The Morning Roundup 1/27/15


Gonna #CancelWWENetwork?  I’ll just be over here enjoying classic shows, random Nitro/SNME/etc anytime I want, NXT Takeover Specials, and HD quality PPVs every month for ten bucks. Anywayyyy, my day job kept me pretty busy yesterday, but I hope to get my thoughts on the Rumble up at some point.  Spoiler Alert: I don’t agree with the angry nerds.

Arnold to the Hall – WWE

The Governator will be the newest inductee to the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Fast Lane Announcements – Lords of Pain

Triple H has challenged Sting to a “face-to-face” at next months’ Fast Lane PPV.  Also, John Cena versus Rusev has been announced for the show as well.

Casket Match for Smackdown – YouTube

I can’t believe the burial of Daniel Bryan going on. Main eventing Smackdown for the third week straight. Disgraceful. /sarcasm

Royal Rumble: Highlights from World Title Match

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Remember that time when Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Seth Rollins put on an instant classic and everyone said they were going to cancel their WWE Network subscriptions?

In case you missed last night’s show, need a reminder about how the WWE may not be all bad, or just need a little pick-me-up, someone was kind enough to cut-up some highlights of last night’s Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship. Enjoy some wrestling, marks (credit to SXEBand for the video).

Raw to be Canceled?

For those currently living under a rock, there is a blizzard bearing down on the North Eastern part of the United States.  Not unusual for the North East in the winter, but could cause problems for the WWE.  Set to go live at 8 pm EST from Hartford, CT, the WWE has a real problem on its hands.  Not only are they in the path of the storm, but it shows no signs of missing them.  As of now, residents of Hartford have been told they are not to be on the roads after 9 pm, no matter what.  That is a big problem for the WWE.  Not only will they struggle to get to and from the arena, but so will their fans.

UPDATE: Reported on LOP, with no credible source, the WWE is going to cancel tonight’s show.  If they do so, the WWE will have 3 hours to fill with content that will include no in-ring wrestling.  They will either have to show highlights all night, or continue to go to taped interviews.  This would be a disaster for the WWE.  Coming off one of the worst live PPV crowd reactions in recent memory, the WWE needed Raw tonight to win fans back.  If they can’t put some sort of product out, they will be in an even bigger hole going forward.

Check back later for more updates.

Royal Rumble 2015 Results, Order of Eliminations


Here’s a quick rundown of the results from the Royal Rumble.  We’ll have more in the coming days, so make sure you bookmark the site.

The Ascension defeated The New Age Outlaws - Very clean victory for the longest-reigning champions in this history of NXT as they knocked off the former six-time tag team champions with the Fall of Man.  The face paint and shoulder pads remain, but now that the Ascension have beaten a formidable opponent, hopefully we can all move on from the ugliness of last Monday.

The Usos beat The Miz and Mizdow - Jimmy and Jey successfully defeated the Miz and his stunt double in the seventh and potentially final televised meeting between these tandems.  I don’t even think Damien got tagged in, though he was certainly the star of the match.  Tension was teased between the two, but Mizdow continued to emulate the fallen Miz after he was pinned.

The Bella Twins defeated Natayla and Paige - Nikki and Brie kept Nattie isolated for most of the match.  Near the conclusion, Mrs. Kidd was prepared to finally make a tag, but Brie pulled Paige from the ring apron.  Nikki hit Natayla with a running forearm and picked up the pinfall win.

Brock Lesnar defeated Seth Rollins and John Cena - Good Lord, what a match.  Too many spots to tally in just a few short sentences, but Seth Rollins has definitely arrived.  Lesnar was selling Rollins’ flying elbow through the announce table for a bit near the end, letting Cena and Rollins work at a faster pace.  However, after Rollins hit a corkscrew moonsault, the Beast burst back into the match, throwing his challengers around.  Lesnar ultimately pinned Mr. MITB after an F5.

Remember this match when the Slammy Awards roll around at year end.

Royal Rumble - Roman Reigns won, last eliminating Rusev.  The Philly crowd made their feelings well known about the eliminations of Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler.  Not even the Rock could assuage the bitter fans, as Reigns stood tall pointing at the Wrestlemania sign to end the show.

Full list of entrances and eliminations after the jump. Continue reading →

WWE Teases a Potentially Huge Return Tonight

The Great One broke news earlier by personally tweeting that he was in Philadelphia, the site of tonight’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.  The WWE retweeted The Rock, and also posted an article on WWE Dot Com.  Generally, when the WWE goes out of their way to tease something major in this fashion, it ends up coming to pass.

So, we can probably bank on the Brahma Bull posting at the Rumble tonight.  The likelihood of him being in the 30-Man match itself probably isn’t tremendously high, though it would make waves through entertainment and sports media (not to mention social media) over the next couple of days.

The Rock’s Wrestlemania status is unknown, though the notion of a match with Rusev has certainly been batted about.

It’s also worth noting that the Rock’s big 2015 movie release, Fast & Furious 7, releases on April 3.  That’s the same week as a significant wrestling event to which you may be looking forward.


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