Paul Heyman comments on CM Punk on the Steve Austin Show


Paul Heyman was the guest on yesterday’s Steve Austin Show podcast in an interview taped during WrestleMania weekend. Heyman drops some great stories about ECW, backing out of a deal to go head-to-head on the radio with Howard Stern in the early 90′s, CM Punk’s status, and interestingly praises Cesaro just days before adding him as a client.

It’s a great interview and definitely worth checking out for a number of reasons. But of course when any nugget of inside information about CM Punk comes out since his departure it overshadows everything. When asked about Punk, Heyman stated that he talks with the Second City Savior all the time, just not about the business. Transcript from What Culture:

I think when you talk about CM Punk/Phil Brooks, there were three people in the room the night that he quit: Vince McMahon, Triple H, and CM Punk. I don’t know what went on in that room. I know certain perspectives, but none of those three have talked in public about it. If one, two, or three of them decide to go public, then we’ll get a perspective on what happened that day. Until one of the three of them speak about it, it’s only rumor and speculation and gossip. How’s he doing? He’s fine. Does he miss the business? I don’t think so.

Hit the jump to listen to the entire episode, it’s a very good listen.

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The Morning Roundup – 4/16/2014

Morning News RoundUp 2As a Virginia Tech Alum, this is never a joyous day for me.  Take a minute today to hug your loved ones.  That’s all from me.  Let’s Wrestle.

Kane’s Monstrous Moments – WWE on Youtube

Did Stephanie McMahon unleash the monster inside of Kane on Raw Monday Night?  It sure seemed like it.  In response, the WWE Youtube put out this fun little highlight reel of his most demonic moments.  I will always love when Kane breaks up weddings or comes in from under the ring.  You ready for this?  Kane is on the same level as the Undertaker, in my eyes.  He has been able to run practically the same character for almost 2 decades.  He has been sort of repackaged a few times, but always the big red monster Kane, the ultimate work horse.

Tamina Gets a Shot – Wrestling, Inc.

Could AJ be on the way out?  Not only does she drop the title out of nowhere to a rookie, she doesn’t even get the to be the first person to take on the new champion.  Lot of speculation has been around that she is engaged to boyfriend CM Punk and may follow him on the way out.  Both have been long reign champions that felt frustrated, her exit makes sense.  Or, is she just being punished?  Paige and AJ could save the Divas division, not Tamina.

TNA Three Bagger – LOP

We get videos of wrestlers reacting to EY as champ, Magnus upset about his loss, and information about a big new deal.  TNA finally handed a multi-year to one of its big talents…Robbie E.  That’s a head scratch for me.  He has been a Ryder knock off since he came into TNA and has not really blown people away.  I support holding on to younger talent, but unless he drops the BroMan gimmick soon, not sure where his ceiling is.

WWE Main Event Preview 4/15/14

WWE Main Event is coming to you live from Nashville, Tennessee!

The main event of the evening is Real American Jack Swagger vs. the Big Show. Both of these superstars were involved in some curious scenarios last night on Raw. It seems most of the WWE universe expected the Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender Tournament to end with Swagger facing former tag team partner Cesaro. However, Swagger lost his first-round match against Sheamus, despite dominating Sheamus for most of the match.

Big Show didn’t have much to do on Raw, however he did interrupt Damien Sandow’s self-important promo with a KO punch to Sandow’s face. Personally, I was expecting a Big Show heel turn and the segment ending with Show offering a sympathetic ear to Sandow, but alas, that wasn’t in the cards.

Regardless, these two powerhouses square off tonight in what should be an entertaining fight!

Official Notes:
Big Show vs. Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)
Bridgestone Arena; Nashville, TN
LIVE on WWE Network tonight at 6pm (7 central, baby!)
Re-run on ION Television tomorrow night, same time

The Day After: Raw 4/14/14


Believe in Evolution

One of the bright spots of RAW in the brand split/brand extension era of WWE, heel faction Evolution, reunited last night to assault the Shield in retaliation for their interference last week on Raw.  Spoiler Alert: it was awesome.  While they don’t have the same past, present, and future vibe they formed with in the 2000s, the return of the super group provides another great foil to the rising Shield at Extreme Rules.

After being booking the Shield in a 11 on 3 handicap match, “Line in the Sand” hit, and Triple H, Batista, & Orton emerged to finish the Authority’s punishment.  Much like his Daniel Bryan assault about a month ago, Triple H & the reunited Evolution, put their target at a disadvantage and then used the opportunity to deliver a one-sided asskicking.  I loved it then and I loved it now.  Setting aside the mark out moment of the return of Evolution, it also was great professional wrestling.

For a good chunk of their WWE Tenure, The Shield was largely invincible. However, now that they’re on the fan favorite, having them show vulnerability is good and will endear them to the marks who weren’t already on board as they face three of the most “hated” men in WWE.  This is how you put asses in the seats and eyes on the product.  Our reactions this morning would be different had this been a strictly 3-on-3 Evolution beats down the Shield.  Instead, Evolution waited until 11 other men had the Hounds of Justice down and THEN they attacked.  Now the thought is planted, “Unfair!  I can’t wait to see the Shield wreck these dudes at Extreme Rules at even strength!” (P.S. please make it a WAR GAMES.)

Final aside, if you’re tweeting things like “burial” and “squash” you need to reexamine what those terms mean.  This closing angle sets up an opportunity for the Shield to either go over big or implode big in a high-profile contest.  You could argue, a big push or angle like this involving the Shield would have been lost in the shuffle of Wrestlemania, but now it’s likely to be the Extreme Rules Main Event.

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The Morning Roundup – 4/15/2014

Morning News Roundup 3What did you think of Raw last night?  It was a mixed bag of emotions for me.  Lets get to it.

Raw after Mania - Top 10

That’s right, last week’s Raw was so good, the WWE counted down the top 10 moments from it.  I liked all 10 moments and still argue it was top to bottom the best Raw in quite some time.  My favorite moment is still Bad News Barrett actually wrestling.  BOOM!

Death of the Warrior – LOP

This will probably be the last post I do about the death of the Warrior, I’m just too sad about the whole thing.  An MI took down the Warrior, not drugs or steroids.  Take that haters.

Early Cesaro – Chikara

That’s right, your beloved Cesaro use to be a part of the true Indy Circuit.  Only Sam E take the time to find gems like this.  I do greatly enjoy the catch power-bomb over the top rope back into the ring!


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