony Post Show hosted by Sam Roberts and was asked about his appearance on Nancy Grace following the passing of the Ultimate Warrior.  To say that Dallas had not kind things to say about the controversy seeking HLN host is putting it mildly.  Spoiler Alert: he calls her something vulgar that rhymes with “punt.”

“It was just wrong and you know I’m not gonna talk about that f_cking c_nt anymore because, I’m just not.”

“It was just so weird. She was so nice to me, that’s the weird part. So nice, because I was told it was going to be a whole different program and uh, [groans], it’s just something that, I don’t wanna be associated, in that way, he [Warrior] was a great man as far as what he did for our business.”

Raise your hand if  you’re shocked Page was told the show would be one way and was summarily ambushed by Grace’s angle on the Warrior’s passing.  No one?  Didn’t think so.  While we’re not here to champion the use of the dreaded “c-word,” Grace has drawn the ire of a large portion of the wrestling world for her insensitivity and lack of fact checking, so hearing Page’s feelings on the host are a bit cathartic.

If you’ve successfully managed to not get caught up in Grace’s trolling, during the show, Grace implied Warrior died from steroids (despite any evidence) and listed deceased wrestlers like Owen Hart (without distinguishing causes of death) in a list of wrestlers who have died from drug abuse.  In the wake of her “report” WWE has reportedly banned talent from the show and rightfully so.

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Buying the WWE


“The parent companies of Fox, NBC, or CBS should buy the WWE.”

This is the conclusion at which Clay Travis (a writer for Fox Sports) arrived.   Allow me to summarize his main arguments, though the full article is worth your time…

  • The WWE’s in the market for a new television deal.   Permanently buying the company would make more sense than renting the TV rights for a half-year.
  • The next TV deal will likely be in the neighborhood of $200 million.  That’s a quarter of the amount of money that NASCAR just received.  The WWE delivers (on average) a considerably larger, younger, and more diverse audience than NASCAR.
  • The sports networks of Fox, CBS, and NBC need to invest in an almost-sure thing if they want to keep pace with ESPN, especially considering there’s not much out there right now.
  • The WWE’s worth is less far less than $2 billion, which ESPN is about to pay for a single year of NFL programming.

You may ask, “what if Vince McMahon doesn’t want to sell the WWE?”  After all, this is the company which he built from a regional presence to a global powerhouse.  He may wish to pass his legacy (… Legacy, Legacy…) to his children (slash in-laws) and grandchildren.  That said, if I’ve learned anything from the Don Cheadle Showtime vehicle “House of Lies,” it’s that the ownership of a publicly traded company has the responsibility to do what is right by its stockholders.  If NBC were to back-up the proverbial Brinks’ truck to the McMahon estate with an outrageous sum, then wrestling’s first-family would be compelled to sell.

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The Morning Roundup – 4/24/2014


Thursday always seems to be a good day.  Let’s make that wish a reality.  Here we go!

TNA Free Agent – Wrestling, Inc

Long time TNA wrestler, and arguably most recognizable star, Christopher Daniels has become a free agent.  He announced this yesterday and is already taking indy bookings.  Daniels is a legend in TNA, having been around for a long time, and never shown anything but loyalty to the company.   This means an end to TNA’s Bad Influence and is probably a sign of Kazarian’s soon exit.   Are you listening WWE?

8 Predictions for WM 31 - WWE

This is something from Inception right here.  An article by the WWE staff predicting what could happen in a year at Wrestlemania 31.  The people in charge are predicting what could happen…is this a free preview or just a tease?  I like their predictions for the most part but would hate to see the SuperCena join the Wyatts.  Leave the Wyatts alone, lets us just follow the buzzards.

TNA Throwback Thursday - TNA on YouTube

Not one, but 2 links to TNA related posts?  I know, I’ve really out done myself on this most bold of moves.  For this one, we go all the way back to 2005 and get the likes of Raven, X-pac, Abyss, and, of course, AJ styles.  It looks like a lot of high action and big bumps, or as some would call it, 2000s TNA.

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