The Morning Roundup – 4/23/2014


We are almost half way there.   We have defeated Monday and Tuesday and are staring down the barrel of Wednesday.  This is something we can do.   We’ve trained for this, and we will not be defeated.   Guess what day it is?  Hump day!  Here we go.

Sting Talks Warrior - WWE on Youtube

Here is something you thought you may never see in your lifetime, Sting talking to the WWE about the Ultimate Warrior.  I say this because of the long-standing lack of relationship between Sting and the WWE and the rough past of the Warrior.  Nevertheless, being old tag team partners and friends, Sting shows respect to the Warrior and speaks with WWE cameras about his legacy, check it out.

Detroit Wrestling – Grantland

I’ve said it before, I will say it again.  When The Masked Man writes, you read it.  This guy is pound for pound the best wrestling writer in the industry.   The WWE even used a quote from him in a segment Monday night to promote the WWE: Legend’s House.   As part of a Grantland series about the city of Detroit, MI, Masked Man looks at the torrid history of wrestling in the Motor City.

Foley not a Legend - LOP

Never one to shy away from talking, Mick Foley has been posting recently about his decision not to sign a Legend’s deal.  Long and short of a legend’s deal is that it gives the WWE the rights to use and abuse the image of a legend for a certain fee or percentage kick back to the superstars.  For Mick, this number is not big enough.   I can’t tell if this is sour grapes, damn the man, or a legitimate problem.  He plans to post more and would should get a better idea in the coming weeks.

The Morning Roundup – 4/22/2014

Morning News Roundup 3It is a Tuesday, and what a wonderful Tuesday it is going to be.  Hope all you good people enjoyed Raw last night and are ready for some rounding up of the news.  Here we go!

Daniel Bryan’s Father Passes- WWE

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Danielson family during this tough time.  Upon his return from his honeymoon, Daniel Bryan’s father unexpectedly passed away.  Upon learning the news, Bryan decided to still work last’s night program in honor of his father.

New Extreme Rules - LOP

Alexander Rusev will make his PPV debut in 2 weeks at Extreme Rules.   There he will take on the team of Xavier Woods and R-Truth.   Rusev is starting to get a Ryback like push of putting more bodies in his path.  They will have to be careful with the Brute and should put him in a big program sooner rather than later.

Highlight of Raw - WWE on Youtube

Sheamus v Bad News was the highlight of the night for me due to their excellent in-ring work.   I would not be at all mad to see a summer program that involved Cesaro, Barrett, Big E, and Sheamus going around and around.  They are all big bruisers that hit hard and hit often.

Monday Night Raw Preview 4/21/14

It’s Monday night and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for another installment of Monday Night Raw!!!! WWE is setting up shop in the 410 tonight, and promises to take Baltimore by storm! Some pre-show notes:

  • The Champ is HERE: Fresh off his honeymoon with Brie Bella, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan makes his triumphant return to Raw. There has been lots of speculation regarding how eternal-underdog Bryan will fare now that he’s holding the straps. The Raw after Wrestlemania was a celebratory moment for the Dazzler and his legion of fans, but tonight will be the WWE universe’s first glimpse into D-Bry’s reign at the top.
  • Extreme Rules Card: Withe Extreme Rules less than two weeks away, three matches have already seen set: The Shield vs. Evolution, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt, and Paige vs. Tamina Snuka for the Divas Title. The big question is who will Daniel Bryan face for the WWEWHC. After last week’s episode, some signs point to Kane. On one hand, this could be cool, seeing as how the Team Hell No angle never really got a proper blow-off, but after seeing Kane getting trounced week after week since returning at Korporate Kane, it’s hard to see him as much of a threat to the champion. However…
  • Kane’s Remasking: A re-masked Kane looks to return tonight, and perhaps he gets some of the old-time fire (har har) back and wrecks havoc throughout WWE, building him up to be a worthy opponent to Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules.
  • IC Tournament: Tonight is the semi-final round of the No. 1 Contender tournament for the Intercontinental Title. Cesaro takes on Rob Van Dam and Bad News Barrett goes one-on-one with Sheamus. Both of these matches should be physical and highly entertaining.
  • Wyatt Recovery: After John Cena cut a brutal promo on the Wyatt family last week (and not in a good way), it’s up to Bray Wyatt to stay focused and maintain the dangerous edge he’s cultivated since his debut in WWE. The Wyatt Family needs to strike hard and fast at Mr. Cena.

That’s it! Be sure to watch tonight and check back here tomorrow for the “Day After” report and all your news and analysis needs.

ROH Second To None Results & Thoughts Pt. 1


I had the pleasure of attending the Ring of Honor “Second to None” show this past Saturday in Brooklyn, MD.  The “pleasure” has only to do with the show itself, and not the locale.  We need the League of Shadows to do to Brooklyn,MD  what they wanted to do to Gotham.

The show consisted of a whopping thirteen matches, including one dark match.  Over the next few days, I’ll share some thoughts and experiences from the television tapings.

 In the opening bout which likely won’t be seen on TV, Mike Rollins beat Kongo in a rematch from the recent “Future of Honor” show.  Mike beat the big man with an impressive spinebuster.

The taping for show #1 kicked off with Silas Young, of whom I’m a huge fan, whomping #AllEgo Ethan Page with a backbreaker-clothesline combo.  Post-match, the Last Real Man delivered a promo in which he said he will start to make his own break if the ROH higher-ups won’t give him one.  The TV title picture is a bit crowded, but hopefully Young will insert himself in the near future.

The second match featured the first appearance of The Decade for the evening, with Tadarius Thomas (w/ Jacobs & Page) taking on Caprice Coleman.  Pre-match: Coleman addressed Thomas and the crowd concerning TD’s affiliation with the Decade.  Caprice said that what Thomas was doing would ultimately be regrettable, and somehow compared Thomas to the Christian Lord & Savior.  The ROH crowd responded by chanting for “Jesus Christ.”  He did not appear.  That said, CC picked up his first televised win since State of the Art by hitting the Sky Splitter (top-rope leg lariat).  Post-match: Jimmy Jacobs beat down Adam Page.  The Zombie Princess screamed at both apprentices that when one of them loses, they all lose.

Jay Lethal was out next with Truth Martini.  Truth ran down the list of guys who he previously managed – Strong, Rhino, Elgin, Taven – and how they all eventually spit in his face.  However, Lethal was the first man to open the eyes of Truth.  Lethal listed Scarlett Bordeaux as one of his primary reasons for joining the House of Truth, which I think we can all get behind.  Jay then added that his goal was to prove the TV Title is more prestigious than even the World Title, and showed himself to be a fighting champion by issuing an open challenge for the belt.  The challenge was quickly answered by Cheeseburger.

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The Morning Roundup – 4/21/2014

Morning News RoundUp 2It’s a new week.   Let’s start it off right, here we go.

Things Get Weird, HOF Edition - LOP

Over the weekend, Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper had a strange internet showdown.   Nash went on a twitter rant about Piper and some incident in 1997.  What caused him to do this, I’m not sure, but then the two went back and forth on twitter before an apparent phone call.  Not sure what any of this is truly about.   Is this Nash trying to stay relevant, or did something happen during WM 30 week?   Not sure, but we’ll sure bring you any news as it comes our way.

WWE Extreme Top 10 - WWE on Youtube

Every wrestling fan loves to see the WWE go extreme because it reminds us of the Attitude Era.  In the latest top 10, the WWE counts down the top 10 moments from Extreme Rules PPV.

Batista Time Off – Wrestling, Inc

After Extreme Rules, it seems like Batista is going to take some time off.   Now, he was supposed to anyway in the summer to promote his new movie, but one wonders if that is the reason for his early departure.   Wild internet speculation may lead you to believe he is either hurt or frustrated, and wants out.  Batista was supposed to either win the title at Wrestlemnia, or at least be heavily featured.   Instead, that all went to Bryan, could he be mad about this?

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